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  1. I don't really care for 1440p, I'll usually play at 1080p 60hz or might upgrade my monitor to 144hz in the future. But I don't mind 1440p, 'cause 1080p is definetly okay for me. I've been a NVIDIA guy all my life, and I don't have the budget right now to afford a good intel + nvidia build right now, that's why AMD is looking mighty attractive to me right now. I've been researching framerate differencies, how it performs compared to the 1060, 1660, 1070 and other graphics cards from nvidia, Ryzen also has been compared to few great intel CPUs so far, so yeah, it's a good cpu all around, that's why I'm considering turning-coat. I'm currently sitting at a build like this; AMD RYZEN 5 2600X 3.6GHZ (4.25GHZ TURBO), 6-CORE 12-THREAD, COOLER WRAITH SPIRE, AM4, YD260XBCAFBOX POWERCOLOR RADEON RX 580 RED DEVIL, 8GB GDDR5, 256BIT, AXRX 580 8GBD5-3DH/OC GIGABYTE B450M GAMING, DDR4, AM4 Motherboard DDR4 XPG GAMMIX D10, 8GB 2400MHZ, AX4U240038G16-SRG 2x8GB (16GB) RAM SSD SANDISK PLUS SDSSDA-120G-G27 120GB SATA III LEITURA: 530MB/S E GRAVAÇÕES: 400MB/S I already have a 1TB HDD on my currently setup, plus my power supply is enough for it aswell. That setup is currently sitting at a price of R$4.200,00 reais (Brazil). Intel + NVIDIA sits around the R$5.000,00 and above in my country, unless I go with older builds, in which case it goes toe to toe with the AMD build. I also don't mind putting a GTX 1060 6gb in that build if the RX 580 doesn't satisfy me enough.
  2. Anyone here playing Naval Action using a Ryzen 5 2600X + RX 580 8GB that could share a video~gameplay or streaming test so I can see how it performs? FPS wise & graphics. Ryzen 7 1800X Ryzen 7 1700 Ryzen 5 1600 Ryzen 5 1600X Ryzen 5 2400G I'm thinking about getting a Ryzen 5 2600X RX 580 8GB build soon enough, but I can't manage to find any gameplay of Naval Action currently using this type of pc build, one of the reasons why I'm creating this thread. I don't know if this is the right place to ask for this, if not, admin could you kindly move the thread to the correct location, please?
  3. Any info on the starting factions? I haven't been up-to-date with the patches. And do you ever plan on making a multiplayer version of this? Similar to Empire Total war, like you create a server/round to play with your friends and you can control your own nation while they control theirs? Will this involve politics or any type of management or will it be strictly naval?
  4. You can always farm 2nd rates with a 1st rate, they can sink you if you're not smart enough. If you screen with them for the entire battle, your side you will get demolish in few minutes, no matter what type of wood and upgrades you have, but as a 1st rate, you will sink them rather quickly. I've been hunting down frigates with my L'Hermione and I gotta say, most of the times I engage single ships, never more than 1, because I know Belle Poules are almost the same status as the L'Hermione, so that makes the battle even, if I engage two, that increases me sinking even more. I engaged a fleet of 1 frigate and 1 cerberus and was able to sink both with no problem. I engaged a fleet of 1 Surprise and 1 frigate and that was a more difficult battle, I engaged a fleet of 2 Belle Poules and that were even harder, so yeah, it all depends on your skills to outmaneuver the AI, usually stern raking will demast or kill all of his crew, but makes you vulnerable to the other ship or even so, vulnerable to a full broadside of that same ship you're stern raking at the moment. One other thing, I engaged a french LGV on my L'Hermione earlier and even tho she was faster than me (my L'Hermione is LO/WO), I was able to outmaneuver her turn rates and everytime I bluffed going hard to starboard, she would turn starboard side aswell, and I immediatly would turn hard to larboard side and she wouldn't be able to turn back because she was already half way to starboard, and I stern raked her. Kept doing this till she was low enough on crew, boarded and captured.
