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Found 28 results

  1. Thanks to Profilic DLC, players can switch nations. A clan that was defeated by one nation can switch to that same nation and start disrupting nation diplomatic relations. What if the owners of the ports who don` t like such rogue behavior can black list rogue clan so their players are not allowed to set outposts at their ports?
  2. Thanks to the Equipment Mod, I had acces to this readout of the naval gun stats and I have a couple of questions about some of them: "ID": "4 pdr Woolwich Gun", "crew": 2.0, "groundBatterySize": 3.0, "horizontalTurnMax": 25.0, "navalBatterySize": 1.0, "reloadTime": 80.0, "threat": 235.0, "type": "Cannon", "verticalTurnMax": 10.0, "verticalTurnMin": -5.0, "weight": 2.0, "goldPrice": 60, "Ballistics": { "verticalSpread": 0.7, "radius": 0.04, "mass": 3.5, "horizontalSpread": 2.6, "gravity": 1.0, "distance": 950.0, "baseY": 0.0, "armorPiercing": {lots of stuff} } crew: Fairly obvious that this is the required crew to man the gun, but I wonder, is this an all or nothing number or more a gradient? e.g. a gun has crew 10, if I only have 9 crew available for it, does it cease functioning immediately or has it simply got reduced performance? groundBatterySize & navalBatterySize: the only ones I'm really clueless about. Since the naval one is always 1.0 and the ground one varies between 1.0 and 3.0, with smaller guns having the higher value I suspect it perhaps has to do with model size? threat: I am assuming this is for the AI to help in choosing its targets based on equipment, but I want to be sure. goldPrice: Quite obviously the price of the gun, but I wonder how it is adapted to each campaign, since I recall vastly different prices between British and US campaigns even with the same economic skills. mass: Looks to be the damage number that is reported on the details screen, but how does this mass interact with (over)penetration to determine actual damage to planking and/or hull? armorPiercing: This seem to be datapoints for certain % of the guns range, with tangents describing the incoming or outgoing function line, but these tangents currently seem to imply linear progression between all points, though I do see a tangentmode modifier, so I assume it is possible to go for exponential and other forms as well?
  3. 1. Make the Belt and Deck armor be the armor protecting the middle of the ship, and make the Extended Belt and Extended Deck armor be the armor protecting the ends of the ship 1a. On ships with a Citadel, add armored bulkheads as thick as the Belt 1b. Make is so that if the ends of the ship are flooding, the middle can’t flood unless the armored bulkheads have been penetrated, or have been partially penetrated multiple times. 1c. Make the Citadel long enough, on ships with no Extended armor, that if it is the only part of the ship that hasn’t been flooded the ship will still float, but only by a very thin margin. 2. Remove the barrette component and replace it with anti-flash mechanisms and/or improved ammo storage. IRL they reduced rate of fire/increased cost respectively, but also reduced the chance of a magazine detonation if the turret/barrette was penetrated.
  4. And...discuss. Make more suggestions if you think rat roe should return #BringBackOutlawBattles with changes
  5. Suggestion: Implementation of Open World instances ( dynamic spawn ) that do not, necessarily, contain combat. They should simply spawn "randomly" everywhere, even in the middle of nowhere in some cases. Like 1 spawn for every 3 counties area. Limited to 7th and 6th rates - basic cutter excluded. They should be closed once started. No interference. They should not be repeatable, once used they disappear. Time limit of instance - very small. From 15 minutes to 30 minutes maximum. Mechanics: Player has to navigate, use wind properly, net get caught in leeshore where appliable, and reach the objective, access "location/ship hold" and overall make use of all mechanics other than "aim/shoot". Examples: - navigate shoal reefs to reach a ship wreck - use NA:L bathometric instance design (!) - provide aid to stranded ship in the middle of the ocean - by supplying necessary repairs. - explore a "unknown settlement" on the coast / upriver. - trader in distress - defend AI trader from AI privateer ( this is combat ) The rewards could also be different from "individual" items for the player but Region based. Something like - 10% increase in LH for all ports in the County until next maintenance, if we help the stranded ship - or - 25% increase of NPC goods in all ports in the County, if we contact the "unknown settlement" - or- On very rare occasions, a "epic" loot item, such as a Silver Chest. Say 1 instance out of 100 per maintenance cycle. So only 1 player out of everyone might bump into it. - could provide item similar to the old Letters with indication to navigate to a "certain port" to receive a "thank you" reward, similar to a "sealed Bottle" but being claimed in a port, not in the middle of the sea, and sharing the same mechanic - weight, cargo space, all in one or nothing. Pros: - stuff for newcomers and veterans alike, using the 7th and 6th rates - does not involve big ships, just the smaller vessels are eligible to enter Cons: - instance level making ( dev time ) - no special gear rewards - may award enemy regions with bonuses
  6. I have questions about penetrating mechanics against hull and masts. We have quite a few things to go by: Various admin remarks on forum, patchnotes, damage log, ricochet game visuals along with hit visuals. I don’t remember everything admin has said, nor do I remember every patch note concerning penetration mechanics. What I know: Ball can penetrate planking and do damage (visual) Ball can ricochet off planking and do no damage (visual) Big balls (giggle) will do damage even at acute angles against thin planking (patchnotes) We can observe if ball hits or misses mast. (visual) We don’t know if mast hits deals damage. (same visual for damage and no damage hits) Ball doesn’t richochet off mast (visual). Planking penetration and damage is the easiest to figure out due to informative visuals and a ton of comments made about the mechanics. Fig. 1. It could be this simple. A ricochet angle and a check for pen vs. actual thickness. Fig. 2. It could also be a