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  1. I followed the advice given by Nick Thomadis and it was working on the first try, then i had to pause and exited by accident LOL. So tried it again with the same ship design and beat it yesterday I have had the zombie ship issue in the past with other missions, but with this mission i did not have it. The range i believe is key, as i read in some previous posts you want the plunging fire to go through the deck and hit internally, i had alot of hits overpenning and actually switched to HE for a few salvos to see if i could get some crazy explosion (sadly did not happen) there were a couple of little changes like secondaries at 5" and my speed a little lower to upgrade some of the protection to the barbettes etc. Most of the time i tried to keep the range at about 27km and i noticed the enemy could not fire at me, at one point i did get within 23 or 24km and i was getting hit although not too much damage. At 27km the enemy ships would be out of range for visual so i had to make sure my DD were in between my BB and the enemy, this i believe also kept the enemy DD posted close to the enemy BB and not coming after me. They did launch torps but i wasnt sure if it was aimed at my dd or my bb either way it wasn't close enough to get hit by the super spread. I hope this helps others in tackling this mission, i would post a screen shot of my set up but nothing i am doing seems to paste it in here. if you would like to see it please let me know how to post screen shots lol
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