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  1. After 10,000 (yea TEN Thousand) play hours I left because the new mechanics are meh - I miss the Stormy seas of Sea Trials. I'll keep checking in from time to time to see if a Sea Trials "like" joy can perhaps be scratched out from the load of port battle hogwash. toodles...
  2. My first 1v1 with Prater - he shucked me like a sea otter opening an Abalone - I was hooked .... This was the first of many thrills. ---- Sadly, nearly all my magic moments were in Sea Trials.
  3. The reason people stopped playing is simple - the game became non fun - perhaps even NON GAME. You have to work your ass off to get any gains and you can lose them in an instant. NA became way too much of a second job for me - so I just reverted to my first job more (EVE). After all I only have so many hours a day to devote to "games"
  4. @admin Please get the switch to Unity 5 done first. I would also suggest waiting till after you open Legends.
  5. I envisioned another world for this game. Please excuse me for trying to express the world I had hoped THIS GAME would model. I'll call it NAaW - Naval Action alternate World. A: From the pace of battles in Sea Trials - I "caught" the bug of wanting a world with fast paced, one after another, NEARLY EVEN battles available on demand. B: After my first week in open world I pined for something to explore to make that sim more realistic, the birds and scenery upgrades helped, but ..... ------ Here is the TLDR: I think the relationship between Battles and OW is back asswards. I think we have gone down the rabbit hole of trying to make the OW "work" by gluing various forms of failed "battle instances" onto it - a wrong approach from the start IMO...... Look at EVE Online: All Battle Instances - All The Time. Each System is it's own "battle instance". NAaW Would have started with each "county" on the map being it's own Battle Instance with entry/exit gates between each of the 100 or so odd "counties" in NAaW. Each county could then have it's own "matchmaker" lobby similar to Sea Trials - if it's a Brit County you as a Spanish could hang in the lobby and just fight brits all day long - cool? Of course Sovereignty and battles for change of Sov would be another thing to figure out, but I think with the entire county being an instance all the time it could easily be worked out. ------ Aw well, the path not taken ......
  6. Most important to me for repair/rethink is the way battles are instantiated - meaning the way you move from OW to a battle instance and back = totally FUBAR'ed ATM. Are you kidding me with this? Gank-otopia is all it is = I've gone back to EVE - it's not perfect, but it's certainly content rich and diverse. There if some SOB ganks you, you can at least call in a revenge fleet to chase them. If the game were fun at the Basic Cutter level, or even at the Rattlesnake level = I would play, it's just not. Oh wait - no Rattlesnakes ......
  7. If we were not starting with all of our XP and Craft XP from our previous grind - this would be a forever grind = many (most?) would see it as a "never" grind. As it is it is just an "almost forever" grind, totally unacceptable = I have gone on to other games, am not playing, can't face the horrible horrible grind. ----- Please call this failed experiment what it is and move on ....
  8. I was tagged into a screening battle in front of Soto La Marina yesterday - that's all fair. I then figured since I wouldn't make the port battle I should take it out on the US Surprise (I'm Brit) who was the only enemy left. I obliterated the poor Surprise and the game awarded me 24k gold and 314 XP and 6 combat marks after the battle. I proceeded to try in vain to enter the PB and after a few min. I just logged out. Today I logged back in and sailed to my home port - and noticed that I still had 0/2700 in the first experience slot. ----- I want my 314 XP restored to my aggy - you MUST get XP for actual PvP - if not that's a MAJOR oversight.
  9. Help older players enjoy the game? Absolutely a great idea - wait what were we talking about
  10. A great way to fix it - do away with "war supplies" entirely. If you can't be bothered to grind up (or down) the hostility in an area - you don't deserve the puissant.
  11. An escrow might help -- I'll give you 100k worth of materials while you give me 100k to hold - then you give me the converted materials and I'll give you your (agreed upon) pay plus the 100k back.
  12. My question is: Is it considered an exploit to use alts in such a way. My thought is that spy's were a part of life in1803.
  13. We got the hostility at Vera Cruz to 100% at about midnight Pacific Time last night (3 hours before server down time) --- I WAS THERE. But - of course - instead of "flipping" to set a port battle for the next night at 10 PM Pacific Time (as we had been told it would) the "game" decided to apparently glitch out and not flip .... So that after server down time when SKMARSH came on and noticed the hostility was at 91% .... ---- WTF? I mean WTF? You owe me a night's sleep because of course the Aussies came along and "flipped" it so it is set for 4:09 AM Pacific Time. ---- (Mutters to self: and they wonder why I'm cranky) Server 2 (Global)
  14. The PvP mark system is completely and utterly broken. It is nothing but a reward system for sniveling forum warrior cowards. They run in packs and "Farm" any smaller weaker ship they find, but will run like the chicken-tard chicken poo they are if confronted by an even force. And THESE are the "leet PvPers" you are rewarding? If you can't figure out the BR discrepancy/ganking issue - this game will never be right. (OK - begin chiding me that I should play PvE server - you chicken-tards who won't fight me mano a mano)
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