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Found 8 results

  1. I ask many people if they like this "Port Quest" battle system compared to the old system and most of people do not like it at all. Is there any plan of reworking this system because it takes too long to grind compared to the old solo mission/fleet mission system where you could pick a mission that suits your needs. Now it seems like missions are randomized and very unbalanced such as a rank 5 mission that makes you fight a rank 3 ship or a rank 4 mission that makes you fight a rank 2 ship. I have no other possible missions I can do that are balanced for what I can do so I have to go out in OW and find a decent fleet that probably takes 15+ minutes to find and spend another 15+ minutes sailing back to port for a fleet that gives me 500 XP. There is no practical use to the port quest system unless you have a 2nd/1st rate that can 1v10 smaller ships. I understand this game is supposed to be a grind but it's supposed to be fun while grinding and many people I talk to do not enjoy the length it takes to finding AI that suits their needs. Would it be possible to revert to the old mission system where you can pick either solo or fleet missions?
  2. Because of much and many posts discussing the sense or nonsense of grinding for mods, books and ship slots, me - and, I am sure the devs too (@admin and @Ink) - are eager to know why people commit themselves to grind for the above mentioned assets.
  3. The grinding for high rated ships takes entirely to long. Specifically it takes as more time to get 5 ship knowledge slots on a single first rate than it does to get max crew rank. When you consider the fact that all XP counts towards player rank while only battle xp counts for ship knowledge. Here is one example of a bucentaure 2nd rate just to get it to 4 ship knowledge slots. Assumption: you get 1500 battle xp per mission on average. Which is not likely for most people. Assumption: Average time per fleet mission 25 minutes. Xp required for 4th ship knowledge slot on a buc. 88,350 88,350 divided by 1500 = 58.9 missions x 25 minute= 1472.5 minutes divided by 60 = 24.5 hours of constant grinding, not counting sailing time or finding a partner. Just to get the 4th ship knowledge slot. Please consider reducing this time sink by at least half. After grinding 3 ships, Buc, Victory and Locean up multiple slots. I feel like nothing has been achieved and the game is getting incredibly repetitive. Especially when solo missions are even worse because you get 1 ship worth 700 xp at best. Even if you kill it in under 10 minutes. It still takes longer to level.
  4. This constant grinding! We grind for ship knowledge, for gold, for resources, pvp marks and conqest marks. Its to much! Then, when we have a little time left, we grind for hostility. I think that somewhere this game went wrong. No wonder, that we get salty when some1 finds a loophole to avoid this. It went a bit backwards, i do not mind grinding, its just that this game has to manny levels of it. And allso, according to this grinding logic, some player will never get the chance to sail a decent ship. I mean those that require pvp marks. Lets assume that a player is bad at pvp and losses all his fights. The way things stand now, he, the player will neve get to craft a ship of the line. Then, u messed up the resource crafting. More often then not resources are cheaper to buy at the market then craft them yourself. Not in the same outpost, sure, but still, its frustrating! Example: For me it takes 240 gold to craft 4 fir log(240/4=60gold) and, as u can see i do not include spent "LH". At the same time, there are places that sells this product for as low as 31gold at a profit. Same with Oak, Iron, Hemp and maybe others. Please, try and make a change for the relief of all this grinding!
