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    Quarantine Stories

    Here is a decent source on the topic (not only economic aspects). https://icsb.org/theeconomicsofapandemic/
  2. Дрон прям как Чегевара: Баракоа освободил, ща ещё что-то пойдёт освобождать. :)))
  3. I'm sure you'll enjoy sailing 5th rates as well. You cannot go wrong with trinco: a capable pvp/pve ship and no need for permit to craft. You can hunt small 5th rate NPC groups (to open a couple of slots) and also join some pvp action. Herc is probably the most useful DLC ship that allows to join pvp action in pvp zones with little hustle.
  4. W/o cool down time, rvr will soon turn into burn-out "paradise". The good old flag mechanics will look like a dream compared to this, lol. RvR need a slight slowdown, with some sort of clan alliance mechanics to address the alt-related exploits.
  5. Looks like they surrendered ships to the opposing side just to give hard time to the Swedes they happened to join. In principle, this is sort of indirect (or a rather perverse form of) green on green. Punishable or not, this is pretty lame.
  6. LIONS on both sides?! Looks like the greatest alt framing cover up in history of NA 😜
  7. Это репорт на изменение сторон в битве. По суте дела пассивно-подлый green on green. Не хотели помогать шведам, так выходите из боя и ганкните их в открытом море, как все люди.
  8. Дрон, так ты пират или не пират? Или ты пиратский мальчиш-плохиш?
  9. IMHO the port bonus system should have been implemented as ship yard bonus system, so solo players, small clans, big clans could eventually have access to them if they dedicate enough time to leveling their skill and leveling ship yard. Solo shipyard: can choose 3 out of 5 shipyard bonus at the same time (1 for each shipyard level?). Player will have to invest into shipyard to get bonuses to max level, but grind would be acceptable / manageable. Importantly, solo shipyard can be built in any, even unconquerable port. Clan shipyard: can access all 5 shipyard bonus types, but with much more significant grind / investments required, to encourage coop game play. Clans will have then to defend their investment. Cannot be built in an unconquerable port. Alternatively, solo and clan shipyards would allow access to all 5 bonus types simultaneously, but have different number of investment points (30-40 solo, 40-60 clan). Btw, I also liked the guaranteed regional (capital) bonuses (instead of random refits). Those would spice things up and make it more difficult for alts to get access to all the benefits of a given nation. Smth to consider for NA 2.0 perhaps?
  10. This is a very good point, although I feel complete transparency on the state of the masts will not necessarily be beneficial for the game play.
  11. Capture zone and point system is overall fine. Some propose giving zone A more weight. I am not sure about this: battles are already messy enough. I'd rather see more room for maneuvering, engaging / disengaging, rather than encourage head-on brawls. Entry circles look fine as well. Cool down might increased with a day, I suppose: to avoid rvr-related fatigue. I would also support the idea of monthly server-wide seize-fire, for instance first week-end of the month. Plan some events like Date with Diana for that week-end. Changes to BR and potentially some restriction on fleet composition offer the best opportunity for improvements: BR limits should changed from 5700, 10600, 20000 to 5700, 10600, 16000 (+/-) composition restrictions: 5700 (up to 3rd rate ships, no 6-7 rates), 10600 (up to 2nd rate ships, no 6-7 rates), 16000 (up to 1st rate, no 6-7 rates) Mortar brig could be allowed I guess, but they should be less effective against ships. changes to ship BR along the lines suggested by rediii for example are also in order P.S. Hostility is outside the scope of this topic and I realize making it better might be an never-ending story, but keep in mind it is still an annoying formality in many cases. At least fix the overlapping hostility sign.
  12. Hope everyone is aware the hostility mission signs (two swords) still stacking, thus making it impossible to counter all the missions properly. I thought in one of the recent updates / patches it has been addressed / improved, but alas.
  13. Do not do missions, unless you want to test the ship sailing characteristics and gunnery in safety. Better go and attack (groups of) NPCs in OW. You will almost always face loki, which would make battles more interesting and diverse. Also note that at start NPCs often have double charge or double ball loaded. After a few broadsides they start shooting single balls.
  14. Согласен на все 100, оссобенно с первым пунктом. С засилием (тяжёлых) линейных кораблей надо бороться. Я бы добавил (1) значительно улучшить рнг кравченных 5х и 4х рейтов. Каждый второй скравченый 5й рейт и каждыый 3й скравченый 5й рейт должен быть фиолетовыми как миминум. Будет выгоднее влаживать с-дерево во фрегаты и на них плавать. (2) ввести пвп зону для кораблей (до) 3го ранга. Конечно попрут на редутаблях, но будет интерестно привести хороший 4й рейт и по-охотится на них.
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