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  1. Using the word "guaranteed" in the statements about xp is the issue. It is not like saying "we hope" or "we intend" where circumstances might change. Guarantee has transactional meaning - short of a company going into liquidation or receivership it means we will honour our commitment. Well that's a first - my last post seems to have disappeared.
  2. It is dishonest - you did not say for "3 years" - it was clear to everyone it was protected post general release. My purchases have been significant and were done on the basis that the statements made by the developer were meaningful. So misrepresentation has occurred and money exchanged based on this - that is not a good place for any company to go and having run a few I know that reputation matters.
  3. On reflection - I am furious - the dishonesty is unbelievable. It was stated over and over that xp (rank and crafting) were protected.
  4. I started in Sea Trials and ever since the last xp reset we have been told we would not have too do it again for rank or crafting. I also bought DLC on this basis. Its more than annoying, its misrepresentation.
  5. Been on the test server a few times - liking the new damage model a lot - still not a fan of the boarding system although its no worse the the previous one.
  6. How do you get the rewards - I have killed more than 25 AI of which I boarded 7 or 8 them sank them in the x screen - no reward at maintenance though - bemused.
  7. Trading windows sometimes behave rather weirdly: on several occasions several slots become unusable whilst trading, reducing the number of separate items that can be traded and moving the items away from the slot you place it in. Not sure why this happens but it is definitely a little frustrating.
  8. Building Productivity Using Labour Contracts was not really the point I was making as I know I could buy Labour Contracts. But its now pointless; the productivity is so high you can make 25 or so per day without a labour contract - the point I was making was that the productivity should be rebalanced so you need much more cotton per sail or the amount of cotton produced per day is much reduced. Being able to make 4 to 6 per day without Labour Contracts would be more balanced.
  9. Building Productivity Prior to the wipe I used all 5 building slots to build level 3 Cotton Plantations and could make around 8 Cotton Sails per day through the use of labour contracts - farming and making cotton rolls used most of the hours. One level 3 plantation now generates around 25 Cotton Sails per day without resorting to labour contracts (now too expensive) and I can't farm more than a about 20% of the total stock to do this through lack of labour hours! Obviously you can no longer have 5 of the same plantations in the same port, so some gain per plantation might be expected but the current productivity is far too great. Clearly this needs changing as its a OTT.
  10. Anyone know what the new weekly events are about, light, frigate and line ship?
  11. Grunge has a point, it just feels like a lot at 10D to TP in rebuild buildings etc. I do know that transporting ships is now prohibitive - I can't afford to move a first rate at all - but could have moved 10 or so with the money I had.
  12. The missions themselves were fine once we understood everything scales if joining with others. Sometimes it was not clear what level missions are at thats just description/familiarity. I like the diversity offered overall but not the lack of similar options once taken. Every port offers the same missions , so you can’t choose ones similar to ones you have already done which is frustrating, especially as sailing around in open world sometimes feels empty, or repetitious - sank same Essex 5 times to rank - bit more variety would be good. Not sailed a Hermionie before which was nice
  13. Good that it did not take very long to get used to the new UI - overall thats a pretty good thing.
  14. Initial thoughts and reaction It is a lot prettier! The warehouse is a bit of a pain - I liked just moving stuff in without scrolling to a slot - same with upgrades, chests etc - also seeing all or most without scrolling was good. I tried selling stuff by dragging it to a slot several times - until I realised and clicked on the sell button - nice if placing an item over a shop item brought up the sale menu. Being able to right click on a item with option to send to warehouse or sell would be a good shortcut rather than opening the window to which you want to transfer would be good. There are a lot of windows - opening so they don't just pile up in the centre or at least tiled so titles can be seen would make management easier. A sort by type function would be good - logs, foods, repairs, cannons etc. lots of bugs - but I assume they don't matter much at this stage - ship parked in the walkways etc Difference between standard currency, the stuff you use in admiralty and other currency not very clear. crafting list showed enough resource - usually fir against each item but insufficient to craft as total shortfall not clear as the total available exceeded the number in each slot but not was less than all required,
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