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  1. I really need some new interwar and modern destroyer hulls and superstructures. Hopefully, next update would bring a lot of new DD components.
  2. Torpedoes definitely should be treated as a special case. All ships should never fire torpedoes if there are friendly ship in their fishes' path. There should be a separate condition in the game's code specifically for that.
  3. If they are such a small group, they shouldn't waste their efforts on implementing "balance" to a singleplayer game.
  4. I think that's a good idea. Many people buying this game don't know much if anything about naval stuff. This could be their introduction to it.
  5. Wow. Devs changed the name of my thread and added their own stuff. Cool! I suppose we might use this for educational purposes from now on, then.
  6. I just noticed this suprisingly short and understandable video explanation of the subject. Enjoy.
  7. The campaign is BOUND to be imbalanced, like it or not. Much like in HOI4, some nations will be much more challenging to play. This is how it should be, or else you run the risk of making the game unrealistic and restrictive. Wanna go big? Pick major naval powers. Wanna added challenge? Pick a nation with weaker tech, economy, fewer numbers, etc - and expect to fail. Victory should not be guaranteed - it must be earned, through ingenuity and advantages that the game naturally gives you, not through forced "equality" or "fairness".
  8. This is my winning design. Poor long range performance, but it can quickly close the distance and survive a brutal close range battle, if angled properly. Provided the enemy doesn't have extremely big guns... I wish more hulls and superstructure choices were available for this mission, though... ign.
  9. Do I need to say it again? My question was: was that limitation a technical in nature, or simply dictated by effectiveness of the device? Difference being: 1. Technical limitations required dead stop or dead slow in order to operate without damage. For example, subs must retract their masts when they dive, or when the mast is facing water pressure of over 5-10 knots - or it will become damaged. 2. Effectiveness is another matter completely. While there is no risk to the device above designated speed, it simply will not be useful at its role. First kind of limitation makes it useless for torpedo detection. Second limitation will restrict its use for contact detection and tracking, but will still allow to get a bearing on incoming torpedoes - which is what we were discussing. I hope now you understand.
  10. You can't see torpedoes in the water until they are "detected". The game hides them from player's view.
  11. Nah, I can't (ever) be asked to spend time on searching for sources. I just know some stuff about sonars 'n all - from my time in Cold Waters (game & community).
  12. There's a huge difference between ability to use, and usefulness of a device under certain conditions.
  13. Ship's size has NO impact on effectiveness of hypdrophones. However, the larger your ship, the more surface you will need to dedicate for hydro to use. That's a structural weakness. Unless you are ok with limited arcs of scanning - but then you'll have to adjust your heading to get a reading from a particular direction. Additionally, you can never get a reading from an area directly behind your ship. It's called baffles. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baffles_(submarine)
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