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  1. You should learn to keep on first come - simple ideas. It would be great to have 3 nations only, like Dark Age of Camelot and some other well made RvR games. Once you start overthinking about something, almost always you turn it to a mess.
  2. To fix ROE, first you need to understand that it is broken. Here is the solution. Easy.
  3. So developers admit that the game is gear based instead of skill based now? You can't sell skill, you can sell gear. I bet the game will be free to play soon with p2w shop. Started to believe that they intentionally create imbalances to open gaps for current and possible DLC sales. Soon we will understand what happened to Santa Cecilia and Diana Almost everybody complain about ridiculous port bonuses and instead of fixing it, they break the game even more...
  4. Ok. It's great to have wise people like you guiding and telling us what to talk about. Cheers!
  5. Liberalism, I am not counting very beginning of server or capability to master 7 fleets. During that time almost everyone remember it as their glorious times. Dutch tell legendary stories against French and sweden, France had their glories, Sweden was down in Pampatar conquering, defending land. Our battle commander (Sweden) was thinking that wind has no effect on battle since it blows to same direction for both sides; and it is impossible to win offensive battles. The times almost everyone were agreeing with him. Mythical times when most believed if SLRN start sailing sea level will increase
  6. Very few players hate each other. The ones does, hate because of seeing others as threat to their status and goals. Great Britain, Spain and France were never great RvR nations. They enjoyed RvR power from time to time though. They never managed to shake off statiquo. They had many great players, who had to leave tired to be managed by incompetent leadership. Your PvP skill cannot be reflected directly as RvR skill. 90% of "PvP" players were dillusional about their RvR skills, naming themselves heroes by defeating a heard of sea sheeps. There were only 3 RvR powerhouses in diffe
  7. People will attack, do whatever they want that fit themselves. This is a game. A game with poor RvR design, which creates all this drama about crafting ports. May be after 1 year all the ports will be fully upgraded with no effect on anything than adding same meta bonuses. It only serves as a gap opener at the start of the server. RvR has never been that bad, thanks to some amazing suggestions and Devs amazed with those ideas. 👏 No one but a fool is always right. May be Developers should listen to the people with more experience of being wrong rather than forcing everybody to play li
  8. It is directly related. Strategic resources, wood, upgrades are effecting pvp directly. For example. You fix RvR by arranging different BR for different PB's. Great move and make sense. However, all ships BR's are messed up and you end up in mono, most BR efficient ship battles. Then you decide it is not working. Block much needed resources by owner end you will end up with interesting snowballing effect. Fix the root then blockade strategic resource which give you tiny advantage.
  9. This still doesn't remove the root of the problem. OP mod stacking. Some mods almost give you lvl 3 port bonus. Needing those pieces for competitive sailing is more flawed than alt buying. ..and please don't jump here saying you don't need the best upgrades to be competitive by trying to block it for yourselves.
  10. I agree, let biggest clans & nations dominate everything. Can you suggest any other game for others? 😛
  11. DLC ships are like opium. Use them to stimulate few things. Overdose and it will kill you. Even used consciously it will slowly ruin you.
  12. Can somebody help me understand the benefits of port bonuses and 20k BR port battles? Thanks to port bonuses: *You can eliminate a nation from RvR by capturing their main port. Before it was not possible. *You are stuck to use one or two ports for crafting. You have to be in friend list of port owner. Before you have the freedom to craft as you wish. *If you are a small clan you are tied to use port bonuses others choose, only if port owner is good to let you do. Before you you had freedom to organise yourself as you wish. *If you want good ships and decent chance to e
  13. it's fun to see how Britain turns to a worthy opponent after loosing many of its PvP players, clans. I won't be surprised if KPR announced as most dangerous place on the map soon, because of bloody British captains 😂😂😂 I understand how desperate some clans are for heroic stories, but glory belongs to people who stands against odds, not to people who carefully choosing weaker pray. Salute to Danish captains who showed up for "fight."
  14. It is your problem that you assume understand everything. I have history fighting against odds with whatever I had. Never seeking best ships or upgrades. Rarely sailed ship with port bonuses after they were introduced for sake of challenging myself and test the difference. After release, slowly building as much as my time allows. Stupid is stupid, even it is your own recommendation to developers.
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