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  1. seems pointless to discuss about this... anyway Well how many players do you need for a big net? 10? Cause i guess with 3 you can't do that. plus 60knots for more than 40 seconds plus invisibility seems a way to help people who just know how to escape from battles You can be the best at tagging but a fast ship can escape easily the battle, what before was a let's tag him now cause he runs to the fort now it's not possible anymore just give up the tag almost everyone who doesn't want to fight will escape and let's promote more pve in pvp server..
  2. I just see it as a huge change, would have been better invisibility increased as Sven said, but now it's just crazy.. invisibility plus super F1 boat speed...
  3. Ok i tested this thing of invisibility boost 60 knots turning at 60 knots too, don't know but doesn't work for me it seems a method to help people who doesn't know how to fight and always want to run away from battles, it's literally impossible to catch anything running away from a battle, before it was too easy to capture anything escaping from a battle now it's impossible it seems we keep going from black to white and from white to black, there are more colors in the middle... This super speed should be at least drastically reduced by half.
  4. Free camera is perfect, maybe the thing below the water shouldn't be available but the rest is awesome and shouldn't change.
  5. 1 agree also kidd's island 2 not a bad idea, but pirates were more thieves than builders 3 I'd like to see that but some people doesn't want to have a pirate outpost ganking every day near their capital 4 Well we should be able to own the ship we steal and that's it i guess 5 totally agree 6 Love this idea 7 not a bad idea We should have another game mechanics we shouldn't be a nation at all just thieves sailing around the caribbean but since the game it seems likes the realistic things when it's good for some people and when it's not those realistic things
  6. Should be reduced, but yeah it has to change as many things in the game we'll see
  7. I've experienced in PVE and PVP combats that rudder gets damaged by shots received on the front of the ship, I'm not any expert but it doesn't make too much sense if you get shot at the bow of the ship and you suddenly your rudder is damaged. If i'm wrong please don't hesitate to explain me this, thanks!
  8. problems with servers always on weekends i hope it gets fix before the afternoon
  9. Do you like the current 3 minutes or you prefered more the 5 minutes for battle to be open?
  10. Pirates right now are another nation with the jolly rogers flag so pirates are not real pirates it's a nation like the others. The entire pirate nation should be reworked and have its own mechanics like many people is requesting in forums, Devs should start to listen players like they did in the last patch, and make the game great again because 700 top players is not good at all we were at 1200 just after the wipe.
  11. I think there shouldn't be a restriction for one ship but the implementation of a requirement in PBs, forcing the attackers or the defenders to have a mix fleet who get what ships don't know but should be something like more points go inside first like 1 first rate 2 second rates 3 third rates 4 fourth rates 5 fifth rates and six 6th rates. We have a total of 21 ships in a mixed and more realistic fleet. I'd love to see this in game and not battles of 25 agamemnons vs 25 agamemnons or 25 oceans vs 25 oceans.
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