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  1. Just a moment please... Grey, green, blue and purple ships have been build in the past ans from time to time I've even bought them. I agree that in the past (e.g. before the port wipe) there were mostly Gold ships build. This was result of the availability of resources. That Situation has been changed completely with th port wipe (e.g. only six ports producing Silver or two ports producing Live-Oak). For a certain amount of time Clans might have their warehouses filld with these resources, but once they have exhausted that reserve I would expect to see a lot more of grey, green, blue and p
  2. In general I really like that idea, esp. that missions are open for 30 min so a nation has a chance to defend their regions. One thing looks a bit annoying and at least totally unrealistic: Ships, joining a mission after some minutes are spawning at the same place. For instance, a group of three Frigates fighting a single NPC SOL can find themselves just in the middle of a bunch of 10 enemy players with SOL's etc. ... out of blue, magically appeared in carronade distance... uh greetings from David Copperfield! I would suggest, that ships joining a mission later should spawn in some di
  3. I have to say that I don't like those kind of threads. While it's a showing off for one side it's an embarrasment for the other. Those two screenshots that are usually posted never tell the story behind that battle. Two screenshots (a snapshot of a battle) won't entertain me much. And last but not least, a real sportsman won't show off like this with his success and for sure he won't embasrass his opponents. Videos are different - thy are entertaining.
  4. Ahm... a year before Spain was still fighting against the allied forces aside the French Edit: So you are f***ed anyway: The Brits will say Spanish are not grateful for the help, the French will say Spain was backstabbing them. What a mess
  5. If you are referring to real history, you probably forgot that the perfidious Albion was kicking the French and Napoleon Bonapartes brother Joseph who claimed to be King out of Spain between 1807 and 1814. Something the Spanish were not able to achieve on their own. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peninsular_War Just saying
  6. Capt. Pellasgos, I have to admit, that my wording on that post was not polite. I apology for that. I would rather have asked you to express yourself and your probably valid points in a more polite way so they would get noticed in a way they deserved.
  7. Indeed, you did. Like we were asking you not to take Fort Oranje. You agreed to our request, we didn't. At least we didn't so far. You were claiming that the Flag for Fort Oranje were already on its way when we requested that favor. The Dutch Nation High Council will have it's regular meeting tomorrow 1900 CEST and we will for sure discuss this topic and vote for a decision. Unfortunately there are always some over motivated players in our country that can't wait and probably won't even follow the Councils decisions. I believe you know what I mean because you - or the French - lets say your
  8. Mijnheer, I believe you're mixing up different threads... Who is crying about your allies? It's up to you to choose yours and up to us to choose ours.
  9. Who is whining about 3 vs. 1? I'm looking forward to the new PB System and I hope this will end the fake attack to take ports without fighting bs. And sure, I really understand that you Frenchies need good allies that do the hard work. We prefer to do the hard work by our own.
  10. Capt. Pellasgos, first of all, unlike you I watch my mouth. Second, the Dutch Nation High Council decided to send their diplomats to the Spanish just to see if something could be achieved for the Dutch player base with the upcoming port wipe in mind. Third, neither I nor my fellow Diplomat bowed to the enemy. You were not there so I consider everything you wrote came out of your crude fantasy. And last but not least: I'm grateful for the fact that is is not up to you to get anyone of the representatives of the Dutch Nation High Council or Diplomatic Corps to step down from his role.
  11. When we came on your TS the Flag was not planted and you assured us to stop it. Anyway, I considered this as an offer from your side and you decided not to fulfill it and you have had the right to do so. Yes, at this point in time we had 8-9 ports. But these are finally ports we will loose with the port wipe - so no place you want to store your stuff. Yo may probably not understand the issue and the importance of Fort Oranje and Fort Zoutman in conjunction with the port wipe because Spain will not face that problem, so let me explain: Together with Willemstad which is our capital, Fort
  12. Well, I won't call that actually an agreement. I have considered as an offer from their side. They offered it to us as a gesture of good will for the time coming after the port wipe when we become neighbors. And they decided to retract that offer for whatever reason.
  13. Brits and Dutch stopped that campaign when Spain had 15-16 ports left IIRC. They were not attacked on the North side of Cuba - still enough to maintain a player base, get people together, trade and build new ships and come back into the game. So Spain was not reduced to two ports while facing a port wipe where you own only one port that will ye yours after the wipe. I still believe these are two completely different situations.
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