ricochet angle and a check for pen vs. relative thickness. Fig. 3. There could be a cutoff ricochet angle possibly only overridden by overmatch (big balls vs. thin armor). Then a sector (red to green) where you get partial damage (there was quite a bit of discussion about lodged balls and such). Full damage occurs when ball pen > relative thickness, balls even continue and do damage to various hitboxes, structure and planking on the other side. Then there’s masts… By looking at the visuals; masts seem to be a ten sided approximation of a round log. I have no idea if the hit box looks like that. Fig. 4. We only get a visual confirmation about if we hit or missed the mast, so it’s hard to know what goes on with masts, pen and damage. The masts being round changes how mast thickness vs. ball pen would work and fig. 2 and 3 wouldn’t be realistic. Fig. 5. It could just be a registered hit with a check for pen vs. mast thickness with angles disregarded. Fig. 6. Maybe angle plays a role with ball against masts but there are no visual clues? @admin, you are a busy man so I’ve made pretty pictures for you to go “right” and “wrong” about. Maybe slap on an explanation for the angles involved and overmatch values? It is possible there are others with ideas or insight? We can go even deeper with normalization and damage dependant on exit velocity (splinters), but I doubt it’s relevant.
  7. A (hopefully) constructive criticism on Naval Action. Intro: When I first heard about the development of a game tackling the beautiful age of sail in the late 18th/ early 19th century I was instantly hooked. Like many of you I've watched Jack Aubrey capture the Acheron and like some of you I've seen Hornblower rise up the ranks of the Royal Navy. Being able to do all of this in a game got me immensely excited. It started off really well. The game features absolutely beautiful graphics. The combat in itself is quite deep and is easy to learn but hard and fun to master. The sound of firing a complete broadside into the enemy is simply exhilarating. I also immensely respect the decision by the developers to stick to a hard time-period and not add 'freak' galleons from centuries before just because they look 'cool'. But the game's development feels stalled to me. Yes, there have been updates and as of February 2018 there's have been regular changes to the game's combat mechanics and balancing. We're finally getting a proper UI which is starting to look quite handsomely already. Nevertheless, I get the sense that the game in it's current state, with it's current features, is not far off from what the final product will be. Which is not enough in my opinion. So let's start with the actual criticism: The open world The open world (OW) is devoid of any interesting activities to do besides combat. Every port is the same as the next. The whole world is literally as wide as an ocean but as shallow as a puddle. A lot of people rightfully complain that the OW is simply to large and should be scaled, so it's less tedious to get anywhere. My answer to that is; the world needs to be filled, rather than scaled. It needs to stay interesting. The magic of games like WOW or Guild Wars is that different areas have a different colors, npc's, architecture, weather... I could go on and on. For Naval Action this could mean: 1. Unique architecture for towns of different nations (I know that the development-team has been doing research for this but where is the result?) Also what about native settlements? 2. Different ports provide different items or services; from bustling shipyards that provide complete refit opportunities to ravaged towns that eagerly want to trade their rotten fruit to kick-start their economy again. 3. When you are conducting your business in a port, what if you could actually see the different buildings or citizens going about their daily tasks. Maybe some dockworkers are laying the first timbers on a player-ordered ship in the distance. Just a single shot of the port along with your docked ship. With only some things animated it would be more than enough. It doesn't have to be Sim-City. 4. Approaching enemy controlled ports should have the players risking their ships because the local fort is firing on you. 5. This would technically mean the game becomes unplayable because you might not be close to any neutral/allied ports for much needed repairs. In real life however, there's plenty of captains that did repairs on deserted shores. Making new masts from trees nearby. You would still rather repair at a neutral or friendly port of course. (Perhaps these emergency repairs come with a penalty). 6. Give smugglers the option to buy and sail under false flag, to circumvent said forts. Also, instead of the whole forged papers mechanic, I'd rather see the option to become a privateer and fight for whoever you fancy. Being an actual officer of the king's navy still being the alternative. Both coming with different perks. 7. More types of sea-traffic: fishermen, mail vessels, native rafts, envoys etc. The ability to interact with these ships besides combat. Provided they are neutral/allied. (for instance: buy fish from fishermen, when no port is nearby. More on goods later). 8. What if you built a reputation with a town over time?; doing business often at the same port could give discounts. Whereas, if this port was recently in the hands of a different nation, they might give you a hard time. Perhaps even using their fort cannons on you regardless of any wars going on. 9. Storms and general rough weather. Perhaps some actions are required by the players to prevent any damage during storms. Ship & crew management Another thing that bothers me is that you can't make a ship feel like your own. Sure, it's not even your property to begin with; for in the end, it's the King's ship. However, these men sailed for months, often years on these ships. It became their home: 'And though we be on the far side of the world, this ship is our home. This ship is ... *insert your preferred nation*.' - 'Lucky' Jack Aubrey. 10. Maybe introduce some RPG elements whereby incidents happen on the ship and your judgement is called for. For instance: A crewmember slipped and fell to his death while working the sails. do you: Option A: give him a proper christian burial (speed decreased by 10% for 5 minutes) Option B: throw him overboard with all haste (crew morale -10% for 5 minutes) This could happen in the form of a pop-up menu similar to Crusader Kings 2. I think these random actions would also break the monotony of the Open World somewhat. 