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  1. I am told the dev's have already started to move on this. I am glad the idea is in the game as it is a good idea, and needs work. good to know the work is started...check out the notes on the TEST server
  2. Can we all PLEASE agree to change after battle teleporting to PVP battles ONLY that last at least 20 minutes. Trader Tears here please. This mechanic is abused to the point of breaking the Open World concept. So much so that sailing a LGV in enemy waters is safer than in friendly....let that sink in for a second.............Now think about how many ships you chased for 10 minutes only to watch them tag a trader cutter just before u can tag them and watch them magically dissappear to a freeport 20 minutes away. Anyone posting on this thread blasting me for even mentioning this change GET OUT OF YOUR TRADE SHIP and enjoy some pvp because if you dont all the trading you do to build all those shinny ships wont be needed because no-one will need any ships as fast as they are being built atm since 95% of the time no-one is in any real danger of losing thier ship unless they try to.
  3. Yep Vernon I see your point. I would think solving this issue would need to be a timer for joiners. It would have to be the case. Someone in port should not be able to hear about a battle on other side of the map TP and make it in, But on the other hand many ppl have been in situation where they are outside of the tagging circle and cant get in because their BR is 10 points over the BR limit. Having to do math and being lucky enough to be in the right ship to get into a battle should not an issue imo. I do think there is a happy medium between the strict tagging rules we have now and the open ended social perk system we had before. I think this happy medium is allowing the lower BR side of a fight able to pass the BR of the stronger side and having the battle open for long enough that if you see the tag you are able to get into the battle. Hence if a 3v3 battle starts and in the distance but in render range each side has 8-10 ppl that see it they can come and join in...The system we have now might as well be a lobby system
  4. The old social perk had no BR limits for wither side this encouraged ganking. It was very simplistic version of what i am suggesting...My suggestion rncourages team play and keep the battle competitive. Read this old post for context n nuance http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/15937-social-perk/
  5. Make it an officer perk like Signaling if ppl feel it should be optional or TBH make it a perk to lock battles from reinforcements and this perk only works if the person with this perk is alone when tagging to allow for trader humters/1v1'ers have the option to do so
  6. At the moment open world battles are locked at the start to not exceed the higher battle rating. I am proposing a change that BOTH sides of the battle can escalate the battle to 1.5 times the lower br continuously This allows the battle to escalate from 300 vs 300 to a battle of 2000 vs 2000. Allowing each side to recieve reinforcements once they have lower BR. This allows the fight to stay competitive and involve more ppl and even discourages outright ganking. Any suggestions to build on this ides pls share
  7. Crippen


    Of course a guy that spends 90% of time attacking traders in tier 5-6 ships would hate the idea of fleets..no more easy targets for poor pete.
  8. I assume you just trying to troll the thread. I have a keen eye for this and think you are, but if not then you may want to stop and read the entire thread before you post.The point of this thread is to discuss the open world pvp tagging systems and rules. FYI nothing is wrong with port battles except for maybe timers, and long term more realistic forts and ports. Port battles were never meant to be fought by single clans they are nation wide hence it should be easy to fill 25 slots with proper planning. Being part of a clan that can field 25 ships is a perk not a need.
  9. LOL...who said anything about PB's troll. Why not say I am a troll that wants to exploit the tagging system as long as possible before I have to admit its broken.
  10. atm Open World battle starting rules are broken. Removing the 1.5 BR difference rule and leaving it possible to surround an opponent by joining around the reinforcement circle is going to kill the game. Giving attackers the overwhelmiing advantage of waiting till the battle starts and joining anywhere on the map they chose with as many ships as they want gives NO chance for the defender to win. This is so lopsided that no-one will sail in groups smaller than 10. If you do sail by yourself your dead in this envirnment. I am quitin the pvp side of this game until this is fixed and if its not I will be deleting the game. I am sure more will do the same. P.S. If you care about your game, pick a GOOD open world pvp system and stick to it, If you chose to listen to only pve or only pvp players your game will die. Finding a good balance is key. you will always have these feuding groups at the launch of a game trying to make the game better for themselves and sometimes even trying to ruin it for others, you wont please everyone. Defensive tagging was a legit tactic. Trying to combat it with this is bad move. If your faster than most ships in a fleet chasing you and only one of them is able to catch you seems historically accurate for that ship to be closest at battle start. Though I'm sure you made the guy that sails around in a 1st rate with a bunch of frigates happy, he will never miss out on the fight now no matter how slow his ship is...in fact he will get to start the fight in front of what he could not catch.
  11. we got 1 forth rate ship....I would like to see another one before seeing any more 2nd or 1st rates...but of course the 90 gun ship is winning, that's all we need more ships most ppl in the game cant get into yet.
  12. I like the idea HethWill has in that if you open a port to battle there is more than one fight to capture the port over a 24hr period. A lot of other games do this and has success but also more even player levels through all the TZ's. This game atm has a unique problem of having a swing from DT to peak play of up to 5 to 1 ratio. Solving the issue of keeping access to PB's to all that play will be a very hard nut to crack.
  13. This game in my opinion has an issue regarding port timers. In its current form a defender can simply set a window for times where the server has a low player count. With servers having such a large swing of players from down time to peak times this has created a situation where almost all port battles will be left to a small number of players around DT. Leaving most players to only spectating, opening the map when they log on to see what has changed on the map. I am sure this could be verified if devs have the ability to see when port battles have been fought which I am sure is the case. So to change this I recommend switching to a system with vulnerablitiy windows every 12 hours instead of every 24. Still allowing the owners to pick the window of attack they can either choose to have one window they are very strong and one undefendable, or split their strength by have each window a little before and after their nations peak times. This all taking into account the strength of the enemy. It adds more strategy and allows more to participate. Everyone wins. Please take a close look at this issue because I feel it will only get worse if not fixed.
  14. I believe for all to be happy with next content patch both diplo/nation relations and pve content need improvement. This is because vets have a lot invested in the game and see nation relations the top priority so next patch must fix this. Also to keep the casual player interested adding pve/pvp content with every patch is needed. I hope to see this approach. Love the game. Keep up the great work.
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