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  1. I am interested in these comments and may write my own review of the game thus far. The developers seem to be a small team and are making great progress from what I have seen. However, I know very little about creating a game. My skills lie in Carpentry and Auto Mechanical
  2. @DougToss Awesome info about the casemate guns. Just finished reading a book "The battle of Cape Esperante" written back in the 60's. It had quite a bit of information on the ship's systems and capabilities that you might would like.
  3. My GPU was running much hotter than I expected.. thanks to a program I downloaded to monitor it. I reduced graphics settings to minimum ... However. @sterner said we would get a new patch today, and it was small! Yay! Thank you to the Developers!
  4. My GPU Was running hotter than I thought it was, but today's patch seemed to do wonders! Thanks guys!
  5. Ok Thanks, I will use the F11 Log
  6. Yes, Fallout 4, and Atilla total war. My Hardware monitor never shows a GPU temp over 140 F However, I will have my buddy check it out. Thanks :)
  7. The land battles work fine but the sea battles crash after a few minutes. They don't crash the game, the software just blinks back to the desktop, everything is still running, sounds and cannon fire. But I cannot bring the screen back up. However, The game still seems to be running. I've tried running in a window, and at different resolutions (However the resolution option seems to not change anything?)
  8. With the new updates I started experiencing this last night on Age of Sail.
  9. A Historical Marker from near where I grew up in Virginia. These are all on hmdb.org
  10. I totally agree, the I suppose "Immersive" feel of that game with its music, the sensation of "scale" It took several turns to load up some soldiers, and ship them to another area of the globe. Very cool.
  11. @Afghanicus As in the "darth mod" mods for the TW series? I never did any of the mods, as Internet is difficult to get where I live, so I'm on a jetpack hot spot.
  12. Hello everyone, I've been a Early supporter of the Civil War titles, and have played them extensively. Having grown up in Virginia (Less than 30 miles from George Washtington's and Robert E. Lee's birthplace plantations) I've always been an avid self historian and a huge fan of historical games and the 'flavor' that comes with them. (Total war, Civilization) I subscirbed early access for this title and am willing to offer any help that I am able to provide. Best of luck!
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