11. I loved the implementation of the lieutenant system, but what if they start of as midshipmen. Then, after an action you decide who gets a promotion and who doesn't. Perhaps they have randomly generated names to remember them by (and perhaps a little portrait too). Obviously you'd have to part with them at some point, so they can command your prize vessel(s). 12. What if these gentlemen officers develop traits over time that influence the overall conduct of your ship. (for instance: 'the Master-at-Arms is a bit too fond of his cane: crew morale -5% / +5% reload time.) Perhaps the RPG-like pop-up menu's from point 10 comes into play here as well. Your actions as a captain determine what your young officers will become like. 13. Perhaps you can invite the officers to dine with you once in a while.This could give a buff of some sort (useful right before a battle). This could be visualized by silhouettes at the windows of the stern-galley, as well as shanty's being sung). Perhaps this action is a consumable and requires you to buy Madeira wine at particular ports. 14. Taking in new crew to replenish fallen experienced crew should give you a debuff. These new men were farmers and/or prisoners before, they need some time (and the nine-tailed cat) to learn what it is to be a seamen. Of course major ports do have experienced 'able seamen' ready to get ganked by your press gang. 15. What if we could change the attire of the little bugger's that reload the guns. 16. Ship's stores; I'm not saying NA should become a survival game but having stores that dwindle over time could make voyages more interesting. Stuffing your ship too much makes it sluggish. Not enough stores and your crew morale suffers. You could choose to load all types of shot. Or stick only to regular ball shot and save weight. (less weight could mean more listing though since you are missing ballast. Other possible implementations: 17. A naval news paper that chronicles the events happening in the world (this will only get refreshed during port visits): - Wars that have started, escalated or ended. (including trade wars) - Ship actions: single ship duels that ended spectacularly, major fleet actions etc. - Actual, real news that happened during that time such as: Land wars being won or lost back in Europe. Elections etc. 18. Escort missions: - Escorting new governors, indiamen, etc. where you fail if you lose the escorting ship. 19. Somehow visualize what your actions are contributing to your nation. 20. Option to promote someone in your group to Commodore (giving him or her a broad pennant for visual sake). Giving this person the authority to give orders which pop-up in a more noticeable way than the regular team-chat. Outro: These are just some suggestions that I think would make Naval Action my dream game (I'm pretty sure for others too). I sincerely apologize if any of these features are already being worked on and I jumped the gun. I'm a game developer myself and I know how hard it can be sometimes to make the game you want to make. Hopefully this critique doesn't come across as self-entitled. I just feel that this game, like Elite: Dangerous has an extremely solid base to build from but is suffering from being fun for longer periods of time. I would ask too that the comments don't get too toxic for whatever reason, but stay friendly and constructive. We are all captains. PSA: I do not play Naval Action actively, I hop in once a while with a fellow captain to see what's changed but to say I know the 'meta' of this game would be a lie. If, with this lengthy post I talk out of turn please say so. PS: English is not my main language so forgive me for any typo's. I beg to remain, Sir, your most humble and obedient servant, Edward Harvey,
  8. After being in battle against a national (both in pirate frigates) I thought how pirate mechanics are supposed to offer a different gameplay - but a pirate only ship (pirate frig), through game mechanics can be sold for gold or w/e, which means the chance (certainty) that a national will be purchasing one. I suggest : When you are pirate - the armaments on your ship changes to the upgraded fit when you dock, unless it is already pirate statistics. Such as the pirate frigate vs the frigate. Same ship - different cannon fit, sail/speed bonus or whatever (the bonus/statistic change is not really relevant to the suggestion, no flamewar plz) An example of how it works: -capture a ship from a national/AI -dock at a port -captured ship then updates to its pirate statistics This can also work the opposite way if you are a national capturing a pirate: -capture a pirate ship from a pirate -dock at port -captured ship reverts to its civilian/navy statistics This would allow you to temporarily use a pirate fitted ship until you next dock, after which it reverts back. This way the nationals wouldn't be able to sail our ships whenever they want, because they would have to be a pirate to get access to the alternate fitting for the ship, or capture a pirate ship off a player and use it until you next dock. The ships would look exactly the same, but have better class, more crew, or whatever the bonus is for the ship based on how pirates used the ship differently, or w/e. No flame :^)
  9. In reality any Captain would have in his crew many men and boys whose job it would be to "Lookout" for other ships. This game models having crew load the guns and turn the yards so why not lookouts in the OW (and perhaps in battle)? It would be pretty clear if the Dev's put in a mechanism to show graphically when enemy and friendly ships came into a certain range (say 8 nautical miles) - like this: Current sailing gizmo : Two Enemy ships show up: Then three Friendlies show: This would save the Captain from always having to do the crews work and look out for other ships. I might even go a step further and ask for a "ding" when a ship shows up to take the place of a lookouts call "Sail HO - off the larboard taffrail" On a frigate at least three people would be on lookout duty at any one time - and they would be thrown overboard if they didn't know a friendly from an enemy ship for the most part.
