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  1. In terms of cruiser submarines, there's the planned but unbuilt U-112 as well:
  2. There were quite a few designs from the 20's and 30's that were intended to achieve ~35kn (even comparatively reasonable ones) Still, I reckon short of nuclear power or the like 35-36kn should be about the cap for large vessels.
  3. I think it's safe to say that the main game systems will be finished or at least in the final polishing stages before development of air operations would be even in the planning stage from the developer end.
  4. I reckon such a change- as far as the manual firing goes at least- would be quite beneficial to fixed and submerged torpedo mounts. At the moment, those sorts of mounts fire even more rarely than the more typical deck mounts
  5. China, during the period covered by the game so far actually had a weaker navy than Chile, Argentina, and Brasil. I'd also be remiss to ignore the prevalence of the Dutch and various Scandinavian navies.
  6. I rather like the idea of different camo patterns effecting identification, especially the dazzle style you've mentioned a few posts up. Beyond that, I think perhaps the distinct fleet color schemes that are not camouflage (such as the tan and white of the "Great White Fleet" should if anything, provide only diplomatic or morale bonuses for the campaigns
  7. I'd personally rather like the addition of the Netherlands to the campaign, hopefully as a playable country. I reckon it would be an interesting challenge to play a smaller country with a larger empire, considering the split between the actual main Netherlands and the Dutch holdings in the Pacific and Caribbean. Beyond that, different scenarios/ start dates for the campaign would be rather interesting, as well as options to have prebuilt, historic ships or the option to customize the starting fleet.
  8. Another gun rebalance will certainly be interesting to test. Do you have an idea of when the update will go live?
  9. Amagi's hull would be rather similar, and would also support the possibility of using it as a part of a carrier should we get those in the game later.
  10. Below are some choice documents from the Hiraga Archive as the source can be difficult to navigate: British "Programme of New Construction For 1905-1906": http://gazo.dl.itc.u-tokyo.ac.jp/hiraga2/show/id/70370101#?c=0&m=0&s=0&cv=0&xywh=-337%2C0%2C3553%2C2046 12" 50 caliber barbette (noted as being related to Kawachi and Settsu Turrets): http://gazo.dl.itc.u-tokyo.ac.jp/hiraga2/show/id/40910301#?c=0&m=0&s=0&cv=0&xywh=325%2C738%2C2587%2C1137 Japanese Document on American Battlecruiser Designs: http://gazo.dl.itc.u-tokyo.ac.jp/hiraga2/show/id/21
  11. My take is that if we do get multiplayer in this game, it won't be for at least a year or two. The basis of the game is the singleplayer scenarios, campaign, and to a lesser extent the custom battles, and none of these are close to feature complete at this time (though the progress so far is impressive, to say the least). Once the basic game functions and balance are ironed out, then yes, I'd love to see a multiplayer feature of some sort, especially for the campaign gameplay.
  12. I reckon one thing to mention is (while I like the idea) that corvettes are rather different vessels than dedicated minesweepers. I'd rather like for both of those sorts of vessels to be represented, but their roles are indeed different.
  13. As I recall it, they slotted in entirely new turret assemblies, and reconfigured the surrounding barbettes. I agree entirely with most of your points here, was just answering a previous post by another user with the (as you've pointed out) few and rather rare examples that did occur.
  14. Doubling of caliber is a bit ridiculous in a realistic sense, however increase of caliber in exchange for reduced number of guns has been done as refits historically. The most obvious example is the refit of the Mogami class from 15 155mm guns in five triple turrets to 10 203mm guns in five twin turrets. Another would be the refitting of some American submarines to carry 102mm or 127mm deck guns instead of the previously common 75mm guns.
  15. I reckon the current system allows for more realistic construction of protected cruisers, stranger pre and inter war designs, and the like.
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