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  1. my only problem with the current mod is changing min guns for cruisers to 5inch as it wipes out the possibility to produce a lot of History based designs, most of the German ones in fact as they used 4.1 inch guns.
  2. The British light cruiser hulls cant be used to make anything close to accurate British cruisers. I tried to make a town class but the turrets just have terrible firing arcs for seemingly no reason (the back one is worst of all)
  3. Personally I think there should be 3 different armerment choices. Currently we have casemate or turrets, it should be casemate, non-turreted and turreted guns. So very much history to support it as well
  4. Fair enough not gonna lie from my current campaign I've been enjoying this mod loads, worth restarting for
  5. I really like the accuracy in this mod tbh it feels muck more real, and makes it far more worth-while to operate fleets rather than a single super ship, as more guns generally meens more hits
  6. And give us options like liberate either giving it back to a major nation for example Germany takes n France Britain invades it a gives it back to France or if its a minor it can become 1 again
  7. It is implemented, double click on the ships name in the fleet tab and u can type in a new name
  8. Same goes for the fleet screen if you want to change lots of ships to sea control or limited etc
  9. Then surely the new holy grail is to sink the BB BB BC CA CL DD-999
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