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  1. How about making the AI penalties to reaction times to make it less artificially perfect? After all, superhuman reaction IS an artificial advantage, and therefore it could be considered cheating.
  2. New unique destroyer hulls and components for Britain, Germany and the United States for a historical period appropriate for the campaign.
  3. @Nick Thomadis So, how do we receive the keys, on our mail linked account? Can we please have a separate announcement for every delivered batch of keys, so we can check?
  4. Ah, yes. Another "next week" release. This time might actually become a legit "next year" release. Lol. No offense, Nick. Lol.
  5. Yeah. This is 2020. Multiple campaign saves is not a luxury, it's a damn basic requirement.
  6. Make the selection, when you have time (preferably sooner than later). That's literally the best course of action, because it gives most control to players.
  7. Another week of waiting in the dark. Exciting!
  8. I certainly hope so, but there's a team of only 4 people working on the game, so don't expect things that are not necessary, and generally don't expect too much.
  9. Without equipment to operate, i.e. destroyers, their engines, well-planned reinforced hulls, fire control systems and guns, the only thing those crews could do is row together towards shore. You may know history, but in failing to understand and accept the value of good ship design, you're not only risking embarrassing yourself on the internet (which is a legit concern for some nerds, apparently), but also missing out a crucial perspective, which in turn leads to claims based on ignorance, such as the one you've made before.
  10. This is simply not true. At all. It heavily depends on design. While something like a Clemson-class DD is no match for larger ships, something like a Fletcher or Somers DD can tear even a light cruiser apart, or even score a mission kill (rout) on much larger, better armed and armored heavy cruiser! That's exactly what happened during WW2, when a small flotilla of US DDs repelled (and heavily damaged) several much larger ships of IJN, in the Battle off Samar. Additionally, several DD engagements that occured in the Pacific during WW2 have proven that well-built DDs are fully capabl
  11. I wish UA:D had the stuff (hulls, components, weight balance) to make this possible:
  12. May not be possible to re-create in UA:D with USN cruiser hulls, super structures and other components we currently have.
  13. Call me deranged, but I am gonna try to re-create this, when I have time: https://warspot.net/115-paper-ships-heavy-cruiser-buffalo-project-ca-b If somebody wants to do the same, feel free to share your results in this thread.
  14. Still come to check forums every day for Alpha-9 updates. So far nothing.
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