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  1. I myself would have to say perhaps the rear tower from the USS Montana, or the Tillman IV-2. Considering that there are far larger hulls than the Tillmans in the game like the German SHBB2, this doesn't seem that out of place.
  2. this will probably be the last scenario in this thread , so I will make it an epic one. (WARNING: this is a full fleet engagement, lots of ships, not suitable for lower-end PCs) The Last Stand It is 1945. The home islands are surrounded by a an American blockade that threatens to cut off all supplies to the islands. We desperately need to break the blockade if we are going to survive. We have mustered a small task force for you to command, consisting of our best ships. There is a slim possibility of success, so use every underhanded tactic you can to achieve victory. If the odds are
  3. here's a cool scenario that I thought of that has a lot of different ship options: (WARNING: this is a full fleet engagement, lots of ships, not suitable for lower-end PCs) Counterstrike It is 1946. With the fall of Germany and Japan in the war, the United States and the Soviet Union were left as the dominant superpowers in the postwar world. Soon after, the uneasy alliance fell apart, and both nations prepare for the inevitable clash. Congress has been considering proposals for several next-generation warships. However, they only have the funds to construct one of these designs. The
  4. here's a bit of an interesting alternate history scenario that came to my head: Search and Destroy It is 1942. following the decisive victory of the allies at midway, the Japanese have requested reinforcements from the Germans in the form of a group of captured French ships that will be used as stopgaps until they can construct new ships. Allied command has asked us to form a task force to intercept these reinforcements before they can be used in any serious capacity. At the center of this task force will be either the aging super-dreadnought Guofan, which will be refitted to suit yo
  5. here's a bit of a goofy scenario for those of you who are still reading this: Battlecruiser's Bane It is 1940. For some reason the British got their hands on a ship duplication device and decided to duplicate some battlecruisers. The high command are visibly worried, and have ordered you to create a battlecruiser-killer with a secret cloaking device that can absorb radar waves. The cloaking device will only work farther than 10 km away from the enemy ships. You may use whatever resources are required to achieve victory. The Brits were able to clone 10 battlecruisers before our spies
  6. it happened to me with these circumstances: Russia vs japan, 1940 1 bb vs 1 bb my ship had 2x3 17 inch guns in ABY configuration, 1x3 13 inch guns and 5x4 24 inch torps on modern BB hull enemy ship had 2x3 11 inch guns in AB configuration, 2x7 inch casemate, 4x4 inch casemate,6x2 inch casemate, 1x3 5-inch guns on dreadnought 2 hull appears to have caused error after enemy ship fired main guns, but the game was still playable for some reason until I pressed ok, enemy was sunk by 24 inch torp from my ship stern deck of enemy ship was strangely empty, design was ver
  7. here's some of my thoughts about the announced update: New hulls- I am all for new hulls, especially since the British currently have the smallest battleships by a large margin. Better placement- I never had much of a problem with the old system, but a welcome change nonetheless. Bulkheads and armor nerf- Bulkheads and armor have already been nerfed into the ground, and if anything, they ought to be buffed. At this rate, ships in this game are gonna become glass cannons that get 1 shotted. I understand that maybe earlier and smaller ships shouldn't be running around with m
  8. I was able to beat it without using torps with about 75 percent left, and I even 1 shot one of the battlecruisers by detonating its ammo with my opening salvo. The achievement ranks are just extra challenges if you find the base scenario too easy.
  9. The EX-F wasn't supposed to be used in combat, only for research purposes. Everything should be unarmored except for a 4 inch main belt. However, you can still use all of the protection modules like bulkheads, anti-torp, citadel, etc. since those systems would be developed on the ship as well as the fire control, guns, and sonar. Even without armor, the scenario is still very much beatable, if you use the right tactics.
  10. Classified Cruiser The year is 1936. Talks at the London naval treaty have broken down, and naval research is hastening at a rapid pace. the Secretary of the Navy has ordered a series of new experimental gunnery platforms to aid with research. You have been put in command of Experimental Gunnery Platform F, or EX-F for short. This vessel has nine eleven inch guns in three triple mounts, as well as our best technologies that will be used in next generation battleships. As it was designed to be a non-combat ship, it has minimal armor. Any other design modifications are up to you. Your
  11. When I was doing a custom battle, I noticed that after a certain distance, the lighting engine broke down. Intrigued by this, I proceeded to explore the outer reaches of the Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts battle area with a specially designed ship, the "Worldborder or Bust". Here are some points of interest I found: Maximum Spawn Range: 25km from center, farthest spawn setting in custom battle- start point. Light Glitch Range: about 110km from center, lighting engine breaks down. Auto Navigation range: about 200 km from center, automatic steering using right click breaks
  12. here's some of my observations on the current state of the shipbuilder: 1. the bulkheads are too heavy. In testing with a 100k ton hull, I had to dedicate 3 percent of all the weight to bulkheads alone to get max bulkheads, which I usually consider a must have on a battleship. 2. the triple turrets are quite inefficient in that they don't have any advantages on a tonnage per gun basis against a double turret. In testing, a single 16" gun turret with barbette 4 weighs about 1200t per gun, both the double and triple turrets weigh about 900t per gun, and the triple turret weighs about 8
  13. here's a bunch of my best pictures in my opinion: Battleship Pytor Velikiy delivers a fatal blow to battleship HMS Colossus as battlecruiser HMS Renown sinks in the distance Battleship Napoléon in action American battle line, comprised of the battleships USS New Jersey, USS Utah, USS Louisiana, and USS Michigan Battleship SMS Vernichter tanks a flash fire from "Y" turret and lives to tell the tale Pocket Battleship SMS Vulcan fires a point blank salvo at battlecruiser République
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