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  1. Well i want to learn to pvp and since i do not have my economy set up to buy/outfit any other ship basic cutter is what i use for PVP until i get the means and the skill not to get sunk as much.
  2. Ok so it is possible to join you guys on TS and sail with you without being a member of the clan? Do you have a requirement for players how active they must be? Since my job makes me a sporadic player with no real timetable i cannot guarantee to be active all the time. Also rank wise i do believe i am at 1st Lt. now, however i do not have the means to outfit any bigger ships(got the redeemables) So would it be possible for me to sail with you in a basic cutter until i can set up my economy? In Game nick Mainza Von Fap
  3. Thank you all for the replies, Well after the weekend where i had some time to play the game i must say that i had a LOT of help from a lot of players from answering a ton of my questions that they probably heard a zillion times before as well as helping me out in every aspect of the game going so far to craft and give me ships as well as starting capital so i can try different aspect of the game. So the report thus far is: It was a good weekend got tagged by an enemy who sank me while i was still learning the game(so i had the adrenaline rush of mashing the buttons while the ship was standing in irons Managed to start a boarding action while i was trying to rake the AI and rammed him (so i ended in boarding action with my 40 crew against 130) Got my first outposts and buildings so hopefully now i have everything to start producing medium carriages(we shall see) To celebrate the fact i got gifted a rattlesnake i entered a small battle and only then figured out i did not fit the cannons on it so i was a Duh.. moment Got sunk by an AI while in a fleet battle Managed to capture 2 AI ships Haaarrrr! It took me ages to stop him so i can board in the end i managed to board by getting us both stuck on a reef Sold my labour hours to get my crafting level up So all in all the game really has potential and i like it however there is a lot to learn. Looking forward to it.
  4. Well i must say good Sir for an enemy you are truly helpful As for PVP part i entered into the game knowing it is PVP based and joined the server for that same reason. That said i do believe one could get a bit annoyed with the game if he is constantly dragged into PVP while not having the rank/money/ships to affect the result(aka griefed to the bone). The fact i was asking about the deletion is i get my first outpost/warhouse for free when i create a char? So having one in a starter area i do not know if there are good business opportunities there to make it worthwhile.
  5. Having had a limited time to play for the last couple of days i still have not tried outposts, crafting trading just done a few missions to see the battle mechanics. The biggest next step for me is to find a good home port from which i can start to build out my game, as the west end is a starter and a shallow? port that would not work as a base of operations or would it? Maybe i should delete the char and create a new one outside of starter area? What are your thoughts on that? Maybe even get another nation to try and even out the numbers. At best i will be a casual player since i do not have a lot of free time on my hands but i do like a good sail everytime i can get time to do it. p.s. On a unrelated note is there a way for me to rename my forum nick to my in game nick?
  6. Well did a bit of a test play(no time available for longer sessions hopefully will be able during the weekend) and i must say the game can be played on my rig without much isssues. E6750@2.66 dual core 6GB RAM ddr2 RX480 4gb Game is running 30+ fps in open world and does not drop by much when i had a few battles agains AI(8 ships in total) After that i went and saw the options and the game was set at ultra in 1080p so by lowering the graphics i think it could be playable even i big battles.
  7. Thank you all for the replies, yesterday i went and started with UK as a faction, currently in West End and had my first battles(was funny not hitting a barn from 6ft untill i figured out the elevations) Currently doing admiralty missions so i can rank up and get some gold flowing. Got a few other questions if i may. 1. Should i bother with buildings in the starter area at all? 2. Officers from what i have seen in a video by Jehil is a very good thing to have, as for promote button is that active only once i have sufficient xp or can i use gold to promote him? 3. What would be a good way to start? As in get my resource buildings and start gathering resources for eventual crafting or should i focus on just ranking up so i can crew bigger/better ships in the beggining? Well i am sure there will be a lot of questions in the future and i must add a big thank you for everyone helping me out in chat with my questions yesterday. Calm Seas Mainza Von Fap(ingame name)
  8. Greetings, Ok just got the game and i got a few question/observations From what i gathered i should be in PVP1 EU server since it has the highest number of players(an i am in the EU zone) What about the nations? Do different nation speak mostly in their respective languages or is English widely used? Since i do speak only English i am kinda leaning towards the English nations as a sure bet for language barrier? Got the part about the steep learning curve(have been watching/*reading guides for that so no issue there) I was trying to find out what exactly is a "screening" force/battle by what i think they are players not participating in a port battle but who are dragging/tagging enemies so they cannot participate in the PB..a link to explanation of battle mechanics would be greatly appreciated. So much from me for now. Thank You
  9. lohi

    Compatibility warning

    Well we shall see how it goes just bought the game and i am currently downloading.
  10. lohi

    Compatibility warning

    Ok guys the time has come to buy the game since i recently decided to stop playing another naval game. So the question is will it run on my rig GPU wise i have no fear since i run a rx480 BUT the issue might be my cpu which is a Dual Core E6750@2.66 So the question is is the cpu enough or will i have issue since my cpu is not capable of SSE 4.1/4.2 support? Thank You
  11. Oh well that is a good idea, do you know if there is any plans of using the same mechanic for transporting goods with a ship? If i am a trader and have a ship in port and goods in warehouse i can place the order for the AI to transport those goods from one port to another providing i have a warehouse there to store said goods? Of course it should also be vunerable to attack from other players but maybe not NPCs..something to think about
  12. I was wondering about that one as well, so when you board and capture a ship you send it to your port/outpost etc. Is that ship sailing on the OW? That would be a really good thing not only that it sails on the OW where it can be attacked but it should be slower(since it contains only prize crew) and the travel time should be as for any player operated ship. It should identify as a player so if you encounter it on the OW it seems like another player ship, however if you attack it it should have a decreased fighting potential since it is undermanned. Also is there an option to escort that ship by yourself to the desired port? So after you go trough all the fighting to take one you still cannot count your blessing since unless you want to escort that ship back to your port you have to take your chances with the delivery option.
  13. I think that could be solved by a neutral acquiring a letter of marque from the nation he wants to fight for, of course there should be some kind of a reputation requirement for him to be able to get it(ex. if you sank those nation's shipping obtaining the letter would not be possible unless you improve relations to at least 0 or some such).
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