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  1. I was hoping for a Tillman... but the modernized dreadnought is appreciated, though it could be substantially bigger (up to maybe 65k tons?)
  2. UPDATE.EXE FOUND 'tis about time thanks for the update
  3. took about a year just to get one tier 10 tank (that's a money pit I might add) the only things that are profitable at high tiers are ebr and autoloading hull-downs like kranvagn and chieftain.
  4. the wait for updates in this game might be more interminable then the grind in world of tanks...
  5. I think I put out my thoughts on a potential solution I dreamt up on the whole minimap debate a while ago:
  6. the most I could see in terms of land battles in this game might be support fire for amphibious invasions, but not much beyond that.
  7. I think that in all there are only about 10 unique dreadnought hulls in the game, not counting modernized dreadnoughts
  8. screenshot is f11 I think also I noticed today they finally fixed the hitboxes on the US late era BB towers
  9. Save my save 2: the super pre-dreadnought (medium) you are playing as Russia, and the enemy is France. your ships are the Petropavlovsk, the super pre-dreadnought with 6 turrets, and its escort of 3 torpedo boats. opposing you are 2 standard pre-dreadnoughts and 2 armored cruisers. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SKLOpPlb7hxU3EC2qSV3xTSXvJTNJtsI/view?usp=sharing to add the save file, go to C:\Users\yourusernamehere\AppData\LocalLow\Game Labs\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts and open the text file called "savedBattles". Copy and paste the contents of the above file into that docume
  10. would be nice if we got more convenient save files for both designs and battles. right now, it is possible to share ship designs, but it isn't very easy to do, since I had to copy a few hundred lines of text from the text file with all of the saves. a design/battle saves folder with individual text files for each design or battle would go a long way also it'd be nice to see a hull and towers resembling the "big 5" US standard battleships.
  11. with the new save battle feature, I thought I would try adding a battle save file here Save my save 1: easy you are playing as the US, and the enemy is Russia. your ships are the USS Hyperion, a battleship with an emphasis on durability with 4 triple 17-inch guns, the USS Interceptor, a very fast battlecruiser with decent protection and 4 twin 13-inch guns as well as 4 deck torpedo launchers, and 4 Macarthur class universal ships, each armed with 3 triple 11 inch guns. your opponents are the Borodino, a firepower focused battleship with 3 quadruple 18-inch guns, the Saint Petersburg,
  12. BC Interceptor (US, 1940) a battlecruiser optimized primarily for speed, while retaining decent armor and adequate firepower https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WRe4BQslzdkfl4jFy8UlG98L8fae9V9P/view?usp=sharing
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