  10. Seen a few of these posts but thought I might as well have a go The aim of these ideas is to make the pirates a unique 'hardcore' pvp faction with interesting mechanics but also limited economic and military strength compared to the nations. These should also keep a nice balance of power between the industrial and pvp players in the nations. Pirates Economy One economy building per player 25% tax for all trades between pirates and other nations, including player to AI and player to player (bribes, mistrust etc) Production/ships Largest ship produced by pirates will be 5th rates Cannot purchase ships from other nations, any ships larger than a 5th rate will have to be captured (1 dura) Conquest Pirates will be unable to participate in the current conquest mechanics Nations will be unable to launch a port battle/flag against pirate ports New 'control' system describing the difficulties nations had at the time keeping the peace in their colonies Each national port/region will have a base 'control' score (CS) which will naturally decay over time. Local merchants (AI) will create hauling missions for national players to take goods to any ports that need it (similar to the current missions) to increase the CS for that region. If the CS for the region goes too low the nation then has 24 hours to increase the CS above the base score or the region will flip to the pirates. To recover a pirate port (any) nation can send goods near the port to reduce the pirate CS. If the CS goes low enough and stays below the base CS for 24 hours the port will flip to the nation that delivered the most goods. Pirate CS is increased by pirates transporting their own goods to the ports or by capturing/sinking enemy (player) trade ships in the region. These mechanics should create a situation where pirates become strongest on the borders or quiet areas of the national empires. Finding opportunities where nations are fighting each other and playing them off against each other. Small groups of pirates will be able to harass areas and capture a region or two by raiding ports and shipping trying to supply those ports – but find it extremely hard to hold onto those regions when an organised fleet of traders and warships try to take them back. (If technically possible) Pardons could be purchased by a pirate player at any free port which will allow them to join one of the nations for a fixed time (7/14/28 days). The cost of these pardons would depend on the rank and fame of the captain (see Zooloo's fame system for ideas) meaning a famous Curse would find it stupidly expensive. At the end of the time frame the captain would revert back to a pirate (with xp and fame penalties) and lose any of the advantages of being a national captain – 5 dura ships etc. Any comments welcome
  11. Hi all. Here is my idea. Im a clan lead and i would like to separate warehouse acces permission, to the "officer" permission. Let me explain that. ( If I get there ) I've a lot of officers, but some guys just for warehouse acces (not for manage clan) I'd like to have: a craft team (with warehouse acces), and real clan officers. If possible to have: a Clan Lead (with all permission) a lot of officers (with a few permission to manage clan) and a third grade juste for warehouse acces. sorry guys for my badly english... This is just a Google translate... Truly, Snaff
  12. I wanted to start a thread for those of us trying to understand the new game mechanics. To get the ball rolling, I am wondering how we take cover behind stone walls or other embattlements. I have seen the AI do it, and my men have sometimes started in that position, but I have no idea how to order them to do so. Does anyone have any suggestions or other new mechanics they are struggling with.
  13. I am not one to argue for the nerfing of pirates, nor to demand that they are made “no longer a nation”. I don’t argue against either of these positions either. I don’t have an opinion either way, and I’m not particularly invested in the outcome. I am sure that whatever the developers come up with for the pirates, with input and correctives from the testing community, will eventually serve its purpose. However, I have been contemplating a lot on the implementation and the implications of the regional conquest system, and I got to thinking about how the pirate faction will fit into this, both strategically and in terms of gameplay. And I wish to offer my thoughts and suggestions. So, I think there have been multiple posts by devs, arguing that historical pirates did own ports, and that the devs want them to be able to do this in the game. I have no objections to this. Regardless I think it will be interesting to have pirates be able to own ports, and should they be limited, basically, to open waters only, that would be a significant drawback to the faction. They should be able to attack ports at least, be it in the future only to raid ports or to capture them. Yet now that the regional conquest system is beginning to take form, I wonder how the pirates should fit into this. Did pirates ever really conquer an entire map area with infrastructure and a capital city - i.e a region? (I haven’t read enough about it to say either way, feel free to enlighten me) Suggestion for Pirate conquest So how about if pirates were not able to conquer regions the same way as every other nation will be able to? How about if pirates were left the only faction that would still be able, after the new system, to conquer individual ports (quite similar to the current conquest system) - rather than regions? What if pirates were able to raise hostility/conquest meter in a region just like any other nation, but where other nations then have to attempt to capture every port of that region, or lose it in its entirety, pirates would have to choose one port of that region and assault that one (the owning nation could be left to guess until the last minute which specific port would actually be assaulted)? If pirates won the assault, that individual port would then be owned by the pirates, despite being part of a region held by another faction. The pirate port would be immune from reconquest by the owner of the region for the same length of time that regions will be immune (if even) from reconquest by nations after changing hands, or possibly twice as long. After that the owner of the region would have to raise hostility outside that particular port to open it up for reconquest. Pirates would be able to hold more than one port of a region, but only by raising hostility once - and taking a port - and then raising hostility again to take another port (and so on). Pirates holding a port in your region would mean extensive raiding of trade and resources in the region, and result in a percentage loss to trade income and resource production in the entire region for the nation that owns it. Pirates conquering a port of a region, would make a good base for them to raid the resources and raze the infrastructure of that region, probably also weakening it severely in case a neighbouring faction then decided to invade that region. Pirate conquest would be completely unrestricted by proximity and distance. Pirates, from Mortimer Town, could raid Tampico in the Gulf of Mexico, Tulum in the Yucatan, or Lagunillas in the Lago de Maracaibo, and own ports in each of the four corners of the map. Pirates could conquer deep into national territories. No economic zone or PvE-area of a nation would be safe from invasion and conquest by pirates. ----------------------------------- I believe this proposal could work to make pirates something distinct and different from nations, while maintaining them as an interesting faction. It could make pirates truly the joker of the map, while avoiding that they would be just another nation competing for dominance of the map and with an advantage in both strategy and numbers over many of the nations.
