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  1. Map reset is clearly not compatible with the current game design (grind, high cost of the building / port investment, etc.), but it better be part of the next game. Importantly, the total map conquest makes no sense to me at all. IMHO, at least half of the ports (or maybe more) have to belong to the historically present powers and immune for capturing (not to raiding though), with RvR focused on conquest of the capturable ports, ownership of which should offer some advantages. With fewer ports to fight for, (i) there will be a higher local player concentration in RvR, (ii) lost wars will
  2. That must the fleet led by the ghost of the certain Adm. Sveno ...
  3. What a waste of speed mods lol (even before the new woods patch). Still a decent trader hunter :))
  4. I am all for more accessible woods, but your proposal will beat the purpose of these woods to be rare and would favor (larger) clans leaving casual/sole player or small groups in the dust.
  5. Or acting boldly and having a good fight ... I am for no names in OW and no in-battle chat (breaks the immersion). As for the topic of this thread, I guess it would not hurt to reveal names after 10 mins or so in battle.
  6. Уважаемые разработчики, в связи с текущими массивными изменениями, позволю спросить есть ли новости / планы по поводу battle sail механики? А то вот всё с ног на голову меняют, а о самом главном "тишина и мёртвые с косами".
  7. Реверс, не передёргивай: фрегаты всегда можно было строгать в больших количествах. А даблы и потом с дерево действительно тормозили крафт для среднестатистического игрока.
  8. ха-ха, кооператив "Триньки и сурпы" нарашивает производство ...
  9. Chrome most likely not. Edge - yes. Will try on another PC.
  10. @admin I assume map reset would be an option in this nations clean up? Otherwise, I see no way to do it properly. Anyway, to proposal ... I'll keep it short and will add a few more comments later. Basically the idea is to merge all the minor nation in one generic nation, which can be called Aspiring Colonial Powers (or such). These will be all nations aside from Brits, France, VP, Spain, and US. So, once joining such a nation, player can choose a flag / minor nation (the old smuggler mechanics could work perhaps?) and go on the loose. Players should be able to switch flag within suc
  11. Cannot say I am a big fan of PvP zone, but it’s a shortcut to pvp action, which I as a casual player can appreciate. Still good fights are too few between. Two proposals, which imho can improve the quality of pvp zone experience. 1) Allow under certain circumstances after-battle tow (with all you have in hold) to the nearest friendly/free port after a lengthy PVP zone battle. Basically, if the battle is finished or a player can escape not earlier than 1 hr after battle started (to minimize abuse), option to tow to the nearest friendly or free port appears. So, instead of a
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