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Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts Beautiful Screenshots and Videos


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Austria-Hungary Super-Dreadnought, the first with 380mm Twin turrets, and experimental secondary turrets. Completed late-war, in an alternate universe, its sailing out with her sister ships, to battle the Italian navy, and lift the blockade of Otranto strait.


Unleashing a deadly broadside on their foes.



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Another brainchild of mine.
In late 1931, two semi-modern Amagi class battlecruisers are heading out in an alternate universe to battle with the capital ships of the Russian Pacific Fleet, after the Japanese invasion of Manchuria lead to a full Russian intervention, namely the second Russo-Japanese war. These ships are the pride of the Japanese fleet, and though they are not as heavily armored, as their dreadnought counterparts, but with 36.000 tons, their 5x2 16 inch main armament with numerous secondary guns are surely respectable. (Technology year: 1924)





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My favorites are US WW 1 era Battleships. The cage masts while quickly taken out of service have a special look.

My best interpretation of the USS Florida circa 1917.


USS Florida 1_2.jpg

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After posting realised I used the wrong photo. This one is brighter. km
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2 hours ago, Skeksis said:

1936/1940 Custom Battles AI-builds seem to be lacking in maximizing tech. Haven't notice this before but I haven't played much late era anyway, only since this update.

Some reasons could be:

  • It's a bug.
  • And/or something has changed since alpha 12 and she broken.
  • Game's enemy tactic is to out tech and/or apply hidden buffs and so at max or at 1940 there is no more tech/hidden buffs for the AI to work with/apply. (*) 
  • AI-builds are just randomized because it's still a WIP and it's not properly implemented yet. i.e. this issue has always been here.

Hopefully this can be addressed somehow, especially for the campaign mode.


PS: (*), if there were hidden buffs then they'll probably need to return, despite complaints. Or have an option to toggle off/on. 

Is it just me or did the AI forget to put rangefinders and radars on the ship again? If it'll even only do that, the ship would be a more significant threat.

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