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  1. I've been running NA on an AMD system (Ryzen 1600x + RX580 4Gb + 16Gb RAM + SSD) for a while with hardly any issue. Never tried streaming, but tried recording using relive and all went well (haven't noticed much lag in the process). 2600x + RX580 8Gb is certainly a solid combo. If you are aiming at gaming/streaming at 1440p res, I would suggest considering Vega 56 (more future proof). P.S. I am on 1080p and been using high-ish settings.
  2. It is very sad to see it came to this. THIS being en masse forum bans, dirty devs video's and this negative review bombing ... such a pity. This could be such a great game. As for negative review bombing, it does seem unfair. Reviews, positive or negative, should be based on own experience and give good reasons. With this said, I wonder how many other games on steam receive such a treatment? If few or hardly any, then it speaks volumes in itself ...
  3. Sea Trials DLC? The deluxe version to contain Duel Doran and/or Ban Doran for 24 hrs tabs ?!
  4. A sarcasm correction factor should be applied, but the quadrant seems about right. How about adding another point in that graph? Just an uneducated guess of mine.
  5. Who knew alts would have a downside as well ... I wonder, if someone paid the game price N times, should he/she not be entitled to N votes? Like with shares.
  6. I think the first large wave left after mega-clans (SLNR, DAS, SORRY, ER and few others) began shrinking/splitting. Probably around the time the PB flags were removed (first wipe?). rvr went on for a while on a reasonable scale, but I never saw same numbers as before. The second large hit was splitting the servers I guess. If my guess is not a total nonsense, many if not most NA players care(d) first and foremost about rvr.
  7. To echo the concern about medals as having content-prohibitive effect and side effects I have described a few posts back, I feel devs put too much emphasis on reward as way to motivate activity, when focus should remain on the process, aka gameplay, and try to avoid putting too a high barrier to joining an activity. And that was after a rather good imo move with dual currency. In this dual currency system: reals as currency to be used in trading, production and crafting and doubloons as (sort of) activity currency awarded in ALL activities (pvp, pve, trading etc). Doubloons allows one to bypass to some extent the time-consuming trading and crafting and take a shortcut to pvp, thus creating a larger pool of people seeking pvp at any given moment. For casual pvp players like me this was great news, for I could reduce my trading/crafting activities to minimum and could spend more time on pvp, which I enjoy much more. So, people with more in-game time will be still richer, have best ships and refits, but casual players will be just a step or two behind and can still stay active and compete against more regular players. Win-win for everyone. So, this is example of a more flexible inclusive and activity-enabling approach. Why not to stick to this approach when dealing with rvr reward/punishment system?
  8. Valid concern. What's wrong with using doubloons (large amount of those) to buy SOL permits? In this way not just PB participants will have access to SOL's, but also anyone who's active in game (OW pvp or rvr, combination pve-pvp, or even lot of pve) Just make sure PVP (in any form) gives highest rewards (xp, doublons, reals).
  9. Pvp medals is pvp marks 2.0 (or perhaps even worst). Here is my main problem with that: I still remember when sailing in group and tagging everything that moves (every small pitiful target), just to grind pvp marks. With those gone, everyone relaxed and was looking for a good fight, while leaving small targets alone. PVP rewards are a good fight, a win, and a captured ship. Just balance XP, doublon and real reward in pvp vs pve, and done.
  10. With old damage model fir-fir SOL's were easy prey to lower-rate ships. Even teak/wo 1st/2nd rates were hardly seen in OW, let alone in rvr operations. So, it has smth to do with new damage model.
  11. On damage model. It's still raw and requires balancing. I was also not convinced it was now good timing for a complete overhaul of the damage model (could be saved for NA 2.0 perhaps?) But it's done and looks beyond point of return. With this said, the new damage model has potential to significantly improve the combat. Just to react to "too short battles": perhaps people keep coming at a short distance, to do the usual tanking and "on water drifting", and then got wrecked? New damage model encourages to stay at a longer distance and makes proper sailing and long range shooting more important (see Moscalb's video's, for example). With error margin smaller, the battles will become more tactical (I hope) and reckless behavior and/or unrealistic tactics will be punished, as it should be. This will make life of beginners difficult and for experienced players more confusing at start, but as soon as the model is stabilized and (hopefully) balanced, tutorials and guides will come to help people get started.
  12. A set of unique perks to begin with perhaps. Those would be alt abuse prove. If we can see some sort of differentiation between major nations, minor nations and pirates, that would be a good start. Giving flavor to each and every nation is more challenging I guess.
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