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PLEASE NERF THE DUTCH NATION!!! 4V1 and still nothing...???

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4 NATIONS VS 1 gents and we are still keep embarrassing them all!!! Every day..don't you think that this is bad for their communities???

When people start realizing that they are members of those  nations who  keep  failing to bring down one nation don't you think they will start becoming upset?

Forgive me if i am wrong but i am  thinking of the poor French Danish Pirate and Spanish Captains who are getting demoralized from this situation and i am crying to DEATH!!!

This game is EPIC! Let me tell you this my dear devs!!! I believe that you need to intervene in this war...you need to come in contact with these 4 nations and explain them one simple thing...

That we dont surrender and there is no way to enforce their wills in our waters!!! I left the game for a month to go and do my holidays and i left my nation second in ports with one of the best fleets ever ,i made a treaty to ease the tensions between the nations and what i found when i came back was ruins...that was the thank you for trying to help the game???????!!! 4-5 nations attacking my nation????Ruins and despair...and i understand that we never had good diplomats in our nation (diplomats with no skills at all actually but thats another story)but you went too far!

They actually told me that we lost Pampatar....ooooookkkkkkkk .............sooooooooooooooo             WHAAAAAAAT?????

Not all of us is DAS OR ARSE...LMAO...some of us we still know how to play the game!!!We let Tenakha khan to keep in contact with them and believe that he can be something else than a lol diplomat...hohohoho i would love to see your face actually now tenakha with all my respect!!! You should know better when you picked my nation to attack!!! Now let me tell you another thing...some of you did the greatest mistake to mess up with the dutch nation and you are still doing a major mistake to keep approaching us like we are loosing...my advice to you is this....change attitude because the reset is coming and we dont forget,iiiiiiiiiii dont forget so you better hurry and come and talk to us with a different attitude and not with tricky ways in order to create internal conflicts...ok mr celtiberofrog?


Now let me say this...if in a week that i am back we managed to recapture so many ports ...made the Spaniards one port on the west,when we burned, outmaneuvered ,out played and eventually sank the danish and of course kick them out ,when we are keep sinking the french fleet and we are capturing their ports anytime we want and when we have pirates who basically do nothing and lastly when my fleet is always one step ahead of all the enemies and sails without any problem among their fleets THEN YOU STILL BELIEVE THAT WE DONT NEED NERF??? NEEEEEEEEEEEEEERF UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSS NOWWWWWWWWWWW!!! :)









and unfortunately i dont have another 5-6 ss because people went offline just now but its ok you get the message ....hohohohhoho :)









we are coming....!!!




This post has been created with the motivation to create humor,nice feelings and en-light the communities of all nations and those who some people call British care bears,those who say that they don't care about the alliance system,those who don't care about port battles ,those who don't care about nations operations and let them know that guys you are missing a hell of fun !!!Leave the fishing and the praying and come join us especially the British players around Jamaica.I know and i understand that the reset is coming but the real  fun is down here!!!Come down and lets make it a 4v2 !!!

We want to share with you British captains our excitement so i hope my call to reach you and make think otherwise about the game!The same message is for the American captains too! Hope to see you all soon down here...we want to share the glory of our great alliance with you so get to your ships boys...because we are rocking together and our enemies know that!!!

No hard feelings for some of you gents,good heart and cu all soon in the coming battles!!!






ps.Tenakha khan when i came back i asked my clan ...do you know where is France??? do you know what they told me...???? oui oui oui oui oui oui oui oui!!! I am coming for coffee ala creme and french croisants in fort royal....tell the danish to come and protect you...and please dont spit on my coffee ....hahhahahahaahhahahaha  cu soon

Au Revoir

messie tenakha!!!

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It is quite ungrateful saying that in the last week you were "alone" against 4 nations when GB and US have send fleets to help you recover those ports.


Also, I have said in previous posts in another threads the swedish are doing literally nothing except capturing pirate ports.



I believe the post should be modified or you must apology. I have fought hard and lost ships and I dont deserve, neither my guys, this kind of behaviour. 

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[Rant deleted by author for diplomacy reasons]



I still do not change my opinion regarding the OP and the displayed disgraceful attitude.


Q: Does the game have a 'mutiny' option? Would like to use it.

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thank god we are not needed around Barranquilla, santa marta, Cartegena anymore and we can go back to jamaica and sort out pesky french in portillo ...dutch have it all in hand... i will start moving ships and outposts out of dutch waters today

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i would like to thank both our allies and our opponents with providing us with so many great battles.

I've sailed with both Brits and US, it has been a lot of fun and in this war never a long sailingtrip ;)


A little banter is fun and aways welcome, but I distance myself from this topic.


Grtzzz Bubbles

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Dear British and U.S. Gentlemen,


please see this post as what it is: The personal statement of only one player. It does not reflect the opinion and feelings of the member of the Dutch Nation High Council in any way.

