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  1. I recall a passage from one of the O'Brien novels where HMS Surprise was travelling with large and strong waves. Aubrey mentions a condition in which the ship can be 'pooped,' that is, if one of the pursuing waves strike the ship's stern correctly, the ship turns it so that the next wave hits the ship broadside-on, and then that wave and subsequent ones swamp the ship entirely.
  2. If I skim-red correctly, the Agamemnon was beset by rogue waves?
  3. In terms of language, there will be some English speakers in every faction, but they vastly speak the language of that faction. I know that the Dutch have quite a few english-speaking or bilingual members, I can't speak for France, Denmark, or Spain because I don't really talk to them so much as shout obsceneties over broadsides. Honest advice- just pick the nation you like the most, and think you'll have the most fun with. If it doesn't work out, you can always switch.
  4. I did some math and found that the values for roundshot amounts for HMS Victory above would only have accounted for just over 100 tons of her approximately 3500 tons' displacement.
  5. You already posted a tribunal about this individual earlier and were told to report him in-game, as chat matters aren't constituent of a tribunal offence. I will state it again before the inevitable thread lockdown. These exist for a reason.
  6. Highlights from the battle at Trinidad earlier:
  7. Thank god it's not the one that flipped. We've gotten convoy escort ship which has quickly become the best choice for a fireship due to its inadequacies as a warship, and now imagine a poorly built (albeit pretty) ship that foundered 1300 meters into its maiden voyage in a light gust of wind.
  8. For those who asked for it- the unadulterated version of the Castries video:
  9. The amount of roundshot carried by ships was superfluous enough that there's no way we in a normal engagement would expend it all, thus it shouldn't be limited. double ball/charge, chain, and grape should be limited though.
  10. This beauty will be coming soon, and I can't say how happy I'll be to have a real 2nd rate around. A proper three decker. Beyond that, I can't say with any surety.
  11. The structure of the forum ranks differ slightly from the in-game ranks, for some reason midshipman is lower than ensign (which in the time period was not a naval rank for Britian [and still isn't], but a junior army officer rank equivalent to the modern day second lieutenant)
  12. 'The Chimera,' James Bond: Skyfall OST I'll see if I have the unedited footage on my computer still.
  13. remembering that men of war tended to carry enough roundshot for hours of prolonged heavy fighting, I think that only specialty ammunition (double shot, double charge, grape, chain) should be limited or have to be restocked. Additionally, one could have varying qualities of shot (langridge<grape<canister/chain/ball and chain/star shot). This should all be able to be crafted by players. No, we shouldn't get magic explosive roundshot, I can't imagine why anyone (cough potbs) would think it's a good idea to keep thousands of literal bombs on the deck of a fighting ship in battle when the charges themselves were already dangerous enough.
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