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  1. We need Italy first for that methinks. Though when they do, I wouldn't be surprised to see both added together. So it would be Russia/France first, Italy/AH second, US/Japan third, and China/Spain last to round out the East and West.
  2. At least you can visually see each other. That's an improvement over fleeing from earlier versions 😆
  3. Maybe you could see a mod someday, but I think the 1890 is set in stone as far as official dates go. 1890-1940 is a nice even fifty year chunk of time, and I don't believe they want to mess with that.
  4. Yeah this is one of things you learn quick about the campaign. It was an initial complaint of mine. There needs to be a final toggle button for making all your ships and starting. As it stands, you only get one shot at ordering vessels. So you need to do your math on the side on paper and then figure out what you're building all in one go. Hopefully this gets changed.
  5. LOL I just wanna know who is voting for Austria-Hungary at this stage 😆
  6. It has been said and debated elsewhere that this "fire torpedo button" as you call it won't work, or at least not in the way you are imagining it. It would take a lot of work. The issue is that there would have to be much more going on from a UI perspective to make this happen. Which launchers are you talking about? What angles of fire do they have? What about individual gyro angles on certain torpedoes? Which tubes on the launchers are they coming from? What if vessels have internal and external tubes at the same time? Since the game can't, and rightfully will not, have a big flashing "f
  7. Someday they will work on a spotting overhaul, they have basically admitted as much. But the "smoke sighted" chasing is a long-standing complaint of the community.
  8. The true issue, though there is one with how slow losses build up given the apparent damage levels to given ships, is instead how effective many still remain as fighting platforms. If a ship has 10% structural integrity and even 25% of it's crew dead, it's not going to be firing very much. Most of the crew will be dealing with fires, flooding, trying to rescue trapped friends, ejecting fire hazards from the ship, etc. Yes, there are exceptions, but even then their accuracy will decrease. I believe both Hood and Bismark fired a final shot from one of their main battery turrets as they slip
  9. Really the background visuals should be a top priority. I'm hoping they can squeak some into this next patch, or if not then a full haul for 1.04. Until we have proper background visuals, we can't have real weather effects like rain and volumetric fog. That alone is worth it, but they have stated they won't touch the current spotting system until they do this visual stuff first, so it's even more important.
  10. They definitely seem to prioritize guns over armor, glass cannons. It's hilarious because that's just that many more magazines to go up in smoke from a random 2" shell
  11. Build a balanced fleet. The AI often builds clown ships, so you can get away with fewer but more powerful vessels. If they have 10 BBs, you can probably get by with 6-7. Scale it like that for CAs, CLs, TBs, etc. If money is an issue for my preferred ratio, I leave the TBs out, simply because once I play one turn and get a second dump of starting capital, I can start work on lots of TBs. Yeah, there will be a few months where I won't have any, but you can them a lot faster than larger ships.
  12. Focus on the existing mechanics with just two countries. That's the purpose of a beta: to figure out everything that can go wrong and work out all the kinks before expanding. Opening up to other nations will just muddle the water (pun intended) and likely introduce new issues such as the AI generator trying to start three-way fleet battles. I can just imagine the chaos something like that would do to starting positions which are still being optimized. In short - though I would love some expansion, as would most players, it's not the right time to do that yet. Add more of the base mechanic
  13. Very curious. So you're saying there is some sort of...."magnetism" at work when one vessel passes in front of it's ally taking fire?
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