Furthermore I have to clarify that Capt. Pellasgos is not an official representative of the Dutch Nation High Council, even if it might look like.


So far the official part of my answer to that post.


I would like to add a personal statement: Beside the fact that this whole post is obsolete, I consider it as a bad style to refer to our allies and other Dutch clans in such a disrespectful manner.

I would like to repeat what I already wrote in another thread:


The Dutch Nation was under a heavy attack of four Nations of France, Denmark-Norway, Spain and our former allie Sweden, not to forget the black breed, the Pirates.

Despite of our hard resistance we lost a lot of ports while fighting on two, temporarily even three, fronts.


But we didn't ever and we won't ever complain - we are playing the game and fighting back!



This is, I believe, how the Dutch Nation really feels and the only acceptable answer to this crude post and the continuing attacks of our enemies.


My final, personal recommendation to Capt. Pellasgos: You, Sir, are splitting our glorious Nation by your repeating rude attacks against other players. Furthermore posts like this shape a bad image of the Dutch Nation for our allies, our enemies and new players that might consider joining our nation. You risk the reputation and the future of our Nation. You better should think twice before posting!

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I will only say this, in my opinion attacking your allies and fellow nation mates(albeit in different clans) is not the way to go, all it will do is split the nation and create enemies. We are the United Provinces, but posts like these will only create the Split Provinces. While i havent done much(well any) PVP in a while, I do see british and americans in most(if not all) the screenshots you provided, and i will be forever gratefull for that. They might not have brought the entire british navy, but for everyone of them that joined, even though i havent had the honour of sailing with you in this war. Thank you!


And to you pellasgos, all i can do is pray that you will not work on creating the Split Provinces, A split nation is a weak nation. A nation where we all can work together is a strong nation. I hope you will realize this.

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Dear British and U.S. Gentlemen,


Furthermore posts like this shape a bad image of the Dutch Nation for our allies, our enemies and new players that might consider joining our nation. You risk the reputation and the future of our Nation. You better should think twice before posting!


Well said and fully agree.


Grtzzz Bubbles

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Great job on pulling a Charles Caldwell, only you needed 1 post to insult our allies instead of 2.

And as a bonus you insult your own nation as well.


You cannot blame him for the idea of this post - http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/16489-nerfing-dutch/;)

For the pre-mature style and the displayed self centric view - that's his own personal issue, not mine and I hope I do better.



Just my opinion:

The big P is a great OW tactician with a outstanding understanding of the OW dynamics.

Everything else I won't comment from now on since I was risen with the concept of 'When you do not have to say something positive about someone then don't say anything unless you are specifically asked to do so. But even then don't reply in public.'



And I forgot myself the last week in several occassions and vented off my frustration as well. Apologies for that. At some point it will happen again for sure, but I hope I will get it faster next time.

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Don't get wound up over what is said, only over who says it.


Pellasgos is our Dutch Nation wildcard, our own Hannibal Barca, dropping his elephants in the room. Unfocused energy that is ready to be unleashed and crush *everything* that is crossing his path, even if it creates internal troubles. 


But most importantly, remember he is .... *our own*. Never forget that Dutch Nation. 


Strength does not only come out of unity, but also in diversity and individual contribution and sacrifice.


Creating trouble might be a strong point of this hero, but a hero he is. If we can deal with it, I'm sure our allies will do the same. The British especially, as they know their Shakespeare and understand what can happen if a nation in peril starts to cry havoc and lets slip a real dog of war! 

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I always wondered to myself " what was the point of the secret island" well after reading the OP and noticing the word "i" or "my"used over 20 times I have come to the conclusion that clearly the devs have amazing foresight.

The secret island was obviously put in for pellasgos and mr vicious to retire to after the rest of us mere mortals have passed from this life.

To wrestle with each other's egos for all eternity a never ending battle for perfection and self acknowledgement, a perpetual movement of self praise and gloryfacation unlike anything since Valhalla.

Of course all the trees will be Teak , and any rules will be devised especially to hinder there progress and the only time they will stray from the path of perfection is for a holiday once a year.

At this point I would insert a clip of a well know Greek comedien, unfortunally after many an hour I couldn't t find any, I guess they will have to just keep exporting military geniuses instead.

O7 pellasgos I owe it all to you.

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Hello Dutch-Nation,


I can only appeal for facing to our enemies and stop beeing a care bear. Without the outstanding leadership of Pellasgos we had even more serious problems. I think there are not many people who are able to lead a port battle in that excellent way he does. A great performer and excellent admiral. That should encourage everyone.


So be real men, stop crying and start fighting. We have even woman in our rows - I am serious - who are brave fighters e.g. Curmelia who kicks asses of our male enemies very well-

The earlier we grap our arms at entire playerbase the sooner we throw out our crappy enemies.


Best Regards


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