  5. So you're literally paying to grind...? I mean, I don't really enjoy the DLC ships, I got the L'Hermione because that's my favorite frigate right now, but still think it's so freaking gamebreaking to have the option to simply one-click get a frigate to get going, it breaks the whole crafting system. I've been watching a few videos about the past crafting system and it used to be so in-depth and full of resources that you had to make, made sense to do the grinds and it was rewarding (#saynotorngcraft), right now it's simply wood/frame = RNG trim, makes no sense. If I want to make a ship with a strong-ass build and leave it slow af, I should be able to. If I want a middle ground, I should be able to, if I want a fast but strong ship, I should be able to. Also, core nations should have some type of bonus when crafting in a national port. If you're brit, you get a bonus HP+Thickness. If you're french, you get a speed+rigging bonus, if you're spanish, you get a planking+thickness bonus. Things like that would make the game even more historical, since french ships were way faster but weaker than the brit ones.
  6. You need to be way more selective about who you're attacking now. A few days ago, I was testing a new meta-upgrade in my Victory and I attacked a fleet of 3-4th rates, 1 Agammenon, 1 Ingermanland and 1 Wapen Von Hamburg and I almost sunk. I was able to fight off the Aga and the Ingermanland, but the Wapen was so fast and so maneuverable, that everytime I was trying to turn around, he was already on my stern~raking the shit out of my crew, which makes my ship even more slower than usual, plus getting my middle-structure to go down like paper because your stern and bow are the weakest points of your ship, so you really gotta be careful with them. By the time that I was finally able to give a proper broadside at the Wapen and potentially sink it, my HP was already gone in one side, mid-structure was already at 50% and my left side was going down like paper aswell, so I had to put him in irons and try somehow to get out of his cannon range and potentially leave battle, which I did btw and I was able to save my Live Oak/White Oak Victory, but that made me think of how the AI was powerful enough to even destroy a 1st rate if they knew what they were doing. So yeah, you gotta be careful.
  7. In my honest opinion, I really think only SOLs (1st to 3rds and few 4ths) should be permit-ships, but making 5th rates, heavy frigates permit-only kills the motivation to craft smaller ships. I guess it does somehow values the Belle Poule, Surprise and Essex, but still, too limited. You can also craft Ingermanlands and Agammenons but that takes too much resources to be done, which encourages even more grind. And on top of the grind, you can place the pvp open sea, which is a claustrofck of people trying to fck you in any way they see fit, and it's not always that they sink you for you loot, sometimes they will sink for the simple pleasure of sinking someone from another nation, and that kills completely the crafter/econ player that is trying to make somewhat a profitable playthrough to gather resources, doubloons and combat medals to eventually craft a ship good enough to do RvRs and Port Battles.
  8. The problem is, everything is a grind now. One of the things the devs said they were working on was tweaking the ship notes that used to be available at the admiralty and they will soon be returned. Plus, not all ship permits are available at the admiralty and the ones that aren't available, it's definetly really hard to get and you can only get them by farming missions to get gold chests. Non-permit ships aren't useless, there are 2 frigates that can be used as a flagship to every player at the beginning, but as you progress, those ships won't fullfill your needs anymore, since you will be start to get into bigger ship battles. My problem with the current grind/farm right now is that it doesn't reward you enough. A 6-hour grind should potentially give you enough to keep you on your feet, instead, it makes you get back into the grind because it's not always enough, you will eventually need more and more stuff to get started on your own gameplay. I usually play this game for about 12-hours straight, since I work from home and I get to decide my own time-off and stuff, so I have the time to grind, but even with time to play, everything you will be doing in these 12-hour playthrough is grind your ass off to get what? Not all ship permits are available at the admiralty, so you gotta grind those gold chests to get, and that takes 2~3 hours because you need to kill more than 10 ships sometimes, and when you get a gold chest, it drops a Surprise permit. That just kills the entirely grind as a whole.
  9. Dude, right now it's easier to craft a L'Ocean than a Endymion, which needs ten times less resources and level to craft. This should not be happening. Crafting a L'Ocean is easier than crafting a Endymion, or a Niagara, which right now is only available through RNG drops, because they're not in the admiralty shop. And yes, the market is working properly now, atleast it's easier to get reals and buy stuff through the market, but the permit situation is still kinda broken. You can't buy something that it's not available in the shop, so it kinda stagnates the whole shipbuilding operation as someone that is entirely focused on building frigates.
