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  1. After 10,000 (yea TEN Thousand) play hours I left because the new mechanics are meh - I miss the Stormy seas of Sea Trials. I'll keep checking in from time to time to see if a Sea Trials "like" joy can perhaps be scratched out from the load of port battle hogwash. toodles...
  2. My first 1v1 with Prater - he shucked me like a sea otter opening an Abalone - I was hooked .... This was the first of many thrills. ---- Sadly, nearly all my magic moments were in Sea Trials.
  3. The reason people stopped playing is simple - the game became non fun - perhaps even NON GAME. You have to work your ass off to get any gains and you can lose them in an instant. NA became way too much of a second job for me - so I just reverted to my first job more (EVE). After all I only have so many hours a day to devote to "games"
  4. "Just because you're paranoid - doesn't mean they're aren't after you" - Joseph Heller

  5. Meh, this game is broken ... but it is still better than PoTBS I suppose (not a very high bar).

  6. Hope we can eliminate "pirates as a nation" soon - before the game is ruined.

  7. Wow, a lot of visitors today, I'm honored.

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