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  1. F11 and if you want to want to hide UI press simultaneously ctrl+alt+shift+z
  2. there is similar post about same topic saying: "there is something wrong with hard mode". Dev respond was "we are testing and it doesn't change anything right now"
  3. Recently i've came up with idea of modifying battleships bow, this is how i see it (used paint because is easy and fast). About bonuses i think they should be minuscule, bows are not as important as towers. I don't think that implementing such idea would be very hard however considering that UAD team is small i would not be surprised if such concept would not end up in game.
  4. I really hope that key won't end up in my auto-deleting spam folder. I really hope that it won't share the same fate as Xsolla thing to register.
  5. More suggestions: -mark 5 203mm guns (currently 4 mark max, when 229's and 7 inch are mark 5 which I think is stupid, you literary have a gap between light battleship guns and heaviest light cruiser guns) -mark 4 460, 17 inch and 406 guns -all ships designable, currently you have to chose between hull of battleship or destroyer or light cruiser etc. it would be nice to design your whole fleet -More Semi-Dreadnoughts hulls, pls there are beautiful -ability to set weather settings -ability to set different tech year (1940 guns, 1916 propulsion, 1890 armor, etc.)
  6. Ohhh, YAEH finalny a more flexible barbettes! Wonderful : )!
  7. Well that would be extremely useful for avoiding bug that makes 1+ torpedo tubes fire 1 torp. instead 5, plus AI think that enemy ship would always stay at the same speed, and ignore change in speed (acceleration, damage deacceleration), thus making torps miss more often, and on top of that dispersion is shit garbage on long ranges
  8. As far as I have noticed, flash fires on DD's is nothing uncommon, in DD vs DD scenario. Well it might have something to do with AI ship design (some main guns and 3 lesser caliber guns broadside). But i'm not so sure if 3 inch gun ammunition would be able to send turret flying.
  9. Battleships with lyddite is rather bad idea unless you want to make budget-cruiser-killer-pocket battleship. Lyddite is great for destroyer and light cruiser, it's damage boost is worth worse penetration due the fact that destroyer usually don't have armor (and if there is protection it rather won't stop your lyddit shell).
  10. You know Hangar, my point here is that you CAN'T built al least 85% historical Yamato. When you choose this maximum range is garbage compered to historical and you only get down to ~47 seconds
  11. I would like to ask everyone, how does ships fire in this game? Are they firing a volley or a barrage? And how to change between those two options, if possible. So far I know that maximum number of main guns firing simultaneously is 2. And I also know that barrages can be organized (fire kinda in same time delay) or it can be complete chaos. Please enlighten me
  12. So, right now you can't build historical accurate Yamato(at least in custom battles), reason - triple 460mm guns reload time is at best slightly below 50s, real one could fire 1 and half to 2 round per minute. Other guns also suffer from long reload, if you want guns that fire something like 2 rounds per minute then you have to choose a low-caliber crapgun that will do to battleships next to no damage .Back to Yamato, max range of triple 460mm is 40.(5?)Km, kinda off to historical 42.000 m. My suggestion: -add another faster reload mechanizm at a cost of increased ammo detonation
  13. I have found a bug. When you select an aggressive gun behavior they will fire even if target is beyond range.
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