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  1. I'm not a game designer by any stretch, but would it not be "easier" to have a few simple rules like "funnels cannot be placed in front of main tower" or "turrets/barbetts cannot be within xx of each other" but have free reign of placement within those parameters rather than the rather clunky and limiting snap point system we currently have? just some food for thought I guess. Additionally if the snap points have to stay for the ai then perhaps we the player can just turn them off in our own ship yard.
  2. The "modern battleship" hull and towers is basically Yamato/Musashi.
  3. I personally agree with many suggestions in this thread and my personal request is that the ship designer allows much more freedom in placing just about every object as it would allow for much more creative designs, sure it may introduce a lot of ahistoric designs but there is already mechanics like "weight offset" designed to nudge designs in a more historical direction. A secondary request would be to allow us to change dimensions without increasing tonnage directly, if I could increase length and width but also make the keel shallower I think that could introduce an interesting design path.
  4. Why not upload a picture to imgur/any site that hosts pictures and link it so we can see the problem? With the little information youve given its kinda hard to pinpoint whats gone wrong, it might be as simple as a bad installer that just requires a reinstall or you haven't logged into the client perhaps?
  5. "Having friendly cargo/supply ships sink within 20nm increases crew morale"
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