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  1. Hi, i dont think this is a tribunal case, no cheating was involved. But... If its the Devs goal to stimulate pvp, they have to adress this issue. we're still testing the game, the pb flag crafting reduced fun in the game by the way ppl (ab)used it, the new mechanic creates new ways. Some kind of rules have to be applied to force an attack fleet actually make it to the port and a screening fleet to intercept it. Gtzzzz Bubbles
  2. Hi, I would like to see ostracism introduced in the game, a secret island on a different server where players can be banned if their behaviour is embarrasing to the others sailing under the same flag. Grtzzz Bubbles
  3. Hi, Good leaders unify their people and divide their enemies, bad leaders divide their people and unify their enemies. I think every sane person should be able to understand that, only fools disagree. B4 the expectable shitstorm is unleashed on this statement, pls check included link. Grtzzz Bubbles
  4. Goodmorning, Wow mr Pee, you made an even bigger post, well done! Ofcourse the DAS clan is standing in awe and are very jealous of your gracious personality. Before i leave you in your own universe, we in DAS were wondering what substance you used to inflate your ego. Air or nitrogen? I personally think it is nitrogen, cus your kinda toxic. All the best! Grtzzz Bubbles
  5. If his tactics would be as rich, subtle and spot-on as your sarcasm, we would have ruled pvp1 two months ago... Fortunately for the game that's not the case... Grtzzz Bubbles
  6. Hi, i would like to thank both our allies and our opponents with providing us with so many great battles. I've sailed with both Brits and US, it has been a lot of fun and in this war never a long sailingtrip A little banter is fun and aways welcome, but I distance myself from this topic. Grtzzz Bubbles
  7. Thanks for the advise! we will pretend to be French next time XD Grtzzz Bubbles
  8. Like always, the French hold the flag in the wrong position BTW, change your training lads, this wont bring victory: http://cheezburger.com/8017355264 Grtzzz Bubbles
  9. If nibbling on the edges of our glorious nation is a defeat in your eyes, i suggest a new pair of glasses... Our core hasnt been touched by any of our enemies, nor has it affected our spirits. Just hang around for another week and we will teach you how a defeat looks like. Sink you later! Grtzzz Bubbles
  10. Hi, wow, this escalated quickly... :-) Allthough i see the benefits for new.players in creating a safe zone and all that stuff, there are other solutions aswell. Ppl can login on pve, clans can train newbies there. PVP1 is the premier league of NA, no place for gamers who cry over some lost pixel ship or port. I finish a few remarks and questions about all the off topic gloating in this thread. Current defense timer system makes war more boring than peace, crafting a flag to keep ppl in port wears all good gaming fun down. I sincerely hope that the next patch will fix that. As Tac said
  11. Hi Captains, just overheard some captains discussing politics over a few glasses of rum. The Swedes and Dutch seemed to have signed a defensive pact, they will support either one if they get attacked. Also the French and Dutch agreed upon giving a silver port to the Swedes, cus they didnt have one yet. As a sign of trust the dutch were planning to give st Georges back to the French, but they decided to let the Swedes have it. Therefore the Swedes took St Georges, it seems that there is no war between Swedes and Dutch, contrary to all rumours... Grtzzz Bubbles
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