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  1. Thank you @Davos Seasworth, I appreciate your kind words. @Audacious you can PM me in game if you are interested. Currently, we are low in numbers but patient and organized.
  2. "Working as intended". Buy DLC ships and you will be fine.
  3. Fast, amazing turn rate , bouncy and shorter. Sails like Bellona, shoots like Buc.
  4. The game should not keep balancing things using mods. (Having French rig refit to make demasting more balanced.) It creates further imbalances and adds another knowledge layer to be competitive. Mod stacking max values should be reduced considerably. We can have better/worse ships but big NO to monster ships. PB BRs should be lower. As mentioned by many, conquest should be vise verse, starting from small ports to region capital for better RvR balance.
  5. I doubt it. I bet it will be some strong nation vs weak one. I bet first one attacked will be GB or French.
  6. Hi, I can't reach forums. It gives me 403 error and says that my request is blocked. Managed to write this by using VPN. Could you explain why I can't access forums with my IP, please?
  7. [NAVY] Recruiting! Contact Elias in-game.
  8. Spain and France suffers from "strong" national identity. They refuse to use English in national chat and go easy with labeling players as traitors who don't follow so called national agenda. I see GB is going same path. Seems like they have traumatic experience with Havoc, thinking unloyal people coming to steal their people. C'mon. This is dead end.
  9. This is great data. Have no idea how you get it but would like to see it updated. 👍
  10. We had daily pray button before. May be change the name to "click and relax" and put it back?
  11. I would prefer fresh fish of the day as daily. After dinner, something makes you sail will do as well.
  12. Reading comments, I realized that I might be loving the community more than the game itself
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