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  1. Loki is still a good practice vs human opponent. Chaining NPC/loki ship from very start to 70-80% solves the issue of running and put you in charge of the fight. That is normally just one proper chain broadside and perhaps a bit of chaser chaining. Do not be lazy, captains!
  2. That must the fleet led by the ghost of the certain Adm. Sveno ...
  3. What a waste of speed mods lol (even before the new woods patch). Still a decent trader hunter :))
  4. Here is my take on this new woods saga. timing and implementation was rather uninspired: first standard and S woods had to be tweaked to make other combinations feasible (long due). That alone would add variety in ship building. With that balanced, new woods could be added, perhaps not all at once but gradually (3-4 at a time). since woods are meant to be rare, best would be to let them drop from various chests randomly and in limited amount and also make AI traders carry them from time to time, encouraging people to sail and compete for the traders. That would create additional incentive to go in OW and would create a rare wood aftermarket, which would benefit all players. finally, I am not an expert in ship building, but I can imagine that masts were made from hard seasoned wood, normally oaks? In view of the issues with balancing the mast strength, a third wood option in crafting that would determine the mast stats is in order, I suppose. This would allow in long term to better balance the mast thickness and HP. Just a thought.
  5. I am all for more accessible woods, but your proposal will beat the purpose of these woods to be rare and would favor (larger) clans leaving casual/sole player or small groups in the dust.
  6. Acceleration is down by -20%, deceleration is the same, but what about that magical sail force? And still not a word about the battle sail mechanics.
  7. Or acting boldly and having a good fight ... I am for no names in OW and no in-battle chat (breaks the immersion). As for the topic of this thread, I guess it would not hurt to reveal names after 10 mins or so in battle.
  8. Уважаемые разработчики, в связи с текущими массивными изменениями, позволю спросить есть ли новости / планы по поводу battle sail механики? А то вот всё с ног на голову меняют, а о самом главном "тишина и мёртвые с косами".
  9. Реверс, не передёргивай: фрегаты всегда можно было строгать в больших количествах. А даблы и потом с дерево действительно тормозили крафт для среднестатистического игрока.
  10. ха-ха, кооператив "Триньки и сурпы" нарашивает производство ...
  11. Please correct me if I am wrong, the whole point of dubs in crafting was slow down crafting of SOL's and make frigates ubiquitous. However, more recently devs changed mantra from "frigates must rule the waves" to "3rd rate were back bone of the navy" , and things have changed ... Namely, with 3rd rate and 1st rate DLC as well as ability to capture any AI ship, dubs in crafting make no sense. So, the move makes perfect sense to me. Furthermore, as far as I can see players prefer to sail throw-away ships, DLC ships, whereas properly crafted and fitted ships are fewer in between, mainly sailed by veteran players in organized groups. With dubs removed we might see more decent quality and affordable crafted ships for sail, but more importantly players might be less hesitant to sail those. On a more general note, let's not pretend economy or crafting was ever a strong point of this game. Most endure the grind, imperfect roe rules, very basic rvr, and peculiar DLC strategy for the sake of experiencing the combat. All those secondary aspects need to be accessible, be a bit fun, give players to do smth between battles and create opportunities for battles. That's it. As for dominance of SOL's in OW and rvr, this clearly remains a problem regardless this change and it should become devs priority to give to all ship types / rates some place and role in the game. P.S. Btw, removal of dubs form crafting might result in some depreciation of dubs, but now players can divert them to the infrastructure investments, which still require considerable amounts, certainly for casual players. If infrastructure investment for individual players will be become more accessible, loss of those will be less painful and rebuilding easier.
  12. Good change indeed. Ships crafted from regular woods in combi with port bonuses (and rng) will be quite decent. So, crafters can engage into a bit more active rng crafting and the market will receive a decent flow of relatively inexpensive ships. Ships with good rng and S woods will be more expensive, thus allowing crafters to run a successful business. As for additional cost in reals, is that really needed? Do not forget that any ship would require modules and to getting good ones require some effort and money.
  13. Valid concern. But would 1 hr change much for the defender in your example? Another problem is that attackers might not come at all ... Another question: how close to the port flag needs to be planted. If close enough for defender to just sail from port and join the flag mission, then defender would not need 3 groups but just one. Just too many questions on the new hostility system. Distance of flag planting, how many flags can be planted at once, are timers still there, will there be cooldown, how fast/slow flag bearer will be, is the old front line system still in place etc. Edit: In principle there are two ways to counter hostility: intercept flag before it is planted (requires numbers and quick reaction) or sending a group into flag battle event (requires smaller numbers). If both are viable, then this potentially gives reasonable chances to both large and smaller nations ... at least I hope so.
  14. Chrome most likely not. Edge - yes. Will try on another PC.
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