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  1. This happens because ship "hit points" is proportional to tonnage + 5000. So even a 200t TB counts as having 5200t worth of HP. IMO it would be better to have hp proportional to tonnage^x where x is somewhere between 1/2 and 2/3. This is still sublinear but not as disproportionate at the low end.
  2. Update: I was wrong, auto-generate fleet is better, it gives you way more ships than you could afford using a manual build. v94 favors heavy ships in a blockade even more than v91. Make sure to fill your ship's tonnage; unused tonnage doesn't help blockades.
  3. There is some RNG involved, but on average it is determined by power projection ratio. In turn power projection is primarily determined by heavy ships and op range.
  4. I agree with respect to real life, I'm just saying how things are coded right now. I believe one torp launcher is currently worth more than twice a 20" turret. My guess, other than this just being a plain oversight, is that DDs are very disadvantaged by the armor multiplier, so they decided to increase torp contribution to massive levels to compensate.
  5. There is no 1920 start yet. From the blog post: Though it is possible (though not guaranteed) that beating 1910 will make 1920 ready-to-go when it is implemented in a later update.
  6. You don't need to build CL/DD at all. Shipyards aren't essential, but I've generally found the limiting factor after the game starts to be crew rather than funds, so if the war drags out the shipyards can help a bit.
  7. 1. Choose Auto-Generated fleet. 2. Finances. Max crew training and transports and build shipyards. Set tech to zero, it's expensive and tech won't help you at all in this timeframe. 3. Ship design. Basically we need to optimize for two things: the blockade calculation and the battle auto-resolver. For blockade, heavier ships are worth more per ton. So pick the heaviest ship you can, probably a BB. Then, max op range. The battle auto-resolver is less important since the blockade can win the war on its own. Still, you want to make sure that you win auto-resolv
  8. IIRC each section has 100 "hit points" regardless of ship size; instead, incoming damage is divided by a factor proportional to tonnage + 5000. I'm not sure why they didn't just give bigger ships more hit points instead of dividing incoming damage.
  9. Repair cost should be prorated for < 1 month worth of damage, spending 2 million to repair 0.5% damage is kind of bad.
  10. It looks like whenever you beat a campaign start, it unlocks the one 10 years later.
  11. This is addressed at the devs; they are the only ones who can make this a change (unless someone edits the binary but I'm not going to go that far).
  12. It's in the Unity editor, not the game itself.
  13. Event 36 Another round of fighting has broken out among several forum members. What is your view? It is deplorable that it seems impossible to stop the fighting in this region. (+1 tension to random forum members) I wonder what they are serving for dinner at the flag officer's mess? (+1 tension to random forum members) This is no doubt due to the meddling of XX. (+2 tension to a forum member of your choice)
  14. The sources I could find in a brief search seem to imply that New Jersey employed only her 5" batteries against the trawler, but are ambiguous about which weapons were employed against Maikaze. Regardless, they do agree that both Iowa and New Jersey engaged the fleeing destroyer Nowaki with their 16" batteries at well beyond 5" range, straddling but not scoring any hits at the extreme range of 35,000+ yards.
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