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  1. Just had a battle. Me in Trinc.. tagged by a Endymion Wapen joined him... a Trinc joined me they had the BR advantage. But the battle locked from outside as soon as the trinc joined me. WHy?
  2. which is why it wouldnt be a real issue on balance I dont think
  3. If they remove alts they would have to refund all those accounts for the purchase that was made in good faith within the existing rules or risk getting the crap sued out of them.
  4. it already did.. in the cost of investment for the Upgrade
  5. even those it is about the crew you hire and command.. also why I suggested 2 points.. if you have Hold Opt and both fleet perks and that you pretty much out of points anyway or slots:)
  6. If you could split the load among 2 Tbrigs it wouldn't matter but when a Tbrig with Hold Optimization still doesn't have enough room it is annoying
  7. Fleet Perk.... 2 Points all Fleet ships get same Perk Bonuses as Player lead ship does .. ie Hold Optimization ect...
  8. Do you have 5th rate missions? Because the Russian area I cant find any.. and he have a lack of enemy AI to farm also
  9. Aren't all the fixed defenses supposed to be inside the Battle circle around the port? If so why is the Outer fort at Conil well outside it? Just wondering...
  10. This is what happens when they removed 1/2 the Free Towns which is where the Foreign AI and layers would come from giving us PvP everywhere
  11. I voted yes.. but if you don't take it all the wreck should then become visible in the open world like a Fleet wreck. Honestly I think it should do that after the bottle has been open for say 90 minutes.
  12. Might work with a few tweeks.. ie.. no more then 3 Raids on any Nation in the same say 4 hour time frame total... It is still a game and expecting people to be able to defend a6 or 7 raids and a PB at the same time is just asking for people to quit. Raid should be able to get a % of whatever is in any Production Buildings and storage at the time(resources)...and a % of city income... The City owners keep the city but cant do anything with it for 48 real hours and then no one can raid it again for 7-10 real life days AFTER they get full control back.. I would love raids to be a thing but I just not sure we will ever get them... Kind of like manned Forts... We know the Towers can be manned we did it all the time in the old days when we boarded them.. I think it would be awesome to have each one player controlled This would allow for some interesting Attack and Defense adjustments.. Maybe have the Forts BR reduce teh total Fleet defense BR? or for each fort the attacker get s bit more... based on Fort and Twer BRs?
  13. Not our PCs I am concerned with.. it is their servers:)
  14. They are just as accurate... But remember your firing along your line of movement not across it and thee is a lot less movement up and down and side to side in that angle. THat said all the guns are a bit to accurate..
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