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  1. Hello Captains, Today I deleted my character. I no longer wish to participate in this game or contribute to the direction development is taking. This post is supposed to serve as a reflection of my game time and what I think could improve the game experience as whole. The game is extremely dependent on other players and their actions. From my point of view when comparing this game to other mmos, there are simply not enough alternatives for gaining resources to compete with the actions of people who play this game all day every day. There will always be people on late ni
  2. vicious, you say you arranged the battle, so it is not out of bounds to say you planned the outcome. Unless you stop the one liners, and explain yourself fully, you should be demoted. I'm done with this now. GL -Ty devs for isolating this issue, and you have my full support in whatever action you take.
  3. perhaps, but regardless what kind of punishment the devs decide, the marks received in this battle should be removed. just in case
  4. Vicious, in my previous experience with you, it was always your goal to get into the biggest ships before anyone else. I could imagine you doing something like this to further your goal.
  5. If the conquest marks were funneled, punishments should be dished out. I just cant see a loss of ships atm to justify that reward.
  6. The fight was arranged, so it only seems natural you would stream it. I just cant understand if there was a mutual agreement on who would win beforehand, and what the reward for the loser would have been.
  7. What is the mutual benefit? What does each side get? What does the side that lost their ships get that justifies their loss?
  8. Personally, I think the devs are unclear as to what is being exploited. Is it arranging the port battle with specific participants? Or is it arranging the port battle with specific participants, and specific parameters for those participants... ie was it planned that sorry would reep the rewards?
  9. I would call it manipulating the mechanics, but tomahto tomato....
  10. you are whining again. I would suggest you write up the circumstances of arranging this battle with context of why you did it. I would also suggest to get others to back up your claims.
  11. Those pb's are not in question, this one is. It is likely the same people involved in this one were involved in those ones anyways. Edit: If I were you I would write up the circumstances of the arrangement and corroborate it through others' versions too. It might be the only way for the devs to fairly judge the situation. Simply whining about your problem is insufficient.
  12. All I can see is that you have admitted to arranging it, and the devs say the would demote people if it was found it was arranged. Case closed imo. Maybe you can now ask for leniency.
  13. Why did you arrange for a sacrifice?
  14. Time to walk the plank m8y
  15. Or make it cheaper. If I capture 3 ships in a day, what am I supposed to do with the other ships I have in my docks already?
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