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  1. I couldn't login. Server timed out. Or am i too early?
  2. codyproxy

    Basic cutter Feelback

    It's okay to start with the basic cutter, as long it's doesn't take too long to get enough xp to get the next ship. New players won't care in the beginning about manual sailing, and experienced players will soon get the brig.
  3. Thank you, found it. 0 experience after 3 battles. Guess i'll wait till next weekend, hope the 'no exp getting' bug is fixed then.
  4. codyproxy

    General gameplay feedback

    I don't know if you'll want the ability to switch teams. You have to imagine this is going to be a free game when it releases. That means lots of new people - who not always are looking for a fair fight. That also addresses the no bots thing, when more players are playing it after it releases, there'll be no bots needed because players will fill the spots automatically. They could probably set the waiting timer longer though - to max 5 minutes or so. You should also be able to see who is an AI and who is a player.
  5. codyproxy

    BR Balancing

    Yes, as far as i know. Probably a good thing too.
  6. codyproxy


    So better not stream right now
  7. How did it come to this....
  8. I'm having this for a long time now also in normal Naval Action, so it's probably the same issue. Can you tell me how to see your current exp? Because i haven't found it yet.
  9. codyproxy

    How is XP calculated right now?

    I don't know if i got any XP out of the battles - i don't know where to see my current XP. Also, i always get a disconnect after the battle is done, is this normal? If not, i probably didn't get any XP i guess.
  10. codyproxy

    General gameplay feedback

    - I'm not getting XP or gold so far, i always disconnect after the fight. - I like that your see your selected ship in the water in the main screen in full 3d, and begin able to zoom in/out and turn around it and such. However if possible, it would probably be better to not show those crew animations on the ship in main screen. It just looks weird, seeing those guys pushing the cannons over and over again, while it is in fact 'in harbor' (at least not set for sailing). - Please show my current exp next to gold. Not that i get any exp or gold for now, but it should be there. - I like the chat horizontal bar in the main screen, now i have enough space at least, in NA i always missed some message (or PM's) because i didn't notice them in that small scrollable horizontal bar.
  11. codyproxy

    Combat feedback topic

    I think they just need to remove all captureable circles including forts, excluding one big circle in the middle where you have to fight over. If you have successfully captured that circle, it'll give 'points' over time for the team, when it reaches 1000 your team instantly wins. That way people can't just run away from the fight. Other circles/forts need to be removed, the ships are just too slow for that kind of system. And no, don't speed the ships up instead, it'll ruin things.
  12. Some points: - I like that new chat windows / groups now are available on a bottom horizontal bar, with enough space. It always annoyed me on NA, this system works way better. I didn't look at it in the battle though. - When you click on a chat group, you open the chat window of it. You can close it with the 'X'. Maybe it's useful to also able to close it after clicking on the chat group again (the same action you did to open it). At least for me i expected that to happen, it would be useful. - I like the look and feel of the pictures of cannons/ships on something which represents an old paper. - There is something wrong with the turning in the battle. Sometimes it's okay, but other times it's like the rudder is broken or something. I had good ping (like 16ms or so), so it cannot be lag i guess. - When the battle is done, there is no 'Battle Results' screen. Would be nice in the future to get something like in World of Warships, with all kind of statistics of the battle and such. - I won the game because of the bots sailed outside the battle zone long enough (5 minutes i guess). Not really how it should happen i guess. Don't know if the battle zone is the right way. - In the main screen where you can select one of your available ships (currently only the cutter), i see an arrow on the left and one on the right. I understand its purpose, however those arrows are pointless unless you have more ships owned than can be shown in a horizontal bar on the screen. Better hide them until then. - What the purpose of choosing a nationality, just having another flag on your ship? I noticed i didn't see certain 'team flags' on the ships. Maybe useful, like 'red' vs 'blue'? - Where can i see my current EXP? I can't research the next ship yet, but i don't know what my current EXP is, or how much i gained in my battle. I also didn't gain any gold.
  13. codyproxy

    Bring back teleport to Free ports

    Current system is good, free towns aren't there to promote ganking. Like pietjenoob said, they are a refuge, not a point to teleport to for your pvp hunting.
  14. codyproxy

    PVP/PVE or Combat Marks currency done properly

    Frankly i don't think that you want to restrict items to only PVP-ers. Everything should be archievable (at least in terms of costs) by doing PVE/Missions/Trading. I don't have a problem with getting more for PVP (in terms of exchange), as long as people who aren't PVP-ing every night can also get all stuff in the game.
  15. Meh, pirate life should be hardcore, just let them attack each other without extra warnings.