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  1. Using the word "guaranteed" in the statements about xp is the issue. It is not like saying "we hope" or "we intend" where circumstances might change. Guarantee has transactional meaning - short of a company going into liquidation or receivership it means we will honour our commitment. Well that's a first - my last post seems to have disappeared.
  2. It is dishonest - you did not say for "3 years" - it was clear to everyone it was protected post general release. My purchases have been significant and were done on the basis that the statements made by the developer were meaningful. So misrepresentation has occurred and money exchanged based on this - that is not a good place for any company to go and having run a few I know that reputation matters.
  3. On reflection - I am furious - the dishonesty is unbelievable. It was stated over and over that xp (rank and crafting) were protected.
  4. I started in Sea Trials and ever since the last xp reset we have been told we would not have too do it again for rank or crafting. I also bought DLC on this basis. Its more than annoying, its misrepresentation.
  5. Done a few of the shallow ship patrol mission battles yesterday. I joined the side which was outnumbered on every occasion apart from one when the game would only let me join the larger group - not sure why. Generally, joiners nearly always join the side with the advantage in numbers and most of the fights resulted in being massively outnumbered. Given, the propensity for ganking the rewards should award damage on the basis of the BR difference. If you join and the balance of power is 2 to 1 you get 100% of value of the damage for ganking (shared between more people) and 200% for being ganke
  6. All the rewards of the game should be available in some form to all players. Some people just want to play solo and don't want to use ts (usually a clan requirement) and I think that is fine. You should be able to trade or craft your way to all the books, ships and modules, PVE, PVP or RVR for the same. No haves and have nots. The path maybe different but the gain should be the same.
  7. I think the safe zones are generally fine and it does not stop the constant farming at KPR. AI fleet tagging is a bit of a pain though. However, they could vary in size based on the prevailing visibility - out of sight = out of safe zone. Night and rain storms etc. After all if your signal for reinforcements can't be seen from the shore they can't help!
  8. I sailed into Little Cayman earlier and noticed a Russian frigate "Anatoly" with " recently killed" tag entering port having just killed a British player in combat news in the same area. Nick Gonchin killed a Russian player in same location shortly before. Now the recently killed tag has expired about an hour later, Anatoly killed another Brit in Cayman Brac according to combat news and Nick Gonchin killed another Russian in same area. Pretty clear what is going on I think.
  9. Just total frustrating crap - crafted 5 ships and nothing so far. Estimated odds 1 in 5 but who knows - just unlucky or is none in 5 normal? Just like crafting for blueprints over and over.
  10. The use of AI tagging within green zones is just an exploit as the AI does not call reinforcements but a player could. Solution is simple allow the player to call reinforcements if caught by a tag circle with AI in the green zone Also I think some indication that the nearby AI or another player has been tagged and that you are in the tag circle together with the timer would be nice, plus any battle within a green zone initiated by an offensive player should stay open for for the duration of the battle.
  11. I was one of the very first 50 level crafters after steam release. Very proud of the first Santi launched out of Little Issac Rocks!. The random number of permanent and changeable upgrade slots was bad enough, what we have now is worse again. No choice between speed or crew space then, but now all sorts of random upgrades and random extra upgrade slots. Plus we spend CMs for the privilege on 1st rates and woods we have to spend ages collecting up. Do we know the odds for these special rolls yet - 100 wasted ship builds to get one worth keeping again? Crafted one Vic and got nothing
  12. In reply to OP - I don't know. But, it should have a chance to go either way, with a probability bias to go the same way until the wind has moved between 90 and 135/180 degrees from the original direction at which point the probability bias should probably shift the other way. Time of day could impact the odds as well, with a higher chance of the wind to move towards a shoreward direction in the afternoon and the reverse in the early morning. In general, modest change or no smaller change should be more likely than extreme change and in general wind should be more likely to shift in the same
  13. Tagging does not work for players/OW AI or combat missions
  14. General leeway: Overall its pretty good. The sliding on ice effect is too extreme - when it happens it also feels like the ship has stalled very fast (like a plane would) so a small change would be good. Wind change - the odds should be mostly for small changes 5- 25 degree, lower odds for 15-40 degree change with a small chance of 45-90 degree plus and complete reversal rare. When wind does change the speed of change probably needs some thought - also odds based - mostly modest change speeds but occassionally violent. Graphics tweaks may help to make reduce the feel of lee
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