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  1. Eldberg

    Boarding possible but also not?

    When I played, you could utilise this if you nose punt someone while spamming "G". Not sure if it can be done anymore, but is great for rage boarding quickly.
  2. Eldberg

    Why did players leave?

    I've been around since Sea Trials, with almost 3,000 hours in the game. The below is simply a summary that scratches the surface of the problems faced by Naval Action. I absolutely loved the game, and met some incredible people that I will continue to be friends with, and thank the development team for providing a platform to allow that. 1. The game focuses on community created content (wars, skirmishes, grudges etc), which is not entirely bad (see next point)... However after a while, with the limited community, the fights more often than not become stagnant and toxic. The content becomes a chore, which is too close a parallel to reality for most... After all, games are a temporary escape from the harshness of reality. 2. There is a lack of "PVE" missions / side missions. Additional missions need creating, and I'm not talking about the simple "go to X, kill stuff" or "go to X and get Y, deliver to Z". They need to be more complex, dynamic, with a (limited) story line that can progress. While this will not occupy all the vacant content space, it will contribute to giving casual players, which would seriously bulk the player population, a viable game to play not entirely focused on grinding and port battles. 3. Economy is for the most part player driven, however is not a true global market. Trade is restricted to ports, personal messages, or the forums. Link the port markets, essentially a port wide auction house, implement trade agreements for cross faction (country) trading, and add delivery times for cargo (possible players can pay more for quicker delivery, cargo split between several faster ships etc). 4. Game UI, which we have been told in the past is the last thing on the list of "things to do" is incredibly basic. It is the first thing a player sees when they start the game, and for many it is a big turn off. A dock view with your selected ship bobbing up and down, perhaps cranes loading goods / cannons etc would be simple to implement and great for visuals. Reorganise the UI and improve its aesthetic qualities, it doesn't have to be the iteration of the UI, but the visuals drastically need to be improved to encourage new players to continue playing. 5. The big sweeping back and forth changes to find the "goldielocks" balance is an atrocious development method and logically does not make sense, especially with such an asymmetric quality. With every broad sweep of the scales, players left, many never to return. In the past we have seen changes going from A, to Z, to B, to Y, to C, to X and so on... While I am somewhat out the loop I've been informed this is still the same as it ever was. It is an excruciatingly slow way to determine balance, even the triple taping method games of old used to use to establish a happy medium would be a better alternative. 6. This unfortunately moves me on to the last point, the public face of the development team. All too frequently players have been insulted and even punished for criticising the development team and its decisions, leaving a sour taste in many mouths. The exchanges can somewhat by understood, a small team of passionate devs have worked on this game for a long time and it is part of their lives, it is their child. The knee jerk reactions and harsh words defending the development team are akin to vehemently defend your child if it were under attack (but not necessarily justified). With that said, I think that perhaps it is not fully recognised that the decisions, methods, and communication between the development team and the players IS part of the game. I personally have watched at least a dozen of players, who have been members of the community from the beginning, walk away from the game purely down to the relationship between the players and the development team. Regrettably, this does not appear to be isolated, and is far too evident in a sizeable quantity of the steam reviews; which in summary commend the game for its potential, however criticise the relationship between the development team and the players. Overall: A wonderful game with great potential once you get past the antique UI and purely player driven content. However, as time grows so does the commitment, what was once fun becomes a chore and the attachment to the game becomes all to similar to reality.
  3. Eldberg

    News Flash! Denmark Pearl Harbors France

    I believe YOHOHO is the leader of CCCP? This battle for the most part was 1vs1, myself and YOHOHO. It was only after 20-25 mins of running that the two ships in our fleet caught up by which point I was poised for boarding and turning him in to the wind.
  4. Eldberg

    Used guns. Give poor/new players an option...

    In theory a great idea, another option would be readjust the price of cannons to make the lower tier cannons that would be used be newbs cheaper, with an exponential rise in price for the higher tiers. There is a little bit of that at the moment, but it could be improved.
  5. Eldberg

    Maybe is it time to...

    That was an entirely different situation, you should know that of all people. Time after time the US offered Spain peace, time after time it was rejected. We drew borders, offered ports, offered amnesty and promise of a wide berth around their capital etc. Ultimately it was rejected because Spain did not see it right for the US to hold the East and and West coast of Florida, one of the few places the US could expand in to. If I remember correctly, Spain wanted the entire Gulf, West of Florida, South of Florida, as well as Cuba. There was simply no negotiating with them. We fought them in the day, the afternoon, and the night. They never defended with any force, even their ports surrounding their capital, they just tried to take them back them back while US players were asleep or at work.
  6. Eldberg

    Hot fix - battle entry times

    And you didn't think that it would be wise to include this information in your announcement? Either you are back peddling another half baked idea due to the responses from the community, or you yet again have failed to provide clear and concise information. Whether it be the first or the latter, it only illustrates a big problem that has dissuaded so many from continuing to play this game.
  7. Eldberg

    Remove alliances - community view

    Removing alliances IS NOT a community view. It is a view of those who cannot understand that Naval Action is a worldwide game with players from every timezone and nation. This is a response to the constant whining and bitching from players who are looking for excuses for their losses, and as such, should be deemed as nothing but complete and nonsense.
  8. Eldberg

    Ship wipe - coming soon!