  5. Hi, Something i can't understand in the game since the wipe. Single combat missions are being restricted so they can only be played until the 4th rank, and with a maximum rank of ship. For the Dutch, this is Eerste Luitenant (First Lieutenant).(175 XP) This means, if i want to do missions beyond this level, i am either forced to play with other people, or use a fleet, because only fleet missions are available. Both options are ways of playing people might not like. Since there is no more default AI fleet when doing fleet mission, i'd have to find players to group up with, of get the fleet perk so i can have my own fleet. In my opinion this severely restricts the ways in which this game can be played. I find this way too restrictive for my liking, and would like to hear your opinions on this issue. Greetings, Yngvarr
  6. While I'm not wholly convinced that a system of grinding slots open on ships is the best idea...if that is what the Devs want us to test, I'll test it. Here is what I have learned from a few hours aboard the ship Trincomalee on the testbed server and what I think should change. Here is how it currently works on testbed: I want to sail Trincomalee, I unlock 2 slots, then to unlock the third slot, I get a message that I need to unlock 4 slots on a Surprise. I unlock 2 on a Surprise and get a message that to unlock the third slot, I need to unlock 3 slots on a Renommee. I haven't unlocked anything on Reno yet, but it seems like it will just keep stair-stepping down to the cutter. What kind of stuff is this? Because I want to sail a Trinc effectively I have to learn how to sail a Renommee? And then what? Brig? NO! People will not do this. You can argue all day that you don't "have" to unlock all the slots. But if you want to be effective, yes you do HAVE to unlock all the slots on a ship. The current system favors those with hours and hours to grind up almost every ship in game. I don't like grinding, but as long as the grind you ask me to do is reasonable, and worth it, I'll grind. So If you want to make every ship a grind to "yeah, I'm a Rear Admiral on this ship," then ok...I don't like it but I'll do it for every ship I sail often. But don't make me grind up my ship xp level on ALMOST EVERY ship beneath me just to unlock the slots on the one ship I might use. Here is (what I think is) a better system, lets use the 4-5th rates for demonstration: Trincomalee is my desired ship, slots cost as follows: (these costs are quite reduced from what is on testbed to reduce the grind needed on each ship) 1: 1,000 xp 2: 2,000 xp 3: 6,000 xp 4: 10,000 xp 5: 25,000 xp So I grind her up to 25000 xp and I have a perfect 3/5 Trinc . But wait! I want to sail a Constitution into a port battle now. Do I have to grind up a bunch of xp on it to get some slots open? I mean, I know so much about the Trinc, I can't image a Connie is too terribly different? No! You don't have to re-learn the Connie, some of your experience on the Trinc will transfer nicely, but you'll still have to sail the Connie a while to get used to her particular points . Here is how it works: Frigates (4-5th) rate ships have an xp pool of 30,000 xp and any time you earn xp sailing ANY frigate, the pool fills some. So I gained 25k xp sailing my Trinc, that xp has gone into the pool. Here is how the pool works, each time a certain amount of xp is reached, a slot unlocks on all the frigates, whether you have sailed that particular ship or not. The pool will only unlock the first three slots: 1: 10,000 xp unlocks 1 slot on all frigates 2: 20,000 xp unlocks 2 slots on all frigates 3: 30,000 xp unlocks 3 slots on all frigates So for this example, I have earned 25k xp sailing the Trinc; which means 25k xp has gone into the pool, and I have unlocked 2 slots on every frigate by specializing in the Trinc. I'm also only 5k xp away from unlocking 3 slots on every frigate. After I earn that xp and reach 30k in the pool, 3 slots become open on all frigates, but I have to sail the particular frigate I am interested in to unlock the last two slots on it. This means that you can sail ANY frigate to gain ship xp that will transfer to other frigates. If you are just leveling up, you will have time to try out different frigates, till you find one you like, and you have not "wasted" any xp unlocking slots on a ship you don't plan on using. What do you think?
  7. Vote is self explanitory. If you have additional comments or require a choice that isn't available... please add it in your reply and I will add it to the voting options as best I can. Thanks for your feedback! 1st Edit: Typo on third option for second question, changed double pavel to read double santisima.
  8. I like the introduction of the 'Honour Kill' system, but like many I think the release version should be modified somewhat. What is an Honourable kill.= Destroying or otherwise doing the most 'damage' to a ship of equal or greater strength. Suggestion. Long Term. The ship you are sailing should be of a suitable Rate to your RANK. The targeted ship should be of an equal or higher rating than the SHIP you are sailing. In order for suitable ships to be available for this task, I believe at least 1 basic recipe ship should be available for each Rate. Players should have the option of using this basic recipe ship or a special drop recipe ship if they can build or have one built for them to use. Temporary fix current build. If insufficient rated ships are available in game to test this theory, then there are a few ways this can be rectified. 1) Provide a basic quality redeemable ship at each rank advancement of a suitable type per character. 2) Temporarily move a ship into the basic recipe tree so that it can be built by more crafter's on reaching crafting level 'x'. 3) Allow undermanned ships of a higher rate to be able to accrue honor kills. (eg undermanned 74 instead of Constitution)
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