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  1. this is some very interesting stuff and i am excited for the next parts
  2. there is a topic for this http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/5269-please-post-your-major-annoyances/go to this and you will get feed back Qucker
  3. just before it was released again we where told that this is going to be the last reset for a long long time. this gives it a realistic look and more like it would have bean. this would be realy hard for the deves to import and Ausy is not a nation at this point in time. and NZ would be the powerhouse if so sorry Ausy scum
  4. so you must be new to the game. it will punish people for playing one nation and not for others witch is stupid and will not work. yes this game is a simulator but not to that point, if you had being playing since the sea trials you would know that this will not work
  5. there is no planed map reset and i don't think that there will be one. if they do a map reset they will also have to do a account one which will mean people will lose there ships, gold and ex/leave. this is not so bad for all of us older players who have beaning playing since sea trials or OW but if you are new to the game and you get reset when you just get the rank to get a new ship you will be a bit pissed. we will see in time but it is looking unlikely at this point in time.
  6. the Surprise is a good ship but it is no Renommée. are you running cannonades ?? if not you are playing the Surprise wrong and should change to them.
  7. there is no map with gps because they did not have gps in the age of sail. they are making it more relstick.
  8. yes i am in the same boat. the supprise and rem and i have to kill firgits to get the kils so we have to play in frops and go after lonly frigits
  9. so now that there is a new update we have to sail ships and get kills in them to leave up. this is a problem because we have the rank to sail bigger ships then what they want us to sail. last pach i was flag captain and able to fully sail my connie now i am Kapitein and only have 64 % of the crue that i had before. why did you do this to us. i now need to get 15 kils in a Renommee and 15 in the Surprise so now i need to go out and find them boath or get them crafted. i dont have the gold to get them. this makes i nearly imposabal for me to leavle up.why did you do this and can you fix
  10. you took our ranks away that is not cool. i would be fine if we just needed to get more xp and get kills in ships. i was almost able to fully crue my connie but now i have to go up 2 more ranks so it is un usable. this means that i have to back track wich pisses me of
  11. nicely done man. hope we get more out on the seas soon
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