  14. As we all know port battle timers are a pain. Either you have to be awake at some godawful hour or you cant get the support for it during your primetime. BUT, What if you could in a sense have your cake and eat it too. My proposal is a simple one. Keep the port timers. And in addition to them make it so you can buy the flag at anytime but at the expense of 5-10x the base cost of the flag. So it is possible to get that port you wanted, but at a cost. The one thing the devs arent looking at really is the mechanic of our own economics. Do some ppl have the ability to throw down upwards 6 mil for a port flag? sure. but will they for long if they keep doing that? not really or realistically. So instead of the devs trying to make everybody happy by engineering a new system, why not keep the one we all know with the added ability to not be so strongly tied to it. Also know that if you set the timer to when you cant defend but still lose it, that the enemy paid one way or another to get it. Plus we are talking about the chance to take a port not the foregone conclusion that they actually win it. buying the flag doesn't mean anything unless you win the battle. so my idea in example say you wanted to sack "generic portname here" and the timer is set for 04-06. At those times the cost is 400k now if you dont have the manpower at that time you can buy the flag still but at 5-10x the cost, (only balancing would come up with a real number) for the sake of simplicity we'll say its 10x. now that port flag can be bought at anytime but for 4 mil when not in the port's time slot. Could the multiplier be static across all ports? sure could the multiplier be on a sliding scale with a mechanic added like how many times its been sacked in say a 30 day period (again, spit balling) so that the multiplying cost would go up to limit the amount of times its been hit? sure. Again let economics be the mechanic instead of anything else thoughts? ideas? please post
  15. 1. To encourage international trade (and avoid nations being eliminated due to loss of resources) I suggest that traders be allowed to change flags (and displayed names?) when travelling such that international trade can take place with traders able to visit any port where they fly the same flag. 1a. Perhaps some limitation on contracts placed (max value or weight?) in a foreign port could be introduced for 'alternate flag' traders. 1b. To make trading hazardous perhaps the papers of the vessel may be checked by certain classes of war vessel (privateer or warships carrying marines but they have to get close in open world to do so?) and both the flag and displayed name returned to actual name and nation (for a time or until reset at a freetown visit) and thus available for attack. 1c. I am not suggesting a name and flag change for warships (although it might be worth considering for Pirates if there is a change in their nation game mechanics). 1d. This may eliminate the need for freetowns at all, which are perhaps an unnecessary anomaly. 2.To stop Freetown sneeky pop-in pop-out exploit mugging I suggest that all freetowns should only be available as outposts for trading vessels and that warship are not on sale at freetowns. 2a. that trading vessels with cannons not be allowed to initiate an attack. Buster Bloodvessel Sucks on pipe (budgie on stem) ​
  16. Can someone explain to me how these mechanics work? To my understanding it simply means that no one can join a battle after the initial tag that would imbalance the BR by a factor of more than 1.5x. And yet, a few minutes ago I was tagged by a belle poule in my surprise, and after the battle started (30 seconds in), a frigate joined the belle's side. If my understanding of the mechanics applied, this should have been impossible, because: Surprise - 140 BR Belle Poule - 180 BR Frigate - 170 BR 140 BR x 1.5 = 210 180+170=350 350>210 Therefore the frigate should be incapable of reinforcing the belle. But he was capable of reinforcing the belle. Why? http://imgur.com/yL2wkC4
  17. As the title says, while the shotlogger will you you your pens, non-pens, and misses it only shows the pens, non-pens of the enemy. Which makes it difficult to collect complete information for the purpose of proving points and making informed suggestions. (As I am now aware of this due to my attempts to more thoroughly study the new ai everyone is freaking out about)
  18. El nuevo sistema creado para evitar el abuso de grupos de jugadores contra barcos solitarios no es eficiente. Solo tiene en cuenta el BR. De esta forma hoy en bahia honda se ha producido algo "injusto" He sido atacado por una flota muy superior de jugadores britanicos, pero como por BR mi barco es grande les ha dejado entrar. Hasta aqui no tengo ningún problema, es un ataque normal y lo asumo. lo que no me parece justo es que luego a los 10 minutos no los podamos atacar todos los que nos habíamos reunido para expulsarlos, nuevamente por el BR. No hay que ser un jugador muy ducho para saber que 4 fragatas y encima de las "pesadas" pueden sin problemas contra un navio de linea. Si al hecho de que no puedan entrar todos los que esperábamos a su flotilla le añadimos la nueva forma de entrar en batallas (la cual me gusta) el resultado es que algunos de esos jugadores han podido escapar de la batalla porque los que les esperaban tenían barcos mas grandes. Estaban en bahia honda, el corazón de la faccion española. Es de esperar que si te acercas allí estarás en inferioridad numérica, por ello es injusto que por el nuevo sistema de BR no se pueda entrar a batalla para ayudar o simplemente expulsar al invasor. Lo que nace como una mecánica para que no se gankee, realmente va a favorecer las incursiones cerca de las capitales, haciendo que el mapa no sea seguro ni existan zonas donde moverse con cierta "seguridad" Google translate The new system created to prevent abuse of groups of players against solitary boat is not efficient. Only takes into account the BR. Thus today in Bahia Honda has produced something "unfair" I've been attacked by a superior fleet of British players, but as