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  1. I think that it wouldn't be as hard to implement QC as improving the damage model, because (with my limited knowledge of coding), to implement this with gun accuracy, you would only have to decrease the 'effectiveness' of, say, a gun by a certain percentage over time. This doesn't seem like that much of a modification, but hey, I'm not a dev, and shouldn't speak for them.
  2. Hey, everyone! I was just listening to a bit by naval history YouTuber Drachnifel about the Battle of Cape Matapan, and I noticed something that might be good to consider with the (hopefully) upcoming campaign. So, basically, the battleship Vittorio Venito happens upon a small British force of light cruisers. She opens fire, damaging one within the first few salvoes and causes her to deploy a smoke screen to withdraw. She switches fire to another of the cruisers, her fire control systems interpret the range perfectly, but for about ten salvoes her shells only bracket the ship, w
  3. Yeah, Atlantic Fleet had this problem too - the ship models were good, until you realized all the gun barrels were actually square.
  4. Wait, you can with WASD. I'll delete this topic!
  5. This is just an opinion thing... Generally when I'm designing ships I try to maximize the performance of the guns and armor (except when making a destroyer, in which case I try to fit as many torpedo launchers as possible)... This focus, I guess you could call it, has led me through about 98% of the Naval Academy. Does anyone else have a different preference, for, say, maneuverability and response time?
  6. I was playing just now and noticed that.... Thanks for the mention! : ) But you can't do that in the shipbuilder...
  7. Even if you have low graphics settings, Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts is a beautiful game. And I don't know what other people like, but I like to stop and smell the flowers when I have a beautiful game to appreciate. Something that every other naval game has lacked is the ability to zoom into any place on a ship, to really get an up-close look at whatever you've built or are fighting against. Is this something that maybe is in the works, or is in consideration for a future version of the game?
  8. When I first created my UA:D account rather recently, I made it using my school account. Now, to prevent email clogging, they delete our email accounts after we graduate. I cannot change anything except the password, it seems like. I really don't want to make a new account - please, could someone help?
  9. Some tips: a.) Balance your ship as much as possible - provides great bonuses to accuracy b.) At least in this mission, use only the dual gun turrets. For some reason the triple gun turrets have ABHORRENT accuracy. c.) Try to have the highest possible calibre of secondaries. d.) Place your fore and aft guns as far away from the superstructure as possible - grants amazing firing arcs, enabling angling to more commonly bounce enemy shells. These are the things that helped me win.
  10. In the Academy mission that was super-BB's against each other, my first 18in salvo must have hit every ammo rack at once because it sunk instantly. Ironically, that was my quickest mission ever. I just kind of sat there like, "Uh... OK."
  11. I remember I had a few thousand tons of displacement to spare so I gave my BB 38.4in thick belt, 20in turrets, 15in deck, 35in conning tower, and more armor on the secondaries than they could feasibly hold. Yet somehow they managed to penetrate my belt. *sigh* At least I was able to bounce most shots at almost 0 degrees angle, which was very fun.
  12. Atlantic Fleet also had ammo detonations, which were SPECTACULAR to watch - first a jet of sparks twenty meters long each shot out of whichever magazine you'd hit, then a pure white ball of fire would blossom out of the magazine, its edges slowly turning grey, then black as it spread and enveloped the entire ship as debris rained everywhere. When the smoke finally cleared, all you'd see would be an oil slick slowly burning. I remember personal tales from sailors who were at Pearl Harbor recall how the U.S. battleships hit by torpedoes would often "...lift out of the water
  13. I think that the third person view is probably ample situational awareness - commanders in real life certainly had to actually look around to ascertain the placement / condition of their ships. There's also so much space on-screen that they'd likely have to remove or downsize something of great importance to fit in a minimap of a good size. Plus, the minimap would have to be constantly adjusted, since yours and the enemy's ships are moving across the battlefield. I think it would be a bit too much hassle to get something that's not really necessary. Of course, that'
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