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  1. Curse

    Teleport to Port Battle

    I think to make it fair for everyone, all of us pirates should fry our brains until it melts inside our heads, then once we can confirm that we have 5% of less brains then we can compete with other nations. Do we all agree or should we make an adjustment to the plan?
  2. More fotos, because Im the only non-Asian guy who adores fotography
  3. More fotos to wash away the troll dirt
  4. Yes it was my first day and didn't know about it; moreorless I had assumed the devs removed the pirate attacking since I read it somewhere previously, but will keep an eye out. And as for NSANE members, I'm putting bounties on em all, so open season for them. Happy hunting!
  5. Not sure, I was told by folks in chat that it is against regular and to post it here. If there is no rule breaking then thanks for checking this issue out.
  6. I'm not sure what an outlaw battle was, but here was scenario: I joined a fleet of 3 guys from clan NSANE, and while we were sailing, they suddenly attacked me and two of them were on my team but they were attacking me as well.
  7. Hello, I was told that this is against regulation; one of the fleetmembers left and hit me while we were together, and the other 2 helped him during battle although we were in same team. Hope a mod can check this issue out, thanks for support. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/853843409167788279/5F7E5EB276F1A130236B8A21C18E7AADA43B1F6B/
  8. Ahoy folks. I'm searching for a trading clan in PVP-EU for Pirate faction. If there are any, please write to me here. Thanks.
  9. Curse

    Captains of the Black Flag

    Are you folks in PVP EU in new servers? If so, can I use a forged letter to switch nation & join up? ("Van Pelt" in game)
  10. Curse


    Loans could be connected to Steam account. The loan system can compromise of a contract base; when it's signed at the beginning, interest and length is decided by both parties. Once period length is over, the game automatically deducts sums from the player's accounts (plus interest). If player is bankrupt, then money will be deducted from account everytime he/she earns.. battles, trading, etc. Only way to avoid paying is to quit Naval Action for good. So even if deleting character and making new account, still will be deducted.. and it is more merciful to repay the loan 1 day late than 1 month... money lending has brought massive fortunes to some, and devastation to entire families. In real life, bankers would give money to people who had means to pay back even if not in gold; whether it be in assets or other ownings. Generally, money lenders would see the "earning" potential of people before they hand out gold. In our case, forum recommendation by clan leaders would be one of the strongest parts playing in other player's ability to have their loans approved.
  11. Curse


    Since gold cannot buy much in this game, would be nice to do something fun and useful with it. Banking. A very critical aspect of colonial era, especially in the Caribbean. Bankers or money lenders as they were mostly known, were the ones that funded kings and navies to wage war against one another. Would be lovely to see this deployed sometime in the near future.