my boat is large BR has let them in. So far I have no problem, it is a normal attack and assume. what does not seem right is that after 10 minutes we can not attack all who had gathered to drive them out again by the BR. Not to be a very skillful player to know that four frigates and above the "heavy" can smoothly against a ship of the line. If the fact that they can not get all we expected his flotilla we add the new way to get into battles (which I like) the result is that some of these players have been able to escape the battle because they hoped they had larger ships. They were in deep bay, the heart of the Spanish faction. It is expected that if you get there you'll be outnumbered, so it is unfair for the new BR system can not enter battle or simply to help expel the invader. What is born as a mechanic for gankee not going to really encourage raids near the capital, making the map is not safe or move there areas where some "security" First picture is me being "ganked" Second is the batlle in who many spanish ships get outside for the BR
  19. So today I was sailing my privateer around and got tagged/ganked by a group of 5: 2 connies, 1 trinc, 1 surprise, and 1 frigate I believe. I really don't mind bc I'm learning pvp & running but with that br they should not be able to tag such a small ship as the privateer. I'm curious as to how tagging actually works. Is there even a br percentage cap (i.e. In order to tag, the tag group br cannot be more than 120% greater) or such? If not, there should be to reduce ganking. If there is such a mechanic, it needs fixing.
  20. Hey all, Hear me out. I strongly believe that if XP was secondary to personal wealth as the main factor to overcome in this game, it would have a wildly positive impact on gameplay and improve/solve so many aspects which are currently an issue. A few examples if wealth was the limiting factor to better ships and equipment: 1. Boarding and capture would be much more appealing than simply damaging/sinking other ships. This is much more akin to actual practices in this time period, and is much more exciting in general than the same old "all fights end in total destruction" practice which is currently par for the course. 2. Sea lanes would become much more active, as merchanting would become even more important. More merchants means more pirates and privateers, meaning more battles and excitement as players seek to capture cargo bound to be more valuable than NPCs. 3. The elimination of an XP grind for better ships/equipment makes the game much more appealing to new players. XP can definitely still play a factor in crew skill and etc, but if the only thing limiting players shipwise is simply their own personal wealth and purchasing power, the motivation to go out and either start merchanting or boarding+capturing becomes much greater. These are just a few of the positive affects of changing from an XP-centric game to an Economy-centric game. If anyone knows of any more (or of any drawbacks - it's good to discuss all possibilities), please speak up!
  21. I would love to see a trading mechanic with: Placeable map info pins (with in game acquired "map upgrade"), better looking map according to classical 16-1800s maps, map details for areas explored, and exploration mechanics that further boost the information given about a particular area such as average cloud cover, barometer readings, average wind direction and speed. Trade prices can be tracked for targeted goods Degrees of trade knowledge based on trade experience, being different from combat xp - 1st Deg: No information given, build up a reputation with harbormasters - 2nd Deg: Word of mouth/Hearsay (with inaccuracies/flat out lies) <--- pirate ports more likely to troll players. - 3rd Deg: Basic Journal/Logbook, with ports you've visited, and targeted goods - 4th Deg: Advanced journal/Accounting/Logbook with High/Low supply/demand graphs for all goods at ports you've visited. - 5th Deg: Basic trade network with basic communication of goods between ports (slow, somewhat outdated/innacurate information) - 6th Deg: Trade network with better, more updated information between ports - 7th Deg: Fully operational trade network with telegraph, and goods info request from other nearby ports - 8th Deg: Full trade net with Trade adverts pop up with special deals for captains if they're in the right place at the right time. Trap mechanics to lure players to a location based on false advertising, in order to "secure discount prices" Boom and bust mechanics for temporary, and long term goods/goods categories Could tie all this in with port history. Ability for ports to starve and die Ability for new ports to spring up
  22. Heyoi! o/ I am here to talk about a few things, currently the PvP in the game is stale and you can not do anything without being penalised. Reinforcement zones in open world making limitations to PvP raiding of Nation coastlines and reducing player interaction. As a pirate I can not even go anywhere to attack traders due to the fact they can trade at 100% saftey in their waters and this is not due to player presence... here is a little story of how a trader screwed up and I was the one unable to punish his mistake because of the open worlds reinforcem system being so broken. I catch a spanish lynx on the coastline near Peurto de Nipe, I am pushing him along the coast and due to the wind he is stuck at the coastline I caught him and pushed him into a trap and he ends up right next to the pirates port, I engage as he litrally has nowhere to go and I am like oh yeah I caught this guy off guard! well no seems I was wrong because even then he can call reinforcments which was a cerb spawns next to him... I was in a niagra.... this is a problem no matter where I go because you litrally CANT attack anyone without a ton of NPCs poping right next to them and the balance is always against you so you cant PvP because the game is litrally stopping you. This is one of many attacks on traders I have done and the only time you can catch them is when they have no idea how to use the reinforcments