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  1. Current system is good, free towns aren't there to promote ganking. Like pietjenoob said, they are a refuge, not a point to teleport to for your pvp hunting.
  2. Frankly i don't think that you want to restrict items to only PVP-ers. Everything should be archievable (at least in terms of costs) by doing PVE/Missions/Trading. I don't have a problem with getting more for PVP (in terms of exchange), as long as people who aren't PVP-ing every night can also get all stuff in the game.
  3. Meh, pirate life should be hardcore, just let them attack each other without extra warnings.
  4. Yes, i meant no 'gps'. Yes, when you don't know your current position, you have to discover where you are, using land masses/towns. It's one of the things i love about this game. And no, i don't use F11 for getting my position, it isn't really meant for that.
  5. No, please no! When you see your x/y position, it's the same as having a dot on the map showing where you are. The current system is fine, especially with that new tool. As long as you know your current position, you can plot a decent course to your destination. Please, no radar in this game.
  6. I really don't see a problem here. You are describing a situation where multiple nations join up in purpose against only one nation. This is currently not the case, and even in the future i don't see that happening. Even if it would happen, that means that the other nations which do not border your territory, must to sail a LOT before they are able to gain hostility, fight the PB, etc. The only reason you have a lot of PB's now is because you are spread out too much as a nation. Define which territories you will want to hold, to defend, which are better defended than other, which have the needed resources, and focus on that.
  7. Wow moments... - Afraid in the beginning to sail too far from Willemstad. Some day i did a mission, came back in a huge storm. Couldn't see anything but a vague shape what should be the island. At a certain point i, and some other ships who were also struggling to get back to the port, could see some lights of the city, but somehow couldn't get to it (land in the way). It was kinda funny. - My first Snow. Now i really felt like i had a big ship. - Figuring out manual sailing, and trying to apply it well with my surprise. The surprise is an awesome ship. - My first Port Battle in my surprise, mainly frigates then in PB's yet. No lineships yet. Didn't know for shit what i was doing, without clan or TS, but at least i was trying to help. Sank while fighting in the chaos. - My first 3rd rate, now that's a ship! Bought those huge carronades for the rear, the sound of it! - My first Port Battle in my 3rd rate, between other 3rd's and maybe a vic already. Very cool, sailing in line (if it goes well), it's really a different level than the normal battles. - My first victory... amazing ship, although slow of course, which is to be expected. Still like it more than the Santi.
  8. Uh no, i don't think you can release the game yet (as in 'it's finished'). Maybe you don't see it anymore because of the many amount of hours you played the game, but the UI is pretty horrible, there's no music (like if you are in a port), no tutorials.... Also about the testbed server, it's probably because technical issues (difference in database structure/tables for example).
  9. I liked the original design more (the 'graphical' one). I could easily see what kind of blueprints could drop if i crafted a ship (for example a frigate) and which level, from top to bottom. Now i have to check each box, in alphabetical order, and which has the name 'frigate' in them. I understand this design is easier for updates (better website management), but it's a lot harder for the user to get the wanted info quickly (for me at least).
  10. Not for me, it works. Although a list of prices would be really nice.
  11. codyproxy

    0 frames

    You could try to reinstall the graphic card driver. If that however doesn't help, it's indeed a good chance something has gone wrong with your graphic card itself (although i'm not sure if that's the only hardware component which could cause it). How's your memory / cpu doing?
  12. Anyway, it's not that bad if your exp and crafter exp still remain - before you know it you have your frigate again (bought in shop), and start crafting SOL's.
  13. codyproxy

    Hotfix 9.72

    I noticed this as well, they do this a lot (pew, pew, pew, pew...) instead of a full broadside. I don't know why though.
  14. codyproxy

    Hotfix 9.71

    Did a flag captain fleet mission today with 2 others. An AI pavel and 2 AI 3rd's joined us, against like 10 enemy AI, 1 pavel, few ingermanland's and many consti's. Although it was hard, we sank them all, of our team only the 3 AI didn't survive. It was fun. I really don't get where this 'AI is overpowered' comes from, I also read someone's post about that he didn't know what to do next now his grinding was over. Really? I am max rank, but i didn't care already about exp before i got there. I just love to do some nice battles with people, sometimes capture a trader, sometimes creating a ship. Why should you care that you 'cannot grind' anymore?
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