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  1. Only hull I would really love to see would be Guiseppe Garabaldi class armoured cruiser / 2nd rate battleship...used by Italy, Argentina, Spain, Japan (almost used by Chile, Russia and just about any navy looking for a armoured ship in the 1890`s) and probably the only class where the name ship of the class was laid down three times due to being sold off during construction....
  2. Nah, 2 inches is a lot closer to the 3 pounder / 47mm hotchkiss used as a anti torpedo boat gun. Would be good if you had a tech tree for mains and secondaries, so you can choose if your nation is going to go 12-14-16 inches on main armament or 12-13.5-15 inches..unless your French or Italian then it's just mad (12 inch then 13.4 inch then back to 13 inch then up to 15inch with an experimental 17.7 in main gun in the mix between the 13.4 and the 13....and that's just the French..
  3. So in campaign mode....will all playable fleets start with a preloaded fleet that's a analog of their real world fleet of 1890 ??? Or will you have a start game menu which allows you to build your own fleet from a starter budget and zero build time ?
  4. Dont think "Q" ship which relied on subterfuge, False flags and hidden weapons to ambush enemy raiders/submarine and were very much a post 1914 concept...think Armed Merchant Cruiser, which up to WW1 were part of all major fleets plans and were actively used as scouts in 1898 Spanish American war and the 1905 Russo Japanese war...often major shipping lines were subsidised by there national governments to make sure vessels were built with reinforced decks to accommodate guns and had sufficient coal capacity to operate independently (not just cross the Atlantic flat out)
  5. That makes perfect sense and would reflect real world criteria for warship production (American and Japanese fleets needed Pacific range, Great Britian Colonial range...almost everybody else only needed the range to attack or defend against the nearest neighbours)...and your quite right, academy is driving the creation of massive coastal battleships...
  6. To validate any of your designs, used to model with it using real life designs too see how close they were, it was pretty good on bb's and bc's... got a bit ropey with ca's and cl's and really struggled with dd's. It's just when I see people playing scenarios the first thing they do is reduce the range and up the deck armour...all well and good but not realistic in the slightest...
  7. Will the Ottoman Empire be available ? Or our South American friends Argentina, Brazil and Chile (Peru just so they dont feel left out and start something)...if China is playable then historically the above were all as strong as naval powers in the 1890-1930's.
  8. What will the status of ABC Nations be in the game (Argentina, Brazil and Chile)...they all bought dreadnought battleships (when launched the Brazilian ships were as powerful as any in the world)...and had a mini arms race pre-ww1, and if the wall street crash hadn't happened would probably have done so again in the 30's...a possible scenario in mission if not playable in campaign ?
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