    Overall some pretty interesting changes. Some good, some not so good, but I do see one problem. Ships, Gold, Resources and Ship Modules all go hand in hand. My meaning is that they are all economy based and are all intertwined with each other, you cannot change one without effecting the others. If you are removing mods and changing ship durability, a full wipe (of everything but xp) will be required to provide a stable baseline for testing. Only wiping one aspect, or multiple but not all, will have a knock on effect, for example. Player A purchased Mod X for 10,000,000 from Player B. Mods get removed, Player A loses mod, but Player B retains gold from sale. Player A ultimately looses out, Player B remains unchanged. Unless you do what you did with the removal of Fine Woods, where shops buy gold mods for large amounts of gold, then this problem will remain. However, by doing this (like with the fine woods), you will have many players instantly wealthy overnight... Which in turn will unbalance the economy again. TLDR: Wipe everything but XP to prevent economic instability.
  9. Eldberg

    Cheating in Game???

    At least half the Danish nation then...
  10. Ink, By doing this you would actively divide the player base from each other, pulling apart multi nation clans and alliances that are over 2 and a half years old! This is not a fix, even a temporary one, and I am pleading with you, do not do this. In all likelihood the fallout from taking such action like this will drive hoards of players to leave the game, as well as leave negative steam reviews. It has potential to destroy the game you guys have worked so hard to produce. I implore you, seek and work on alternative options... Sincerly, An (almost) 4 year veteran of your game
  11. Easiest way to combat that is to introduce an exponential crew maintenance cost. Captains usually did not pay their crew, but the government/military did. Due to this being a game it would be incredibly difficult to have a central pot that everyone draws from for crew costs, so instead the cost goes to the captain. Essentially, the bigger the ship, the more more you pay per in game day to sail it. Add maintenance cost for the ships as well as a degradation on ships that are anchored that again is exponential on the ships size. This way, players will simply not be able to afford to have 5-6 1st rates in dock while sailing a 7th. They will become a rarity, something you only pull out for the defence of the most valuable ports.
  12. "Just a game" is a term that has now aged beyond suitable terms of its use. Games used to be a novelty, something done to pass the time for a quick shot of enjoyment and not too be taken seriously, however now it is a multi billion dollar/pound/euro industry with billions of players worldwide. Ultimately they provide an escape, a second life, a chance to be something you're not. Online games take it a step further, people from all around the world playing together, forming friendships in virtual realities that go beyond the realms of "just a game". All of a sudden those virtual realities become second realities, real people with real feelings and thoughts, but sadly there are individuals who see the distance and anonymity in the online aspect of games as a free pass to act without consequence.
  13. Eldberg

    3 Stage Port Conquest

    Either way, let us put our collective minds together and try and come up with a viable scheme that seeks to improve PVP, increase the value of port battles, and overall balance out the current system. Tear it apart, offer your own ideas, let's see where it gets us.
  14. Eldberg

    3 Stage Port Conquest

    A 3 stage port conquest system that aides to improve PVP, increase the value of port battles, and overall balance out the current system. It is a work in progress, any feedback would be wonderful. I will be editing the post as necessary to include improvements and alternatives. Raiding: Started by planting a flag (with a 24 hour cooldown after every attempt) at the enemy port to designate the target, this like the old system will be announced globally, offering the enemy a chance to respond and block the flag. To progress on to the next stage (blockading), a port must be raided 3 times within a 7 day period that begins once the first raid has been completed. Note: As the developers have not made clear the combat system or the rewards for raiding, I will leave this particular stage open. Blockading: Once a port has been successfully raided 3 times within a 7 day period, a 48 hour blockading stage commences once the 3rd raid has been successfully completed. Once this stage has started, an area around the port is marked where allied captains must combat enemy ships to build up points represented by a blockade percentage (essentially similar to the current hostility system). During the blockade stage AI ships belonging to the attacking nation (and their allies) will spawn in the area, giving the chance for the defenders to reduce the blockading percentage if no enemy players are present. The difference at this stage is that a minimum blockade percentage must be reached within the 48 hour period to proceed to the next stage. Starving the port will diminish its defences ability to fire at attacking forces during the port battle. The more successful your blockade, the less supplies such as black powder and cannonballs the defences have. Securing the minimum blockade percentage should be relatively difficult, almost guaranteeing a port battle, however achieving 100% blockading percentage should be VERY difficult. On average you should be able to attain around 75-80%. The Port Battle: Influence by how effective the blockade has been, fortifications will have limited fire (and potentially range). Other than that, the port battle will continue as the current system stands.