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  1. Personally, I just use it as a guide - anything under 10% means hits are luck and I need to get closer or just be very patient. Over 10% I can expect hits with regularity. Over 20% and I expect to get a hit almost every salvo, and so on.
  2. I wouldn't call its control scheme "similar" - if anything, UA:D doesn't even allow for manual firing and damage control, and this game seems to allow both. But since there aren't a million games out there in the genre, I'll say it's close enough they'll be fighting for the same basic group of people.
  3. Just encountered same situation here. Yes, password has been reset, still this message.
  4. Really. Because I have been getting my butt kicked in that mission (with them killing my DDs and not presenting straight courses so I can launch effective torpedo attacks...) Increasing the maximum speed malus from 90-95% may be working out.
  5. My experience is that the computer is actually good at aiming the torpedoes, but the ships are sometimes ridiculously evasive (how do they expect me to effectively attack battleships are are in a confused circle?) More importantly, the computer's fire control clearly overestimates the valid arcs of the torpedoes compared to the estimate produced by the collision modeler or something, so I lose them as they are fired (and presumably hit the ship). I think at least for the moment, they should reprogram the system so if the mount launches, the launch is automatically a success.
  6. If you refer to the listed penetrations, they are for iron, not steel. Look at the mulitpliers.
  7. Your understanding is much appreciated, @Steeltrap As far as this issue is concerned, I've given it a little bit more thought. Maybe what is needed is a little bit of advance warning. Now, I don't think the "request permission" is a good idea because: 1) While it might be plausible on the flagship, if any ship other than the ship you are on shifts target, realistically you won't be notified. 2) If such a warning is implemented on the little report screen on the bottom left, the next thing that would happen would be the torpedo warning as in "I did not see it". Since the AI
  8. Here. Have a 1912 HMS Barfleur. https://photos.app.goo.gl/WxqqPycqbKzyowj27 It really is no effort to put the thing together, complete with 16 9 inch guns, 32.5 knot speed and plenty of armor. The computer estimates about 85000 SHP to get to the required speed. Based on historical precedent, while it is not blatantly impossible, it is a very favorable ratio and IMO shouldn't be granted to a Dreadnought hull (this is Dreadnought I, maxing out at 27000 tons), but a battlecruiser hull. In any case, since it is perfectly feasible for a human to throw the hull together, it is no
  9. I'm one of those people who click on the battleship out of instinct and let the guns attack that, so the first time this issue pops up for me is when I notice the computer auto-shifted onto a CL or DD and I have to decide whether to reverse its decision. The first thing I do is check the battleship - probably it already took a few hits and its firing efficiency (thus dangerousness) is down. Second, yes I will check the torpedoes, but usually the computer shifts onto something with torpedoes (perhaps it is because most of its designs have torpedoes, but anyway...), so that box usually
  10. The computer won't let me append this, so a new post. I meant to give an honest appraisal of his ability (albeit, based on the little bit he demonstrated when writing the post), rather than ad hominem. His reasoning was based on abstract generalities, rather than the concrete circumstances of his case. On the other points, I can get the initial frustration when your target selection is overriden. On the other hand, before just reversing it in frustration and whining about how you have to re-establish the lock, I see it as a good chance for a rethink. Maybe it is really time to quickl
  11. True, but its title is Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts, not Ultimate Captain: Dreadnought. You can drive an individual ship (and a large percentage of the training missions make you do that), true, but the center of the intent is for you to drive at least a few ships at once. And ultimately, once you are NOT on the ship, what the ship targets is the choice of that ship's officers, not you. Second, initiative is a good thing, because the officers on the flagship are not always right. And given the communications bandwidth common to most of that period, they are not going to check in with yo
  12. Yeah, but they are still little. The 17" may well be conning tower or turret. The elevated hit chance is why the 9" is the "hero gun" of the game - it is right at an apex before the hit rates drop again, said apex put in because of some people's impatience with the secondaries. The game AI is just exploiting a mechanic put in response to the whines of human players. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Battle_of_Heligoland_Bight https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Courageous_(50) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Glorious Doesn't look very affected by the enemy gunfi
  13. I hate to break it to you, but for a ~23000 ton ship, historically you only need about 90000HP for 32 knots (ref Courageous). While the game underestimate HP requirements, battlecruiser engines were getting close to that power rating by then. Tiger had 85000HP. Including forcing, she can go over 100,000SHP. It's a little early, but not maddeningly so. And while speed might not be armour, it is also willing to drop all the way to 9-inch guns for some more armor. In general terms, this is a plausible design. The game does favor speed. On the other hand, but history does suggest that once yo
  14. I can tell you are one of those people who need auto-targeting. Your ego aside, your computer knows your weapons better than you. #2 might be what you were taught at school, but the blunt truth is that DDs and CLs are not that much faster than a BB or BC. And while the secondaries only take nibbles out of destroyers, the mains annihilate them so if you are serious about taking out the destroyers you need to put your mains into the action. In fact, it is quite possible to work with a battleship with only mains, which also has hidden advantages like reducing Roll and Pitch, thus your more stable
  15. I don't think it should be modeled because let's face it, the effect is insignificant. For one thing, in terms of the total amount of particles, you are still putting them up even if you increase the airflow. If the opacity is reduced very slightly, no one will notice the difference and it will be the amount that kills you more than the exact opacity.
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