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  1. Unless you meant F2P release, it won't give you back big stable playerbase. Na did bleed out those players for a reasons, that werent fixed, or even were made worse. Downtime after death was made longer and battles are still instanced and action in na is still ganking.
  2. So considering diamond eating servers are expensive can we expect 3rd rate dlc for 60$ and 1st rates for 100$? Got to cash it out on whales that are left ...
  3. Cash, Rules, Everything, Around, Me
  4. In western world politicians do stay in the light but they are more of a proxies. Real work is done by civic servants who are not connected with any politican and they do not change with goverments. They are true specialists and they stay in the shadows. Not to mention lobbying system of USA that makes big capital the real deciders in politics.
  5. Isnt there 3rd reason to write a review? To make sure creator of product sold understand it's flaws and try to repair them? Negative reviewer might not hate either product or it's creator, he just might want changes in it.
  6. Free speech is public right not a private one. When on your own private land you can be as non pc as you want. It isnt about free speech though, It is about costumer relations , this is where devs got problem. No one can change their behaviour but them. The ones who will be losing finansicly on it is them though. And i doubt if fighting negative reviews will help you, internet is waaaay to big to censorship it.
  7. That family sounds a lot like a cult, If you are proffesional you take in all feedback. It is literally your job. You should not try to act as in siege mentality as if there is "right" and "wrong" side ..
  8. Every costumer has a right ot his own review. You might not agree with it, but if you are sure of your own product quality you do not silance it. You combat it with facts and stay positive, Locking out those oppinions actually gives them credibility. Unless you actually agree with some of his points and cant argue against them.
  9. How can you give correct testers feedback without math in patch and basic testers tools? We used to have damage dealt reports, we dont have them anymore. We used to have controllable enviorament of lobbies, we dont have it anymore. How can you test and give factual feedback? Other than saying that you like/dislike current changes. Bcs that is what you get here, not actuall feedback that could help anyone.
  10. The thing is devs are not working fueled by their enthusiasm. THey are working being fueled by $$$ from sales. Just po point out facts NA sold on steam 100-200 thousands copies , so just do the math. Considering it;s a small indie studio with few devs it isnt that bad of a profit. Good enough to start acting as professionals. I kind of get ppl defending devs as if they were snowflakes who cant get any bad input or they will jsut go away and we cant have that to our beloved project Sweet talking other side in professional relationship wont end well.. THE TRUTH IS IT IS DEVS WHO SHOULD TRY TO GET COSTUMERS APPRECIATION NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.
  11. They should not. Not in current state of DLC ships as not craftable gifts. If you had to craft them, than sure no problem. But the fact you could just throw them daily, waiting for defences to use up their ships makes them broken as hello kitty.
  12. I request ability to fight multi day engagements. Why should resets limit us? So pls add full 48 hours timers. If cops can hold you for that long without charges , why NA shouldnt be able either?
  13. why not get 2 minute timers for all combat in ow, or maybe even instant battles without reinforcements in case of lower br atacker.
  14. Do you remember times of free 3rd rates sailing in ow just waiting to be capped? And how good pvp with OTHER ships was bcs there was that free alternative, so you could do more risky fights freely? Yeah i do. It was taken from all players, now only avaiable to players that pay extra. NOT FAIR AT ALL.
  15. Considering NA isnt f2p and it is devs that are responsible for the fact crafting and trading are repulsive i dont think that is so much better. Monetization on games flaws, that could be fixed if they only wanted to.
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