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  1. Bring back flags, with the new port battle timers, easy fix.
  2. Snoggy

    Teleport to Port Battle

    Revenge fleets and the tagging mechanics make these sorts of tactics a neccessity if you ever want to see a port battle. Entire 25 man fleets tagged by a handful of reno's that just flee and keep you tagged? The only ports that'll get flipped under the current system are ports that are flipped by agreement. I haven't seen a single defended port flip on the euro server.
  3. Snoggy

    Teleport to Port Battle

    The Brit/Dane/Russian/Swede reaction was amusing....
  4. Snoggy

    8 teams: a failed idea?

    Face of Mankind also shut down recently, and didn't have 800 people on at any time.
  5. Snoggy

    Attack Circles

    Yes it's very annoying especially when you are in a big group... you get pulled in and no one else does even though you're grouped up and bunched up on the OW.
  6. The devs already killed off PvP when they took away freeports.... takes an hour just to get to a decent spot.
  7. Don't forget the two or three 4 pound medium cannons....
  8. Everyone who ground up their ship ranks right now....
  9. Snoggy

    Total War against Great Britain

  10. Snoggy

    naval no action

    yeah, solo players and their basic cutters are just so critical to our strategy.... not... Come back when you have your connie or bellona.
  11. Snoggy

    Naval Action Meme collection

  12. If you play the game you'd know that regardless of who owns what at a map reset, all the regions in certain areas get flipped by certain other nations as a matter of fact, so, again, what's to stop the farming for pirates who steal port de paix or somesuch. It'll be a rush for those first port battles so you can farm the marks till kingdom come.