  10. I don't mind SOLs being craftable only by permits, but 5th rates shouldn't fall into that category, it simply limits the newer shipbuilder that wants to start crafting stuff. i've been trying to get the Endymion permit for the past couple of days and nothing came up. I usually get Surprise permit, Wapen permit, Rattlesnake permit, but no Endymion. The only 5th rates worth crafting right now is the Belle Poule, Essex, Frigates and Pirate Frigates. Even the Niagara, which should be a free-permit ship, you can't craft without permit and it's really freaking difficult to find a Niagara permit. And also, we have frigates like the Santa Cecilia that doesn't even exist anymore, besides people that earned it through testbed and other events. We really need more variety of ships, it's getting really repetitive having only those 20~25 choices to go. Now the L'Hermione is a DLC ship, so we won't be able to craft them aswell, which for me is a big let down.
  11. Few portuguese vessels, few frigates, corvettes and sloops of war. 44-gun Portuguese frigate, "Princesa Carlota" (Princess Carlota) Corvette rigged Sloop 20-gun, "Lealdade" (Loyalty) Another Corvette rigged as a Sloop, 26-gun "Andorinha" Corvette D. João I 19-gun Corvette "Tejo", 20-gun Corvette "Reino Unido", 20-gun Ship of the Line 98-gun, "Neptune" Ship of the line 4th rate 64-gun, "Africa"
  12. I still don't understand how they can possibily keep the server in Europe. I'm in South America, I usually play with more than 200 ping, I know a lot of players from Spain, US and other nations that also have a difficulty with the ping.
  13. Give the crafter the chance to name his craft, instead of it simply being open to everybody. And for real, whoever hello kittying put something wrong, foul or even completely out of reason, just ban him temporarily or punish him accordinly, that shouldn't be too hard. If you craft the ship, you can name it and you can color it, paint DLCs and paint schemes should be used when crafting a ship, not as a type of permanent upgrade.
  14. Just hope they don't wipe out the L'Hermione's that people got crafted or anything, 'cause that would be a really dick move. One of my favorite frigates right now.
  15. You gotta reach level 7~8 to craft 1st rates, by the time you reach level 6~7, you can already craft 5ths, 4ths and 3rds (if I'm not mistaken). To gain craft level, you gotta craft ships, usually people start crafting small ones like the Cutters, Pickles and Lynxs, Privateers, usually gives you 300 to 400xp or even more. PS: At level 5, you can craft 5th rates, 4th rates and a few 3rd rates. Level 7 you can already craft a few 2nd rates and the Victory, my current level.
  16. That's funny, hehe. But yeah, a frigate shouldn't be easy prey for SOLs, they should be ten times faster or have the upper hand speed in some cases. A fir/fir Bellona right now with top speed upgrades can and will catch anything without any difficulty. And even being a fir/fir ship, it has way too much HP/Thickness to be out of your league if you're sailing a frigate whatsoever, so not only the SOL will have the speed to catch you, you won't and wouldn't be able to take it down without sinking first.
  17. Definetly a must have suggestion to be implemented. Ship contracts should've been in the game from the get go.
  18. Better then being a rank 7 "crafter". xD Definetly.
  19. That system really needs a rework. +1
  20. Also ship notes that used to be available at the admiralty are also being tweaked and shall return to the game in the future, right now you can't get them as you could before, but I'm pretty sure the devs will bring this back once it's tweaked.
  21. It's a paint DLC, not a ship DLC. You're paying for the paint schemes, not the ships. If you don't wanna grind to get a ship, you can simply grind money and buy them in ports, specially capitals and county capitals where there's always ships for sale. If you don't want that, you can simply craft ships, but for that you need the permits + resources, which makes your grind even bigger. If not, whenever you get the ship you want, you can always have a paint scheme for it. Nothing is handle to you, you gotta grind to get things.
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