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  1. Sounds are pretty important too. but seeing that this is something that can be very easely modded into the game. i am sure UA:D will be fine. even if the developers do not add more sounds themselves. Icefields are not that unrealistic as you may think. alot of battles where fought in the vicinity of icefields in the ice sea above scandinavia(example of this is the raid on convoy PQ17)by the Germans trying to intercept Convoys heading to the Soviet Union. there was no real big surface battle in a ice field however. but seeing that UA:D wants to potray Alt History with Historically accurate
  2. What is AW? if low graphics are part of the game and it has good Gameplay to compensate for that. i don't mind ether. however having good visuals is a huge part of immersion in my opinion.Take for example games like Battlefield,Red Dead Redemption. if you play those on low settings. it takes away alot from the experience. also for games that market themselves as realistic having realistic visuals seems to me as a crucial part of the theme.
  3. Besides low resolution do you run other graphic parameters on low aswell? If you do i envy you to still be able to play on the absolute minimum settings without cringing everytime the game starts. Seeing pixelation and rough edges in a game is a massive turn off. If i know it could be much better. If i ever have to put the resolution down in a game to get decent FPS. i know i have to upgrade. Luckily my GTX 1070TI has not reach that point yet. Only with some 1440p games with bad optimisation (Like RDR2) i have to switch back to 1920×1080 because of ridiculous vram requirements s
  4. What made the pagoda superstructure less good for targeting? Also doesn't the pagoda provide superior visibility then most other superstructures?
  5. Biggest mistake is quite a bold statement to make for a game that has made so many and still refuses to fix the ones that have been plaging the game for years.also i hope the seven people that play naval in warthunder are going to enjoy the dreadnoughts. Naval was death on arrival. Probably going to be low priority to add as it is more aesthetic then it has a practical use.
  6. Fully agree with everything in the OP. Building ship replicas is impossible because of the predetermined locations for equipment like front-back towers and barbettes. The reason why devs choose to do to it this way goes beyond me. Good point on different armor layouts as well. A nice idea to differentiate between armor layouts like turtle back and all or nothing would be that all or nothing safes weight,seeing that the concept was motivated by the displacement limit of naval treaty 1922 this is accurate. and is cheaper but only allows you to put alot of armor on belt,conning tower
  7. First of all HE shells do not Penetrate that is true. however penetration power relating to HE shells reflects the amount of armor the Energy from the explosion can travel through. again contact fuse detonates far too soon to let the projectile penetrate. this is why HE shells even explode on thin sheet metal and even wooden objects. the projectile never penetrates. the energy from the explosion however does. Secondly. to the piece of text i was replying to, you were certain it was bollocks, not 99%. and yes the game reflects HE shells Barely bouncing correctly. just like it reflects AP sh
  8. Because Pen difference is not the only thing that is different between those shells? AP uses a delayed fuse which require a certain amount of pressure so it explodes after penetrating armor. However when shot at an extreme angle it ricochets before the fuse is able to react and make the shell explode. HE however uses contact fuse which means it explodes as soon as it makes contact with a surface. So it instantly explodes even at angles where AP would bounce. There is very little pressure needed to make those shells go off. Only at an Extreme angle can HE bounce. Which
  9. Designer definitly needs improvement.its the main atraction for many interested in the game. More freedom is great. We definitly need Taller primary gun barbettes and hull width slider. I am also experiencing a weird bug with enemy tags like BB,CA etc not showing up properly on long range combat at 25KM+. They only show up at the edge of my screen when i change my view. So the game only renders the tags when viewed from a certain angle which is strange.
  10. The devs said they want to make a realistic game . However they do not want to go for for a simulator according to one of stealth's video's. I believe it was the QA one.if you are lookiling at this game through the lens of a smulator game then you are setting yourself up for dissapointment. If people want to drop the game because of one mechanic not being realistic. Sure go ahead. Its pretty shallow to do so though if you look what the game is offering in other places. Just remember that the devs never promised a 100 procent realistic game. Which by definition would be a simulator. I
  11. its a weaker build against anything else. not against DD,s. which is what i am arguing. so if you need additional support in fighting DD,s it is the build to go for. like you seem to be needing. In this case it is the player however. I consistently manage to hit DD,s below 10k range with at least 4-5 shells with German dispersion. So you still fire AP at DD,s? now i know definitly it is the player. 10 Years over here. i was a participant in the WOT closed Beta. however this is unrelevant in being a good player. prove of this are the hord
  12. with the Bismarck.Tirpitz,Friedriech Der Grosse. and to some extend the tier 7 german BB i have forgotten the name off a secondary build works very good against DD,s who sneak to close(which is a situation that can happen often as you are a mid-to close range BB with the Germans)Cruisers are even better with German secondary,,s because you can deal full damage with your AP secondary,s in combination with Main gun fire With the Americans who are more of a jack of all trade class secondary,s can be quite decent.They do more Damage to DD,s then even the Germans because of HE.Most of german se
  13. Never said anything about tanking. I am talking specificly from the point of fighting DD,s with BB,s secondary build.which at high tier works fine. You said yourself a dd could rush a BB with no risk. I disproved that claim by having a decent secondary build which works with most higher tier American and German BB,s. And with other nations you have different gimmicks to dispatch DD.s quickly. EDIT: Oh and like i said over here in my last post against you: "High tier Cruisers are a far bigger problem then DD,s if HE spam is considered. those have the rate of fire and the Amount of guns to c
  14. If you actually had any reading comprehension, then you would have noticed that i said that in the context of fighting DD,s as a BB. In which secondary build works best. Not that it was the best build in general. So how is this "having halve a brain" if you literally want to deal better with DD's? Nice try tho. Tier 9-10 Germans arguably still have good secondaries so the build even is viable with those. American secondaries are right now one of the best in the game especially with HE damage which makes them even better against DD,s. Massa isn't the only one.
  15. i want to get into Reading books about Battleships. this game sparked my interest in the history behind this ship class. but where do i have to start? I want a book that goes into the History behind the Battleship. how the concept came into existance,how technology for battleships advanced throughout the years and also why Country,s choose to design battleships in a certain way to meet their needs. For example why did Ship A have this gun? or Why does Ship Y needed to have this Belt thickness? i do not shy away from technical details so the more the better, When searching Online i get b
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