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  1. Refit. NICE. Just got back to the game, love all the new QOL features.
  2. From my friend who plays the game a lot. After the latest updates, two serious bugs were discovered in the game. The first is the guns stopping firing, despite the rotating turrets, the presence of ammunition and the presence of an visible enemy. It is not particularly clear why this problem occurs. But it is known that it is solved by switching to a non-firing ship. You can see all this in the video. The second is the penetration of shells into the deck (fore, main and aft) in situations where there simply cannot be any penetration. As can be seen in the screenshots, the battlecruiser struck the deck of the Spanish battleship from a distance of 12.5 km. But at the same time, the penetration of the battlecruiser shells at this distance is 6'', and the thickness of the armor of the battleship deck is 9.5''.
  3. Happy New Year! Any plans for the future? I would buy a DLC with new hulls / mechanics.
  4. You can order one division to "Follow" the other. This way you can make a stable battle line of a dozen ships from several small divisions. Such a formation will break up a bit when turning, but in general it will work fine.
  5. It's a feature. When ships try to take the right place in a division, they may exceed the speed limit to catch up with the division. This was done in 1.10 beta IIRC. This leads to this chaos when assembling large divisions, but on standard divisions (4) it works just fine.
  6. My friend sent me a video that he can't detach ships from a division in a custom battle.
  7. AH: We've been invaded from all sides, but nevermind it's a great time to attack what's left of Serbia Man, AH hates Serbia.
  8. The strange preference for deck armor again
  9. Particularly nice destroyer
  10. I finally managed to capture this ship. They were usually destroyed in the first seconds of battle, obviously because of this 0 main belt. If it wasn't for this strange decision, it would have been a decent interwar CL.
  11. Doomed offensives compilation I once said that at one point in beta, the AI of the army was really good, but now things have gotten worse. This is the first of three failed offensives launched by the AH in Italy. Guys, this won't work, they even have an army bigger than yours in general. And it's not like their logistics are collapsing any time soon. Two of the many doomed offensives carried out by the US in Peru. Up to this turn, there were 500K French soldiers here, and Germany was slowly breaking through their defenses. But now there are only 15K soldiers here. This is because France has decided that defence does not matter and it is necessary to launch another doomed offensive (Spain has 100% logistics).
  12. You can find it in the save file. This multiplier is randomly assigned to all countries at the beginning of the campaign. Generally speaking, GDP growth is not all RNG, but almost all... "wealthGrowthMul" - out of your control Government - on some starting dates, you can change the government, but this does not always help to change the situation for the better. (Russia can't catch a break) Transport capacity - keep this thing high Oil - this thing has a huge impact on GDP and you can capture oil-bearing regions...But unfortunately, the oil cows Venezuela and Iran are minors, the possibility of conquest/alliance with them is also RNG. And with all this, playing as the far-right/left/absolute monarchy with a low multiplier and no luck with oil is hell.
  13. There is "wealthGrowthMul" set in stone from the beginning of the campaign that affects GDP growth. In my experience it varies from 0.72 to 1.29.
  14. A small graphical bug - the damage received in the previous battle is displayed only on one side of the ship. This ship was damaged by my submarines before this battle. An example of the same situation from previous versions of the game
  15. The thing is, all the battles of this post are from the latest (opt) version of the game. And I use the most basic Ocean-going submarines, although I could use Ocean-going sub II and III. I did this to show the other side of the coin, because if a player has problems, the AI is doing much worse. As for the battles of my ships against submarines, I haven't seen many of them yet, because the Japanese AI sends them to other wars.
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