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  1. Thank you for the update. Front line in a form or another would be great. In this way even with a small population, there will be a concentration of players/ships along front lines and getting some action will take less time.
  2. Stilgar

    Russia cancelling all Treaties

    Is redii on the left, on the right, or perhaps in the trunk?
  3. Stilgar

    first HAVOC Empire

    What is that wheel on the flag: the one one that hit you on the head before you came up with this, rediii? Or was that the survival of the hornet experience that made you feel you are destined for great deeds? 😉
  4. Stilgar

    Caribbean Invasion News

    If I would decide for the Swedish nation, I would just let all ports raised tonight to fall w/o fight, so that all involved in today's PvE exercise would waste more of their time tomorrow.
  5. Sorry if this was already asked, but what will happen to the labour contracts?
  6. A bit off topic, but still ... please show a bit more love to Victory and increase her crew to smth like 900.
  7. Stilgar

    Bring back names in OW!

    No names and no OW communication are both great ideas!
  8. Good move. A long due. Why not do smth similar to double charge and double shot? For example, about 2 broadsides of both double shot and double charge ammo should be available by default. Double charge and double shot perks could still be in game with the effect of doubling the ammo for corresponding shot type. (this would bring total ammo to 4 broadside per type, as it is now with perks)
  9. Stilgar

    Determined Defender Perk

    I like this perk, although I did not use it that often. It helped in preventing pre-mature boarding and prolong the sailing and fire fight part of engagements, which is more enjoyable to me. With this said, some tweaking might be order if this perk appears OP. On a related note, it is still strange to see frigates pulling SOL's. Large mismatches in ship class/crew should intuitively be part of mechanics.
  10. Imho, the chance to craft superior ship should remain low. In this way expectation but also frustration will stay low. Most importantly, rng feature encourage crafting and therefore economy. This also provides a bit of a kick for dedicated crafters.
  11. Stilgar

    Unequal battles

    Just two suggestions (w/o reading the whole thread): (1) How about late reinforcements (button activated after 30-45 mins or so in battle), but only for the case of large BR difference (say more than 50% difference)? This will give reason for lone players or outnumbered group of players to keep on fighting. Needless to say, reinforcements should be proportional, no vic fleets or such. The reinforcements should not appear automatically: it should remain player's choice to call them or not. (2) A bit more random battle exit coordinates, to make the job of revenge fleets more difficult, would be nice.
  12. Stilgar

    Themepark CabalalalalaLand

    Joe, I though we agreed not to make the shootings of CABAL private parties public ?!
  13. Stilgar

    Themepark CabalalalalaLand

    Haha, best out if your hitler's series, Tac. Why did we attack in Sveno's talk time? Lol
  14. Stilgar

    REDS + VCO Change Nation

    I fail to see the logic. Cannot beat them, then join them?! In this case you should all join RUBLI, I suppose. As a bonus you could keep the Bermuda.