button. But this is how it should be, there is a large enough player base now that if you are trading in your waters you should say in your nation chat there are pirates at X come help! Or get an escort by fiends because currently there is no risk. It adds interaction to PvP and reduces the limiations of PvP and risk. You never see any other MMO have a reinforcment just imagine you are playing World of warcraft and you get attacked and you can summon 10 level 100 npcs... would defeat the point of PvP. And note this doesnt just effect Pirates but nation players also. The solution should be simple, create the reinforment zones around the capitals to stop bloackades on them, take them away form other towns are reudce the ring sizes which by the way are smaller than the reinforce applicable area in game is anyway by 2/3s - 3/4s to make it a more tighter zone around that port and not 43297 miles out to sea. Or in my opinion remove whem from everything other than the main capitals/regional capitals to open up player interaction and enables pirates o be pirates and nations to raid the trade routes of other nations. because its just boring not being able to fight them without a larger ships than you joining because the trader pressed a button. Delivery system in free towns, enables zero risk trading cross long distances for trader and crafters. Onto my next note of the delivery system, quite a simple one really it is too easy to trade long distances using this, they need to make it so that it is a physical trade NPC ship that is transporting the goods from A port to B port, now I know this is only in freetowns but freetowns are everywhere and are a crafters heaven because of the 0 risk of being able to get resources from far away and able to transport them freely for no risk. Trading back in those times was dangerous for many reasons and so it should be in this game and I know I am hitting on trade a lot but honestly this game needs to improve on the trade system to improve the overall gameplay. So things liek trade companies can form, they exist now but again have little to no risk and the only risks I see is the pirate nation trade ships being able to be attacked by other pirates but for the nation traders there is abserloutly no risk if they are in their own waters and can trade freely wihtout eve having to be like "But what is there are pirates around that could attack me" they are like "I have the reainforcement button so doesnt matter who are how many they cant touch me. " so yeah. More risk for more reward I say, maybe make the ports increase some goods so that players can compensate for losing some. Solution: Make NPCs move resources in deliveries or remove the system because it is Zero risk for a low price of gold because you can move 9999 units and 4 lots of them for a sum price and no risk. This makes tradeships and traing more imporant in the game as a whole and means moving goods has a risk-reward factor to them. Port battle time window changes, to reduce time zone tention between EU, Asia and US players. To the port battle! oh yeah here I come to this one, current state o the game in PvP EU One is that the US nation has a time set so that litrally the spanish or pirates can't attack them due to it ebing 4am to 6am which the palyerbase for the EU server is not online, I am not saying this is ultermantly unfair however my solution to the time should be that you have to pick TWO times in 12 hours periods of a day that they can be attacked. My example is as followed - 00:00-10:00 you can set a one hour window due to the maintenance time restrictions during 10:00-12:00 and between 12:00 till 00:00. As I myself are lord protector of a port, I would say I could put a time of 17:00-18:00 for one timer and 00:00-01:00 as another this enables people of differant time zones to be on and attack thus resolving the issue of times zones, ports and nations, and even if there was a say 3 hour limit to stop me putting on 23:00-00:00 and 00:00-01:00 which is a good idea. _________________ That is all for now ________________________ There will be haters and carebears, I am on a PvP server and the things I am refering to are for the PvP servers only, if you disagree with the trade and combat mechanics and are on a PvP server then I suggest you swap the PvE ones as PvE limitations should not have a palce in a PvP server so please be constructive in your arguments. And any spelling errors ect, sorry. ^^' Thank you for reading if you got this far :3 From Keeper of the Oats Salzi - Lord of Frozen cay and Captain of Elsa's Warrior.
  23. Hello everyone, After playing this game for ~2 weeks, I'd like to add some suggestions for gameplay: 1: Open world navigation: Add lighthouses and/or star navigation mechanic for night navigation Add a moveable compass, protractor, distance gauges, and "degrees" onto the compasses for improved navigation Add alert system for land masses, enemy players, etc so that I can be alerted during long voyages (because I sometimes watch youtube or study while doing these long voyages) add a spy glass to the open world Add a fast travel mechanic for outposts (this can be very abused, maybe a long cool down... 1 day, 10 minute initiation timer, etc?) 2: Battles make the battle map mimic the area you started the battle.3: Social/team make it easier to find teams, work together, etc for missions/PVP/assaults. (this seems difficult at the moment to organize)I'm sure I'll come up with more later. I've enjoyed this game thus far, can't wait to see it further develop. Regards, Dunn
  24. Make pirate towns... - uncapturable (like Free towns) - unable to be entered by any nation - few in number, but spread across the whole map (has to be done in locations that cannot be blocked easily by nationals all the time, or there has to be the option to sail under false flag and avoid a blockade this way.) Make pirates unable to capture towns. Make them able to enter Free towns however (for selling loot). Maybe pirates could enter national towns under false flag under some conditions. Nothing specific in my mind here yet.
