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  1. J'ai hâte de te lire, Surcouf. Il paraît qu'à partir de ces expéditions, les gabares ont été préférées aux navires de guerre pour les voyages d'expédition. Si c'est vrai, c'est peut-être un point à développer dans ton résumé : avantages des gabares, autres expéditions ayant utilisées des gabares... Juste une suggestion Courage.
  2. I really like the idea of : - a naval officer who don't pick his ship, don't pay for repairs and have to follow orders, - a privateer/pirates who choose his ship, pay for everything and then do whatever he wants. It really gives two very different roles that are quite "historically accurate" (at least it gives a feeling of that). That's why I don't agree with those who would like to have a mix of the two roles or options to switch from one to another. We will have several character for different roles. That said, both careers, as presented in OP, seem to work on the same principle
  3. I like the overall idea. To me, the naval officer career should also give the opportunity for everybody to sail top rated ships. Sometimes and for a certain amount of time. Maybe a small part of those top rated ships shouldn't be assigned based on leaderboards but randomly given for a while (a week ?) by the Admiralty, without being committed to results. Then after this period, assignments in order to keep your top rated ship could begin.
  4. Ce soir, ARTE, 22h15 : reportage sur le chantier archéologique de l'épave de la Lune, navire échoué en 1664 (avec rediff les jours prochains) : http://www.arte.tv/guide/fr/046384-000/operation-lune
  5. News toute fraîche : L'Admin a parlé d'un vote prochain (pas de date) par la communauté pour choisir des navires. Mais, ni anglais, ni US. Donc il reste une chance pour la France. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/3002-ingermanland-1715-russian-64-gun/?p=128353 Par contre, les autres pays (Suède, Hollande, Danemark, Espagne...) sont sur les rangs...
  6. L'épave d'un navire danois du XVe siècle vient d'être retrouvé en Mer Baltique. La magnifique figure de proue : http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x31e1vu_un-navire-danois-vieux-du-xve-siecle-retrouve-dans-les-eaux-suedoises_news
  7. Well, It's just a matter of taste... I do prefer XVII-mid XVIIIth century ships, especially because of their decoration and sculptures.
  8. It may be dutch (or something) instead of french. See the flag, the ship name and the written langage... Not french at all. What makes you think it is ?
  9. La réponse est là : http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/5403-ship-crew-sizes-ow-ranks/?hl=ranks
  10. May be a bug : I was sailing north in the middle of nowhere with a lynx (heading to the Martinique : X : 820332.3 Y : -96450.9). Wind from west. Suddenly the ship stopped. Unable to sail N, NW or NE. I could only sail south... Just like I were in front of shallows. But no shallows reported, no light blue sea, no land in sight ; no high ping either.
  11. Les Indes Occidentales hors Amérique du Nord et îles du Pacifique pour l'instant, autrement dit les Caraïbes, autrement dit l'OW actuel...
  12. Question intéressante : à l'époque, il y avait combien de navires en même temps dans les Caraïbes ? sur la Manche... A la louche. NB : dans NA, faut ajouter aux 3000 joueurs les NPC pour peupler, si nécessaire, les mers...
  13. Nice try. Some little corrections though : - La Mouette folle : great ! - Le "Poissson" isn't a wordplay. It's incomprehensible for french-Speakers. It just sounds like "Poisson" (fish) but with an incorrect spelling (by a drunken man) . - La Sirène laide : correct but sounds quite odd to me. - Le fantôme de l'épave : great ! However, thx for your interest in french taverns. You'll always be welcome in them . PS : Example of an historical word play for a french inn : "Au Lion d'or" that sounds both like "The golden Lion" and "In bed, one (has to) sleep(s)".
  14. Slt les EDR, Il existe déjà un code de conduite en anglais sur le forum : http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/4431-naval-action-player-code-of-conduct-submitted-by-the-ausl/ Pourquoi les EDR ne l'ont pas signé ? Bon j'avoue : je ne l'ai pas lu en entier... Il est p'être bidon...
  15. Du nouveau côté navire : 1 ) Un nouveau navire... français pour NA bientôt !!! Le Bucentaure 80 canons de 1803 (Vive l'Empereur !) http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/5622-le-bucentaure-80-guns-1803-coming-soon-to-na/ On attend le commentaire d'un certain spécialiste... PS : sauf erreur, toujours pas de navire du XVIIe siècle ou du debut du XVIIIe dans NA ... PS 2 : ce navire en situation à Trafalgar : The Battle of Trafalgar by William Clarkson Stanfield 2) Une frigate de 32-36 canons : http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/987-work-in-progress/?p=107309
  16. One can find two monographs of french merchant / transportation ships in english with lots of plans at http://ancre.fr/en/13-monographies-en : Le Mercure, merchant ship (1730) http://ancre.fr/en/monographies-en/41-monographie-du-mercure-navire-marchand-1730.html Le Gros-Ventre, barge (1766) http://ancre.fr/en/monographies-en/51-monographie-du-gros-ventre-gabare-du-roi-1766.html
  17. I guess there's no need to post here trade ship plans that have already been mentioned and collected in the thread "List of ships and plans presented so far". Right ?
  18. Si tu veux creuser la question, peut-être des infos au lien : http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/3516-st-paul-of-66-guns-1784-russian-fleet/
  19. Moi qui n'y connait rien, je vais proposer trois solutions en commençant par la plus classe : - c'est un bateau russe et les Russes gréaient autrement à l'époque (c'est bien connu ), - les modeleurs de NA ne sont pas des marins et se satisfont d'approximations, - C'est un WIP, un work in progress, un "brouillon".
  20. While playing France, I'd like to have the choice between : - the tricolor flag (the french flag since 1790-1792, that is after the french Revolution, with blue, white and red stripes), the present one in NA, - and the white flag (that is the french royal flag before 1790), my favorite ! By the way, the modern use of the white flag as a surrender / peace flag only dates from the Hague Convention of 1899. About the white flag : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_flag NB : remember that time period is something like 1600-1830 and more likely 1690-1820.
  21. Problem solved thanks to you, Prater : I just closed a couple of programs that ran in the background and that solved my ping issue !!! (I didn't know the "trick") Now I just need to look into them to know which one hogs my net every 10 sec. Thanks a lot !!!
  22. I did the ping (with times = 2000) while NA wasn't running. I'm going to look for something that hogs my internet every 10 sec...
  23. I have another computer on the same network. It doesn't do the same thing : times is always about 50... However : thanks !!!
  24. Thanks for the answer. When I ping ggogle.com -t, most of my "times" are around 50 but every 10 lines, I have "times" = about 2000. Is it "timeouts" ? Does that mean I have an issue with my internet connection ?
  25. I think so. Saw that in my french-english dictionary. But I'm not bilingual. By the way, Wikipedia uses the same definition for grain and squall : "sudden, sharp increase in wind speed which is usually associated with active weather, such as rain showers, thunderstorms, or heavy snow."
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