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  1. I like 80% PVE and 20% PVP, in PVE server I have a 100% PVE and 0% PVP. I think there are more players in my situation. The PVE server needs PVP under the consent of the players: - A port where one day a week there is a PB and the players of all the factions can go to fight (there could be more weekly battles if there are many interested players). - A PVP combat zone (like the patrol zone 1vs1). Whoever wants to fight can go and have fun. With those the PVE server would be perfect. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I well say yes to what Ivan87 have written in his topic. I like to do pve but also pvp when i whant it, an not now, when you get out of an port you well get gangede .i well say they game should be more like they( game pirat of burning sea ) where when you whant pvp you hoisted an pvp flag on you ship an all could atack you, ore if you whant to have an area/region as a pvp zonen you have to atack an port there an grind they port up fore portbattel.an when you grind they port up you get an red cirkel that get bigger that more point you get on port. salute talbot martin
  2. hello Ligatorswe if naval action have an update i all waves have to delete they old files in sandboxie,then update they main account.then i can open they other accont again an it work again. (i have to say that i only have 1 computer an not 2) others ways try to delete they game on they computer that dont work, an then reinstall game salute batman43
  3. To grind all ship knowledge on one ship up example surprise. Are you going to do that an all ship up to surprise
  4. hello all pleas steep a Little bit back, an look all on what you have type. I have don that an come to they conclusion, yes in they moment it is they time zone, but it is an issue because a nation have a big population so they have player from US/EU/RUS (in they moment it is they brit)that can exchange when it go live.an when they have a big population they can control they game an do what they will.an it there i see they problems an they producer of they game have to do something about, otherWise it well kill they game to they end. what to do i dont no change time zone control they nation whit big population ore some things els. Salute gilbert martin PS:Weltenfeind77 he he he pleas look on players nation before you put them in a nation he he i no that not all is from Denmark (yes i am from Denmark)
  5. you can only do it 1 time then you have to wait 4hours fore they next, an whit they travel time you have, i dont see any problems in they teleport system we have now salute gilbert martin
  6. A good suggestion to they problems whit ai fleet for players Salute gilbert martin
  7. Hey all, all that QQ about dura an upgrades if they dura/upgrades have to stay. you need to have more that 1 dura on ship because what i no now it is hard to get they good upgrades so if you lose them all they time, you dont use them. so if 1 dura stay, take all upgrades of, an all ship go to 1 dura. but make them cheaper to produce, special they big ship because if they cost to must player well not use them. An to npc/ai ship have them all gray an ship you buy to mastercraft ore yellow, then to they end, when new players gets in to clans they well buy ship. but have all type of ships on ow. an to fleets have all type of fleets in game, because now clans have it hard to leavels new players up, you now only get around 200/300 xp in a battel. so it take whery long time to leavel up, then it can happen that Manny new players give up. Salute Gilbert martin
  8. Hello raskolnikoff Thx fore they help, have found out of it now. Salute Talbot Martin
  9. When you buy an new ship an you want to buy guns to ships, you have to try you out to find they right gun. That can cost you some money, if you do not know what guns is required Salute Talbot Martin
  10. 1) ship/gun in shop. Write the number of guns ship have, an how big they can be, I thinking it is easier to find out that way. example: Lynx 8 g/c max 6/12p. g: gun c: carronade 2) Open world map Name on island an land an (zones like the have in POTBS.), that well make it slightly easier to find out where you are. If you get lost on open see . Salute Talbot Martin
  11. Hallo developers When will they open world map be open fore all players Salute batman43
  12. travel time Don't let travel time take to long time, because it is not all there have the time to spend 6-7 hours in front of computer every day. I have play potbs. an some time the fun run out, because I use most of time 2-3 hours to produce they stuff I make, sail it to the port where I sell it, an do they daily mission to get money.an first after that I have time fore fun, I have read what is written in forums about travel time in open world, an some want to have a travel time up to 5 hours ore more to travel from Boston to Europa ,have also read that some have test the travel time from Boston to Europa in open world an used 1 hours on that, an I well say that 1 to 1½ hours is fine. because it have to be an game that have to be fun to play, an not boring you to they end because you have to use to must time in traveling. We also have to think about that many players have a job an private life next to they game . SALUTE Talbot Martin
  13. talbot martin


    My ping is between 60-81 an I live in denmark
  14. ( specific, actual ship vs."_-class") I don't like they idea to have same upgrade as war thunder ore world of tanks, because they ship are build like they are. it is already possible to change they calibre of they gun . Only one idea I see would be to take some gun of, so you can have bigger gun on they main deck ore more cargo, men, speed. All after what you want whit they ship. Salute batman43
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