  25. This game in my honest opinion has the potential to be something great, something extraordinary. I find that whenever I start a conversation about any game, especially one I have played, I start analysing it and evaluating it in every which way possible. This is THE game I most want to succeed and be something wonderful. I would very much like to share some of my own thoughts and opinions on what direction the game could be heading and what features could be included, I hope that someone at Game-Labs reads this and sees something beautiful, something special that could really be a stand out feature. I have so many Ideas flowing in my head I almost cant keep up with myself, so I am just going to share some of these ideas with you. So heres ther first main idea I have for NA... Be the Captain you were born to be! I think every player should be just ONE person, one captain in the open world that Naval Action should be. What do I mean by that? Well simply put I don't want to 'Own' a fleet on my own, I don't want a god dam drydock full of Ships I can just click 'Sail' or 'Captain' any time I feel like 'Changing things up', NO! For the open world part of the game this is an absolute no no. You are one Captain, one man. With one ship! One ship and her crew, You should have to manage you crew, your finances, your supplies. Keep your ship in good repair and order. I want to be the Captain of my ship and be responsible for it and her crew. Managing these aspects and making them key gameplay mechanics can also help answer questions in other areas of the game. For instance, the 'How many First Rates is to many' question, Well simply put unless you decide to go down the career path of a Naval Officer they are basically off limits to you, these things are huge, you need a Nation to build one and find the funds to run one! Which you as a simple sailor are not going to find or be able to obtain! Managing your Ship and Crew you Say? please, go on... This could be a really fun and enjoyable part of the game for me and is, in my opinion, vital to the feel and immersion of the game. think 'Football Manager'... By that I mean, look at what they do well. Yes its a game about managing a football team, but look deeper! How you can interact with you players (Your Crew) and how the game allows you to create a relationship with you players (Your Crew). Football Manager allows to to develop your own kind of leadership and strategy. The exact same principles WOULD work in this game if done correctly. I know a football team is 11 Players + Subs and Reserves, So 25ish players say, fairly easy to manage on a one to one basis. whereas a large Frigate would have several hundred crewmen! So on a one to one scale perhaps this is a little ambitious but you could still speak to 'Key' Personnel aboard you ship. I apologise as I have limited knowledge of the correct terminology of crew roles/titles, but we can use the Cook and his 'Team' as an example. So you have your Head Cook, he has a team of 8. You can communicate with him and he will then relay your message to his team for you, thus allowing you to manage 9 crew through one Key Crewmember. Why would you want to talk to the cook? Maybe you want to ask him how many days supply we have left at full rations before the crew are on sea biscuits. Or if your Ship takes a prize and you find some fine foods onboard, you can ask your cook if he has the ability to prepare and cook it. so for example lets say you find some foods aboard a prize you have just claimed and its of a high quality. Is your cook skilled enough to cook it correctly? If he was could your entire crew receive a small morale boost, boosting productivity and performance in some way. Another example might be to compliment the guncrews on their fine work in the last engagement, in turn leading to a happier guncrew and potentially offering a small morale boost! Again think of Football manager and how you team reacts to your teamtalk, maybe you say the wrong thing and they loose morale, possibly pushing you closer to the plank! Argh! Bottom line, I want to be able to communicate with my crew in some way and help shape they way they operate, I want to tell my GunChief to hurry reloads for a quick broadside, not without risk, as there would be more risk of loose cannon balls and powder caches as they hurry about the deck, leading to more potential for injury and fires ect. I want to be given 'Tactics' and set my own strategy as to how I want my ship to be run. Odds are we arnt going to have fully crewed ships, especially early on and with larger ships, so managing where they are and what they are doing would add great depth and possibly tactical advantage/disadvantage in an engagement. Key crewmen should have a Crewcard in game, again think football manager, in that you can 'Click on you assistant manager or staff's overview' to see what languages they speak, how determined they are, are they hard working, a good motivator, their leadership ect ect. I also think you should be able to release these key crewmen and hire new ones, perhaps you think you have found a better surgeon? What happens to your old surgeon? Well he goes to the tavern in the port you have just docked at to drown his sorrows! Then another (Human) captain could potentialy hire him, being able to see his 'History' and who he has sailed under, maybe he has information on a pirate or a ship you are hunting ect ect. If they become living breathing entities in the game they could be a very very cool feature. Summary * Key Crew - have their own 'Crew' Card displaying their details, age, nationality, relationships towards you and other captains-nations-guilds/factions ect. * have ability scores giving the ship they sail under unique attributes, (2% bonus reload or -5% less foor supplies used each day for example or 5% heal rate for injured crew) * manage their 'Term', how long they shall join for, their wage or 'Take' of any potential spoils * They will manage their 'Team' so you only have to manage them, delagate instructions to them, and have them automate tasks for you, such as food rationing, deck cleaning, hull repair, ect and what/how much of your supplies to use. or Just do it all yourself! Well I hope theres something in here that you think, hang on hes got something here! If not back to the drawing board! But please feel free to share some ideas, just be constructive about it! if you dont like something explain why and how you would perhaps do it diffent ect! See you on the open seas... Sometime soon I hope! Yargh! RTB
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