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  1. Just as a neutral statement which is not reflecting my wishes: Such a feature would destroy the fun for the combat initiating player, the player which is hunting ship X. But on the other hand, not having such a mechanic has the opposite effect for the attacked player, hence this suggestion came up. So... whose enjoyment of the game is more important? The guy who wants to fight and could do it among other like minded players? Or the guy who enjoys the trading game and does usually not take part in PvP fleet operations and just plays on the PvP servers because of his friends, the option to participate in PvP battles every now and then and overall considers the pure PvE servers as dull and cannot understand why the PvP server had these black&white mechanics? Just asking...
  2. As much as I would to see your prediction to turn out to be true, I personally see a different causal chain: Full cargo holds = Properly rewarding trader hunting rather than wasting their time chasing empty ships = More trader hunters = more of the so-elite-pvp-only-and-trading-is-for-carebears-and-a-PvE crowds will laugh about the needed traders for not playing the game right = traders leave the game in even bigger numbers = ingame economies collapse more = even harder to play the meta = even less players = no more PvP for anyone
  3. Thanks for the reply. But unfortunately not so much my lucky day. #1 The devs for sure gave them their own price #2 I had several ships 'parked' in expired sales which I didn't intend to sell at all -> Bad luck then
  4. I had several ships in various harbours on sale prior to the patch. After the patch all ships I had on sale are gone. Anything I missed? I guess this has already been answered, but can't find anything using the search function and I really tried.
  5. Although I am not Otto -> here we go: MADCannon's Port Ownership Map Find a list of the most common map tools: http://navalaction.wikia.com/wiki/Maps_and_Navigation_Tools o7 Sir
  6. Dangit, only 1000 letters count for comments, had to cut all my insults. ... maybe this was for the better.^^
  7. Ragor <- successful Trader & Crafter on PvP1, focus on supporting new players o7
  8. Aha.Since I have no clue what ports you are referring to and since I guess that you are fully aware, that the prices are different in each faction and in each port, I am looking forward that you will validate your statement with an actual chart of all major ports and the according price pattern. Thanks in advance for your incoming objective source.
  9. ... and other folks start threads about "I am rank 10, XP are useless for me, I want a function to convert XP into gold" and get cheered for it by many user. Is it so hard to think further than "me me me"?! To see the global consequences for what people are asking for? For the majority of gamers I guess it is an impossible task to think 10s ahead. At least folks like the OP gave me back some faith in the overall appreciation of reality. Edit:
  10. Honest apology if I totally misunderstood you, wasn't an intentional troll reply. I just brought your post into context to the ES offers regarding ending the hostilities on certain conditions 2 or 3 weeks ago. Which he been offered to P and he denied all the offers and spit to 'your' face in the same of the NL faction without talking with anyone about it before he replied. (He proudly read out loud his reply in TS, 7up laughed with him and the rest was... "*facepalm* - I need to go to bed"...) Maybe I interpreted to much into your post, still, my question stand: Why the actual f*** is anyone doing diplomatics with one NL dude who has a fleet under his command for... reasons... and this guy is not even part of the council and not even acknoledges its existence. How can his word be taken as the opinion of the NL faction?!?
  11. It depends on how it would be done. #1 Leave selection as is plus submenus (compare repairing options as is atm): Everything remains the same if you don't micro that stuff. If you wanna mirco, just the select ammo (num keys) after you selected the deck (as is, F1-4) #2 Select the possible combinations while in port after selecting your loadout: Just cycle through your defined settings, done. #3 Rework of all crew management stuff and using a com-rose menu for all of it: One step more to do (aka player action required) but the possible options for the captain and the freedom for the dev team to add future features would be quite unlimited. For existing players it would be some new mechanic to reacquire, but for new players it should make the whole crew, gun & repair management easier to access since it is one logic for all of them, sharing the same menu flow and logic. At the end of the day: Yes, I agree with you, more player input as is atm (1 step more in total), but I guess it would be not really a drawback and overall benefits in immersion, player control and tactical choices should be worth it.
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