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  1. Forget the game what’s your secret? How did you train your wife ?
  2. Tac

    Identify your enemy

    Of all the new players that have come through the Cabal ranks i could give you 101 reasons why they left, not one has ever mentioned no names in OW EVER, and that ain't making shit up that's reality. As for ships that could run away or he would tag anyway perhaps but not in the PvP zone,i really don't think no names is as high up on the list of bad moves as some believe but as always i'm willing to be proved wrong.
  3. Tac

    Identify your enemy

    But he has to pay to do it?
  4. Unless we can come up with a working way to make a flag comeback like only produce a flag in ports with a very high BR? Not sure Regional capitals would work or from only a nation capitals either but the distance must be a certain amount to give defenders a chance. Also the dreaded false flag Solution was never found.
  5. Tac

    Identify your enemy

    So Ram struggles to get any fights at all because people run when they see his name? Every coin has two sides.
  6. Difference being if I get caught by a more powerful PvP force I get to enjoy the best part of this game,battle mechanics v other players,If I get caught by an AI fleet for any number of reasons I get to waste my time running until I can escape because fighting AI is as boring as eating my tenth bowl of porridge in a row. Or I could just switch to Peace and tranquility server. I wouldn’t of lasted more than 2 days on sea trials if it was against bots, wasting time isn’t content on a PvP server.
  7. Because you choose to attack Ai for various reasons like missions if you choose too , PVE is choice and that’s fine why am I being forced to fight Ai when I sail to fight PvP? There is however a dedicated PVE server.
  8. Again why are you asking me to endure the concept of fighting AI when all I’m logging on for is PVP ? There is a seperate server for this?
  9. Yes I have it didn’t work, it’s called the war server because you can get your ass handed to you within 5 mins of leaving a port by another player,. if you want to fight AI there’s a server for that or multiple different ways to go out and get it ,answer my as why I need more Ai interference in my quest for quality PvP?
  10. I would of thought on a war server that differentiates between a server with PvP and one with just AI , that PvP players want more options and content involving PVP, not to increase the amount of fighting AI. Ai that’s attacks you would still be cattle just annoying cattle that shits on your PvP gameplay. Have you tested a version with Ai that attacks you in OW?
  11. Well I would hunt said player , only thing is to find out where they are global is best!!! Not only that but the bounty hunters would probably fight other bounty hunters so quality PvP.
  12. Lol imagine a random PvP players gets drawn every day to hunt with a large reward, maybe one one from the leaderboard the previous day!! Then of course we have alts who would squish that idea anyway. Grrrr..
  13. I think for a PVP player the last thing he wants is to get tagged randomly for PVE he neither wants or enjoys in OW. i Imagine it could be s decent concept on a PVE server though.
  14. Imagine your close to a big PvP battle something of epic proportions the like you havn’t Fought in for weeks , and a shabby AI frigate tags you out of the battle ..... I suppose you might gain a basic hull upgrade as compensation, but surely as before aggressive Ai just frustrates , didn’t work last time why would it work now?
  15. I prefer South , that was the running joke after release of OW to anyone who got lost, sail Sourh and you will hit land eventually. Worked well enough, even produced some good stories in global chat.
  16. I would also like to participate in any early testing if possible.
  17. Tac

    Muskets, the new golden marines?

    Musket mods just silly atm needs hotfix ,400 plus muskets 400 kills , since when did muskets of this era come with scopes?
  18. I don’t have to imagine, personally I’d rather start with a level playing field for all , the experience I’ve learnt from playing the game should be my only reward. @pewpewforall.
  19. Ty for not making me grind books again, I am lazy and I’m glad to see my laziness is rewarded.
  20. All to complicated for mere mortals , he who gets the kill should get the loot auto through mini map or some other way like collection from ship,. The OP proposal just encourages the” Loot Hoovers” imo.
  21. This may of been brought up already but is determined defender bugged or not working as it should? Just got pulled by AI but i had larger crew number in a mission.
  22. I also had this taking a trader in my gunboat, empty trader and weird message,also tells me I have no cannon on my ship when I do. Is this bug admin or can we expect some traders to be empty?
  23. Tac

    Pit Pinsel will join the Dutch

    New Russian strategy, throw enough shit at a wall and some of it will stick. Swedes are’t afraid to lose ships, it’s just we don’t throw them away in human waves of sinkage . Russian losses since sant Domingo campaign are beyond reckless , but there persistence is not in doubt.