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  1. Dure journée... Mais la Liberté, l'Egalité et la Fraternité résisteront.
  2. Thx for your support, guys. For me personally, family and friends are safe. But... Sad day...
  3. Sella22 écrit un article sur la Bataille navale de Navarin : http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/7641-battle-of-navarino/?p=144771 Celle-ci se déroula du 20 octobre 1827 entre Russes/Français/Anglais et l'Empire Ottoman : https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bataille_de_Navarin La dernière bataille de la marine 100% à voile selon Wikipédia : "La bataille de Navarin est considérée comme la dernière grande bataille navale de la marine à voile1[/size], avant l'avènement des navires à vapeur, des cuirassés et des obus2"[/size] Connaissez-vous les navires qui ont participé (cf. l'image) ?
  4. Drapeau des bataillons grecs de l'armée napoléonienne ayant participé à la Campagne d'Egypte : http://www.1789-1815.com/arfr3_ch_orient.htm
  5. However, she's correctly listed in my post : http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/7468-exploration-ships-1680-1820/?p=140756 I know, I know, that's a snotty advertising .
  6. La Muiron Venetian / French 44-gun frigate (1797) http://mnm.webmuseo.com/ws/musee-national-marine/app/collection/record/9030 Characteristics Measures (venetian piedi) : 135'6" x 35'6" x 19' (1 Venetian piede = 0,3 meter = 12 inches) Armament : 28 x 18 lbs + 12 x 6 lbs. Copper planking in november 1798. Her history Captured unfinished by the Army of Napoleon Bonaparte in the shipyard of Venice in 1797 and completed by Pierre-Alexandre Forfait. Named after Napoleon's aide-de-camp Jean-Baptiste Muiron who died saving Napoleon's life during the battle of Arcole on 15th Novemb
  7. Y a du boulot à spécialistes, là : http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/7621-historical-armaments-and-hull-weights-community-research-project/
  8. Unknown Venetian Small Xebec (Sambecchino) 50 guns and swivel guns (?), XVIIth century Plans by Antonio Nadale (?) http://www.internetculturale.it/jmms/iccuviewer/iccu.jsp?id=oai%3Awww.internetculturale.sbn.it%2FTeca%3A20%3ANT0000%3AIT-PD0158-SCAFF_II_A_34_70&mode=all&teca=MagTeca+-+ICCU Source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xebec
  9. Unknown Venetian 46-gun (?) Xebec (Sciabecco) Plans by Antonio Nadale (?) XVIIth century http://www.internetculturale.it/jmms/iccuviewer/iccu.jsp?id=oai%3Awww.internetculturale.sbn.it%2FTeca%3A20%3ANT0000%3AIT-PD0158-SCAFF_II_A_34_63&mode=all&teca=MagTeca+-+ICCU Source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xebec
  10. Speranza (?) (Hope) (or Speranza Modificata-Class San Vincenzo Ferrer) Venetian 40 to 56-gun 2-deck Fregata Grossa 1751 - 1773 http://www.internetculturale.it/jmms/iccuviewer/iccu.jsp?id=oai%3Awww.internetculturale.sbn.it%2FTeca%3A20%3ANT0000%3AIT-PD0158-SCAFF_II_A_34_72&mode=all&teca=MagTeca+-+ICCU General characteristics (1 Venetian piede = 0,3 meter = 12 inches) Length (piedi) : 128,45 Keel (piedi) : 110 Beam (piedi) : 33,36 Draft (piedi) : 16,68 Height keel to upper deck (piedi) : 28,25 Armament (1 Venetian lb = 488 grams) : Fregate Grossa version (40-gun) : 20 x
  11. I really don't want to quibble with you. However : - Saying "I don't care. Any shipname would do : Bucentaure – a famous name in naval history – or anything else" isn't trolling. It's just expressing an opinion : a valid one, mine, not yours... - Accepting the British won Trafalgar as a simple historic fact and having no nationalistic rancor in 2015 (!) (notably because UK have been our friend and an ally for a long time) isn't trolling : it is just an healthy point of view. - You're right : I don't know what "all" the french players on TS said last night. However, you'll never be the repr
  12. It would be great to be able to customize the name of the ship written at her rear... If so, please, don't forget the line : a. b. c. I don't care
  13. Let me take this opportunity to thank this person very much (on my own behalf...).
  14. I'm sure (well... I hope) that in this sentence, you don't generalize to all the french players with your "you" and "we". Because I'm french, I've never begged for more french ships (even though I like them), I said "Hurray" when Bucentaure was announced and now I say "I do want her". PS : Pierrick has never been entitled to speak for all of us, french players, and only expresses his own opinions and/or his clan's.
  15. Come on... Bucentaure in the game is just a piece of history (aged more than 200 years !), not a matter of "shame", "harassment", "trolling", "humiliation"... Just a reminder : France and the UK are friendly allied nations now and for more than... 100 years https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entente_Cordiale
  16. Or this one, because... because... she's lovely : No Name Dutch, ca. 1750, 22 guns
  17. What about a 24-gun (6 lb ?) like this one : because we could have several 24-guns in game from several nations (might be a interesting factor of choice), such as : Tranqvebar 24-gun danish corvet 1761, 20*6-pounders + 4*3-pounders based on the french light frigate La Panthère
  18. Ok ! make separate lists for each nations and then mix them all together in one big list .
  19. Great Work. I see you are a great lobbyist from the dutch cause (Me too, I'm all for dutch ships in NA as... from other nations too). You're also a great naval expert. However, I don't really get the idea of a specific line-up for a given faction. Is it in devs' vision ? Really not sure. Do you have information ? Right now, I'd rather have all of us thinking of how best filling gaps in the current only one line-up we have in game with ships from any nations. I like the idea of being able to sail ships from any nations. I wouldn't be a great fan of being restricted in one nation ships
  20. Like sincère Joli travail de recherche. Merci. Ceci clot nos recherches sur ce plan, "I suppose".
  21. Je connais cette photo. Elle est vraiment mal prise, hein ? A 80 000€ la maquette seulement (estimation avant enchères.... ), tu aurais pu la racheter et en faire don au musée.
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