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  1. This clearly shows you havent understood it. The understanding of the mid european law system is not that easy. No worries though.
  2. nulla poena sine lege. (latin) You dont know what this means? Use google ....
  3. Unless you dont understand it is a developers fault, due to the implementation of game mechanics, this discussion is useless like a third tit. You guys really should start using your brains on how to change the mechanics instead of wasting your last bit of intelligence for trolling here. This is clearly out of Control. I wonder when this topic is gonna find its way to steam.
  4. It is a Computer game - it is time wasting by design
  5. This is all getting hillarious - as usual. This all perfectly reflects the state of the game, the players and the game-developement. It is the perfect advertisement. It is quiet amusing, how adult people do behave within a more or less unmoderated discussion. Just keep on bitching, accusing, whining, flaming, trolling - steam rating is allready down to 46%, I bet you can get it below 42% by end of the week. @admin: From the economical point of view, this issue can become deadly. It looks like a crusade against a group of customers. Customers, who were paying you to Play and test an alpha
  6. It seems you are not able to get the point. It is not a abusement of game mechanics, because it is a sandbox game, were you can do whatever you want to do.
  7. Once more: You cant force ppl into a specific behavior in a sandbox game.
  8. Thats very doubtfull for most People.
  9. Finally someone showing some brain! Thanks.
  10. How do you want to force me to do that? If I want to be part of a PB I join a PB. If I decide not to fight in the PB, I wont fight in the PB. Simple as is.
  11. Yes. If a person decides to not fight back, he is not going to fight back - it is pretty much the same like the decission of fighting back - just without fighting back, ya know?
  12. so how do you want to force me to fight back, if i dont want to? PS: I think we had this discussion allready a year ago
  13. After reading all this nonsense, i will take my ships and park my ass in front of KPR. If someone is attacking me, I will get him banned, because I am not fighting back (no matter if I have guns or not). This will be fun Honestly: You cant force players to a specific playstyle in a SANDBOX GAME!
  14. I was not part of the PB, neither I was online, so I have no clue what exactly happened. I just want to ask admin - to get this right.... You are refusing the players to play like they want in a sandbox game? You are refusing them to have diplomacy in a sandbox game? This is a sandbox game, isnt it?
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