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  1. This would be very nice and would finally give pirates some unique flavour. I would like to see that and maybe even come back to vanilla NA for it, playing more active again.
  2. As long as both sides are well balanced this sounds good to me, tho i agree having more parties makes things more interesting. The 50/50 split could be way easier to balance...
  3. I like this idea. Would it be possible to make your allied clans from other nations able to enter a port owned by your clan even if it is not available to all?
  4. Quite amusing how you claimed in the other thread to be a casual... what a pile of steaming BS. Agreed. Really sad that the swedes seem to be the only nation that is well organised and good at RvR on PvP EU. At least pirates don't have much RvR power anymore since the outlaw mechanic split the pirate nation and destroys it from within. I don't think pirates should be part of RvR so i like that... I would really like to see the new nations added, even if only as more hardmode options. It can't do much harm to the game... would be worth testing how it plays out at least.
  5. PvP rewards promote PvP and being against them thus means you're against more PvP. If you aren't against PvP on the PvP server why are you against PvP rewards? ... This is a blatant lie and you know it.
  6. really... ? If you want more PvE go to the PvE server. People who advocate against PvP and PvP rewards on the PvP Server just give me cancer. The problem with PvP marks was that new players got farmed for them but as rediii already mentioned this is not a problem anymore since we have greenzones around the capitals now. I always try to side with new players and casuals but now with greenzones there is no excuse anymore unless you play pirates where you actually get sealclubbed by your own nation in outlaw battles ( at least on the EU server there is alot of drama about it ), which
  7. I would really like to see this. Just give everyone some forged papers so nobody can complain. Did you think about where the capitals would be yet ( if the new nations will have any ) ?
  8. Fair enough if this is true and you planned it all so long ago and all but why did your clan give up on cartagena? I probably missed something since im not very active anymore... You mean all your shipyards are in KPR? MT isn't that far away tbh... but yeah it's a bit more centralized. I think it is fair to assume that you have at least one shipyard at or around the most important port on the map, if your clan owns it? Especially since components are much lighter now and sailing a bunch of parts / resources for them around is more efficient than bringing the actual ships...
  9. Maybe this is true, maybe not. I can not know but... Don't you contradict yourself here? All ships are super cheap now and you admit you can pump out 1st rates non-stop. Then why did you not leave some ships for the PB there? All people had to move ships exactly at the time of the PB? Really? I normally wouldn't even care but this is a little disappointing from the Brits, after you told me it is good to have the OP cartagena fit only in one port and how it promotes RvR, that you and your clan enjoy so much... And then saying "Everyone is welcome to try to take Cartagena
  10. Yeah, very mature talk right there, my friend. So let me put it like this: You completely lacked the courage to fight the swedes at cartagena, because you knew you would lose.
  11. Im just gonna throw a really wild guess here... because you didn't have the balls to fight the swedes?
  12. Sure mate, i used to be Santa's little helper a few years ago... it was alot of fun and felt really rewarding.
  13. Funny they do it just after they lost cartagena to the swedes, i guess. If you can't fight them / win then just join / avoid them.
  14. Would be interesting to see more nations added to the game. You have a few in game already that didn't play any major role in the caribbean at the time but are some of the strongest in RvR ( like Danmark and Sweden ), while nations that should be strong historically like Spain are super weak compared to that. So i don't see a problem in terms of being historically inaccurate. Would definitely make clan wars more feasible and maybe even split up some big nations to balance all nations overall more...
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