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Found 7 results

  1. So you all know how the Mogami ship hull has slots for regular torpedo tubes right? How about we add that to all other ship hulls. This will make it easier to add torpedo's to the other ship classes without having to spend long periods of time trying to find a decent spot for them especially on German and American hulls. And if torpedo tube explosions are going to be added to the game this will give them extra protection from shells that land on the decks of the ships. I'm sure everyone who has made a Tirpitz or Scharnhorst replica knows how difficult it is to add torpedo's to them with most of the deck space being taken up by the super-structure and guns.
  2. Anyone else have to deal with walls of torpedoes in every custom match? No matter the nation, no matter the ships, all the AI does is spam torpedoes. It's annoying.
  3. “My case for the bulge” The absence of torpedo bulges has the strong possibility of sinking Ultimate Admirals Dreadnoughts otherwise historically accurate experience. The main purpose of the torpedo bulge throughout both world wars was to mitigate the damage of a torpedo strike. At this they achieved mixed results but, they were a very important feature of many ships overall defense. Most of the time a torpedo bulge was just an added layer of external armour below the waterline of a ship; no bulge was adequate on its own. It was important that all bulges work in conjunction with bulkheads to maintain the best possible defense. I believe in theory it would be a very achievable goal to implement them in before release. If torpedo bulges are not added, we stand to lose, not only an integral part of the damage model but also a great loss in diversity and realism in aesthetics. If it is therefore not a huge drain on resources to do so I advocate heavily for their implementation. I intend to argue this case here and provide what I think may work as a solution to our battle of the Bulge. The importance of the aesthetic or the visuals should not be discarded. Who doesn’t love a good bulge? Although it may appear to be on the surface an unimportant feature it does in facet effect many zones of interaction. Perhaps most importantly is the damage model, currently torpedo bulges seem to only apply an abstraction of their intended purpose on a ship without affecting the visual narrative of that abstraction. This has a significant impact on immersion and realism. If ships had bulges in reality, those ships could not be accurately duplicated in game. It was one of the most prevalent features of prewar battleships that were refitted to serve in the second world war. We would lose a significant amount of Iconic battleship hulls or worse in my opinion simplify them to the point of unrecognition. As for implementation of the in-game assets I suggest this, a simple few types of generic bulges set up in a similar manner to the hulls, that is to say extendable with displacement. These would then correlate to different bulge types or implemented into game mechanics as the developers see fit. I have included several Pictorial examples of this concept. A lack of bulge would be devastating. There can be no accurate hulls for so many class’s including, New York, Pennsylvania, Littorio, Kongo, Fuso, Nagato, Queen Elizabeth, Revenge, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Tennessee, Ise, etc. These vessels not only represent the pinnacle of their nations navies but are also the most recognizable designs that players will expect to see accurately and realistically rendered in the game. These Iconic designs would not be reproduceable, the possibilities of new designs featuring hulls that never saw them would be extinguished. This ship feature, aside from being practical, is also a great way to provide a huge increase in design capabilities for relatively low labor. In conclusion I think adding torpedo bulges will add considerably to gameplay, immersion, design potential, variety, realism, and aesthetic. For a small amount of effort, a great contribution can made towards making Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts an even more rewarding experience for fans of naval warfare simulation. I do some 3d modeling for mods and my own 3d printing, I was able to model quickly a few Generic Bulge types that may offer some idea to the developers I have also included those models. Here you could either section out parts of the bulge much like how the hulls currently work based on displacement or elongate the bulge horizontally to the displacement size, as the bulge does not need to cover the entire hull this should be achievable. Here is an in game representation of what it might look like on the BC 3 hull I believe. Various images of Torpedo bulges in all their glory. Most older Battleships that saw participated in WW2 saw a few refits and modernizations, almost all had torpedo bulges added at some point. here the new York Class before and after modernization. Again the New York before her bulge Refit. Link to Models: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l1gl05nantywjbm/Torp Bulges.rar?dl=0 References: http://www.navweaps.com/index_tech/tech-047.php http://combinedfleet.com/kaigun.htm http://www.combinedfleet.com/b_underw.htm http://www.navsource.org/archives/01/34a.htm extensive use of Wikipedia to find refits and dates. Most pre war BBs that were in service during WW2 had bulges. These will be hulls that start in game without bulges and without the need to make entirely new hulls it would be preferential to make attachable bulges.
  4. I created a DD with 3 dual torpedo launchers. Torpedo fire behavior was set to aggressive. Targeting enemy DD only one torpedo was launched (red circle). Then after a while another 5 torpedo were launched (blue circle). I could not repeat the event so I have very little data to explain the behavior (I would send a bug report ingame (plus I dont send them unless I know I can repeat the experiance) but screenshots such as the under cannot be added, so I am reporting here. Later today I retried to recreate the event and following happened - Only 5 of 6 torpedo were fired, yet the ammo count was reduced by 6 torpedoes (from 24 to 18). Configuration was 3x 2xdeck torpedo tubes. This was the first torpedo launch in the game so no reload was in question. I repeated the same result with both aggressive and normal fire mode for torpedoes.
  5. Recently I saw a torpedo run under one of my ships and run out the other side. No detonation, no nothing. I have also seen this maybe once or twice with my torpedoes and enemy ships. Is this a bug or realistic torpedo duds?
  6. There are games where you can manually shoot your torpedoes also choosing how wide or narrow the "fan" will be. I'd like that together with an auxiliary line that tells me where the AI thinks the ship will be. Would also get around the whole issue with sh*tty AI not firing the torpedoes forever.
  7. I'm new to the game, so maybe this is something I'm doing wrong. But I attempted to take a crack at the Semi-Dreadnought mission with a heavy cruiser that's fast, light, and armed with torpedos. Along with two other light cruisers which also had torpedos, I got close to the battleship and waited for the torpedoes to start firing. They didn't. You can see in the image below; the light cruiser selected had its torpedoes set to aggressive. The heavy cruiser's were also set to Aggressive. Despite this, even when I approached the battleships with two ships, neither of them fired and they promptly got destroyed. This is pretty dumb, considering I've had situations where I approached AI-controlled ships which launched torpedoes that were accurate, well-timed and well-aimed at me and wreaked havoc on my own ships. What am I doing wrong here, or is this an issue on the game's end?
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