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  1. You missed the point completely. Try again with common sense this time.
  2. Well, this game is not really a pure single player game. All of its main features are multiplayer compatible - Design, Deep Battle System and playing modes (Campaign, Custom Battles). Unlike story based games based on character development... Even better, i don't know any game that has WW2 Naval based Campaign Multiplayer with such features. This game has the potential to be unique in the regard of Campaign Multiplayer. Are you trying to claim that Multiplayer based communities are of low intelligence compared to singleplayer ones? If anything, low skill - bad play is more evident in Mult
  3. I think the only valid reason for not implementing Multiplayer, as it was said, is development effort / resources that could be put into something else. If MP was implemented, obviously no one would be forced to play it. But it can be argued that adding full Multiplayer, Custom Battles+Campaign, will mean that this game will target bigger audience - more people buying the game, meaning that Game Labs will have more resources to invest into this game, possibly putting the development forward, rather than if MP wasn't implemented all. Now balance isn't much of an issue, people still play pa
  4. I'm not trying to tell Devs what to do with this poll, but rather i want to see what the community thinks. What do you think about adding Multiplayer? For me personally, i would like multiplayer to be implemented because the option to play against someone else on the same terms is just too great compared to AI, especially with game like this, where you can apply your own naval doctrine and design your own ships.
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