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  1. the timer was bad for ghan clan and of we drop the Port we cant decide the timer + we were doping the hostility missions but TOD flipped it already So Dutch actuality attacked prussia
  2. Idk bit where do you see That prussians are mad? come with better argument than that
  3. Problem solved. I just checked the integrity
  4. Hi guys, I just saw this old topic of mine. I havn't played for a year. Regards D4mi4nNL
  5. D4mi4nNL

    Wrong version

    Good Evening, I can't log into Naval Action on my laptop since this morning. It happend after Steam updated Naval Action. what wierd is cuz it didn't show up on my pc. Kind regards D4mi4nNL
  6. as a friend of dutch destroyer he said doe dan cuz nijmegen has said if you dont stop shooting the brits than i will shoot you Edit: i agree that nijmegen need to get punished for that
  7. nice vid mate i miss the sailing with you... news from pvp 1 eu are swede is bigger than before. Sweden and France are in war. more idk off Regards D4mi4nNL
  8. pls add repair kits back it's diffecult to get money now
  9. Hi guys RVPN Royal Dutch Navy is recruiting people for EU PVP 1 Dutch nation we will de pvp, pve portbattles, screening, raiding, crafting, trading, and much more First language is English second language is Dutch TS: will you recieve when you want a invite Regards D4mi4nNL Leader of RVPN
  10. pls remove global chat i hate pagan pete his tales []P
  11. for what server EU or Global? if EU can we than also use it for council meeting and diplomat talk with other nations?
  12. IGN: D4mi4n or D4mi4nNL Clan: RVPN or other name Server: EU
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