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  1. please come to willem, dont come with your cutter tho, cant farm PVP mark with basic cutter
  2. you have support from me and my rice fields. If I remember correctly, Admin said that 5 minutes is for testbed, not for after the wipe.
  3. Look like you enemies dont want take you and your officers as prisoners.
  4. so TL;DR, LV 5k mmr dota 2 riki player, lord of pirate, lord of lobster join brit less than 1 week, and he already wants to tell people in the nation + alliance what they must and must not do already? I'm not surprise
  5. There is a problem with that. I tried to sail 60 minutes in battle, the game doesnt render that far so you crash, If the game manages to render that far, then you can safely travel everywhere you want with no risk.
  6. Logging off before battle or anything should be allow in neutral or friendly zone only. Remember you have the red word, green and nothing when you sail in open water? we can use this as a tool to help players to know where they can logout. Below is my suggestion. How it works: If you are in enemy water (red zone) you cannot logout. But if you escape a battle in red zone, you can choice either stay or teleport back to nearby friendly port. If you want to logout, you MUST sail out of the red-zone. Reason: People who are in red zone know exactly what they are doing (ganking, raiding, hunting) if you want to stay safe, get out of the hostile water. To make thing better for everyone, you (the devs) can play with the red-zone around a region. Far enough to make Port battle camp impossible But close enough to make people who need to logout don't need to sail 30 minutes before they can logout. My suggestion: red-zone should cover 7 to 10 minutes sailing time to the closest enemy port. We can use the yellow circle thing in map to determine how big the no-logout-zone can be. If you are in green, neutral zone, you are welcome to any kind of log out. Lastly, Teleport to capital: should it be allowed in red-zone? in my opinion it should. Because you have 4 hours CD, sitting duck for 2 minutes is risky enough. But other people might have different opinions.
  7. not sure, but I think its relate to the new perk we have.
  8. I think I can find at least 20 people disagree with you Saw it with my own eyes, I was in my bucen and get ready to tag swed fleet but you know what? the Swed prefer to attack 5 Frenches sailing around them for more than 30 minutes in front of brightown so that 40 minutes later they pop out to open world to join the port battle. Also remember some guys complain about they dont have a full Aga fleet in that battle? because the screening fleet managed to tag 6 Aga before they can join the port battle after logging in. Your turn Tenakha Kan Best, Nub killer, game destroyer Nash.
  9. frigate is the pirate frigate, you can only buy it from the shop, the 74 gun third rate is your bellona with old paint.
  10. sveno, in a port battle, the mentality is play to win, not play to not lose. For kiting style, I think you should do some port battle with the french to know what true kiting look like even with inger and consti. I did port battles with your best fleet before and i know your style, I also did a lot of port battle with french before and I also know their style. I know how to counter both of your tactics at your best form. For Aga problem, you have 25 Aga log out in front of the port but not all of them could join. So put yourself into our position, Your fleet, 25 players attack 5 french players right in front of Brightown so can be safe until port battle time so what that do to us?
  11. Yup, also 1 vote from me for reward currency. With this, better players will get their reward faster, average players can slowly get their reward as well.
  12. want to talk about you guys also have 25 aga but some couldnt get in port battle because of screening fleet? oh and do you want to talk about you and your friend attack each other right in front of brightown so you can log out right in front of the port?
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