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  1. and i quote what we actually see in the game........... which is like i said mostly dreadnought focused content. sure there is attention for the other shiptypes as well. but they clearly take a secondary role compared to the dreadnoughts again look at the amount of hulls and the fact that alot of updates are hyped on things primarly used by Dreadnoughts. 4 gun turrets come to mind. we both don't know what will happen in the future. but what there is right now cleary shows the developers want the game to be focused around them. and the other ships taking a secondary role. anyway. adding
  2. Highly disagree. This game is definitly focused on the dreadnoughts. Seeing that the absolute majority of content in the game is focused on them, This is easely observed from the amount of hull models dedicated to them alone. Sure the game is not only about them. but they are the primary attraction to the game. Higly unlikely we will ever see carriers as this would require flight models to be modeled in as well. maybe as a campaign map only feature. Yes but they are a campaign map only function. not actual units you can control in battle. which is what i am advocating fo
  3. I don't even bother with screening or following commands or even putting ships in a battalion together. The AI is just so braindead that in every mission i play ships ether just make donuts or move very far away in a random direction not even trying to follow the command i gave them. To make every ship do what i wish i have to micromanage them all. which is not a problem in small battles. However in big battles with 20+ ships to command this does not work. The enemy AI suffers from the same issues. I don't even need the pop up which tells me where the enemy fleet is located. Just the so
  4. you can ram by using manual rudder control (the slider) which overides every movement order. atleast the last time i rammed it worked this way. ramming isn't really a viable tactic at the moment as how the damage is calculated is very strange.
  5. while the addition of carriers would be realistic from a historical standpoint, it would make no sense in a game revolving around dreadnoughts. it would be kind of strange to see Dreadnoughts getting outclassed in a game literally named after them. I would much rather see submarines added into the game. like carriers they would add another layer of strategy. especially where convoy raiding is concerned. but they would not challenge the dominance of the dreadnough ship type like carriers would. we already have transport ships so adding the main counter to transport ships AKA submarines makes
  6. I am not saying the designer should not be improved. what i am saying is that we should be conservative with our expectations on what will realisticly be improved by the developers. never did i state that the current designer is alright. i also think improvements are needed. the reason why i think that we should not expect much is the evidence from what they have added to the game in the past year of development. which is not much. so i think what they will improve about the designer will result in small improvements at best. not an entire overhaul which is needed if you want things lik
  7. And i read nothing but wishfull thinking from your side. What you are asking for is an enourmous amount of work to be put into the designer aspect that the Devs have not even put in to the ENTIRE game in the past 1,5 years of development. How you even could think that what you are asking for is rational is a mystery. But keep building to your own disappointment. who am i to deny you that? If you call the fact that what you are asking for requires a huge amount of effort from the limited resources the devs have an assumption . Then you know nothing about even the basics of gamedesign and th
  8. this shows why there is a desperate need for a crew mechanic in the game. this would have counted as a crew knockout. but right now the game treats ships as living beings that function entirely on their own instead of machines that need to be manned by a crew in order to function.
  9. i am sure they plan to add a crew mechanic to the game. why otherwise would the crew be part of the statistics of the ship in the designer? They will probably start out simple by letting the amount of crew that dies depend on where the ship is hit. for example a penetration in the middle of the ship will kill the most crew as this is where most of the crew stations are located. while penetrations in the bow or stern area will kill less crew as those are less populated on average. also how many crew members die is connected to the amount of damage a shell does. so for example a shell does 50
  10. While i like the ideas proposed by @1MajorKoenig in the OP. I have to say that it is way to ambitious to expect the devs to overhaul the game mechanics in such a way that is needed to make those ideas into reality. there are several reasons for this. and those are: -A severe lack of manpower working on the game which makes implementing a large overhaul extremely exhausting for the one full time programmer who needs to do it - With small manpower logically follows a small budget. Even if they did the overhaul that could mean other parts of the game like the campaign simply don't have any
  11. has there ever been any proof posted by the developers that they actually started work on the campaing? like in the form of Images from the Campaign Map The UI it will be using, or any other Campaign assets for that matter? or is it all just "we are working on it" kind of evidence? if they are anywhere close to finishing any form of the campaign we should have seen some teaser,s Image,s right?
  12. This seems alot like the Steam early access experience. bait people into buying your barely developed game with a nice concept.cash in. then keep teasing and Promising better content later down the Line (example:campaign) which keeps getting delayed. at the meantime release Low effort content to keep the illusion up that the game is actually making progress. The big difference is that this isn't even available on early access on steam. which makes me worried when it does get on steam and reaches an even bigger audience which they can cash into. we will see spaceship Yamato added earlier to
  13. That does not justify in anyway the abysmal amount of content they push out. people like you together with the people that say that they are just a 3 man developing team are enabling this behaviour from the developers. it gives them a sense that there is still sympathy for how they are treating this game and communicate with the community. alot of people would be less dissapointed if they atleast COMMUNICATED why it takes such a long time. but apparantly just writing a heads up on the status of the update is to much to ask. seeing the absolute lack of response from their side. I hope more p
  14. I agree with you. i still have a bit of hype left for the coming update. desperately hoping that it is going to be more than they have revealed so far. if its just gonna be what they said they would add a month ago. then i just take a 6 month brake and hope to find a properly fleshed out experience when i come back. and not a game stuck in development hell like it looks to be right now.
  15. The last update was over 2 months ago and still not a sliver of information when the new patch will drop. with the amount of time it is taking. i am beginning to think they will be adding alot more then just the quad turrets and the other stuff they said in the last patchnotes. like others have said i hope they suprise us with the campaign already if not then me and many others i think as well will be dissapointed. whats next? another over 2 month period of waiting just to release what amounts to the bare minimum of content? alot of people will just move on and forget about the game if th
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