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  1. That's the old UI; it got phased out ages ago.
  2. Just be sure to post pictures of that L'Ocean when you get it. Same goes for anyone who gets an Agamemnon, too.
  3. What's the color now? Please don't tell me they made her black and white... Edit: Nevermind, I've seen her. She's just more yellow now.
  4. What I mean is, it reminds me of a YouTuber saying something like "If this video gets 300 likes, I'll make another." Perhaps it is a fair trade, with the way you describe it, but it's not something I expected to hear from professional game developers.
  5. Wait, what? What are you talking about? --- Also: I'll update the OP to show that these ships have been released. I'm not sure how I feel about these ships being event rewards: I mean, if the events are fairly straightforward and easy for anyone to complete, it might not make much difference. On the other hand, if the events are going to be hard so that these ships will be 'rare', I think that's a bad idea, because the main lineup of ships could've used these additions. Also, devs begging for Steam ratings like YouTubers begging for likes & subs. Ugh.
  6. We're getting more ships now, yes. Earlier, we weren't getting much, nor were we hearing much. Surprises are nice, I agree, but I also think it's also nice to know that the devs are working on the content that I consider important. Also, if you're suggesting that they're keeping some ships in reserve so they can release a whole bunch when the game leaves Early Access, I guess that makes sense. However, two of the ships we've waited the longest for, namely Agamemnon and L'Ocean, appear to be finally on the brink of some form of release. Unless they only give those ships to the tournament winners and then make everyone else wait until the game comes out to get their hands on them, what you're talking about doesn't seem to be the case for those two. As for Indefatigable, she was picked by the players, and the players are expecting her and looking forward to playing her. It doesn't seem to make sense (to me, at least) for her to be kept in reserve, then, especially given that a full release of the game seems to still be a ways off. I mean, if they want to keep ships like the Edymion or the Kepler in reserve, that makes more sense, since AFAIK they chose those ships themselves, there's been little fanfare regarding them, and as such they'd probably come as a nice surprise to a lot of players. With Indefatigable, though, this is what comes to mind: "We've released the game, and as a present to you players, we've added the ship you asked for about two years ago." Yeah, I'm not convinced. With Indy, at least, I'd say they're just taking a while to release her. A couple months ago, that would've frustrated me, but this apparent resurgence in ship development lately (Bucentaure released; Santa Cecilia, L'Hermione, and the gunboat shown and looking ready for release; L'Ocean and Agamemnon looking to be on their way) has gladdened me.
  7. Btw, Olav, maybe you can get the devs to give you a L'Ocean and an Agamemnon, too, so you can make videos of them.
  8. I think it's the third rates that need some love right now. We only have one 74-gun SoL design (in two variations), despite that type of ship being very widely used. I'd say it's time we got more of them.
  9. Thanks; I've added the Rattlesnake (Heavy) to the list, and moved Agamemnon to the 4th rate category. As for the 2nd rates, Admin said this a while ago (October of last year, to be precise): As for those three new ships, one must've been Bucentaure, one may or may not have been Christian VII (depends on whether they were working on her way back then, before she was voted in), and one's still unknown as far as I am aware. So, that leaves one unknown ship, or possibly two, hence my listing two in the OP.
  10. Arvenski

    Wiki offline?

  11. Thanks for alerting me about these. A question, though: Is the gunboat based off of a historical design from a specific country, or is it just a generic small boat? Also, I should list the Rattlesnake (Heavy) on here as well. How many guns does it have? Also, wow, Facebook is annoying...
  12. Ah, thanks. I tend not to go further than the Shipyard and General Discussion, so I didn't see that.
  13. What I like and why: 1.) The overall pace of combat. It's good. Yes, I might have to be prepared for a mission to take an hour to complete, but that's not a bad thing. It's slow, yes, but it doesn't feel too slow. If it was fast, it would feel less realistic. 2.) The amount of control I have now over the crew, what guns I'm loading and firing, and so on. The revamp of the crew system and the ability to toggle decks on and off is quite nice, and lets me get more out of a smaller crew. 3.) The visuals. It's a pretty game. The ships look good, the water looks good, the land looks good, the battles look good. What I don't like and why: 1.) Chain shot doesn't seem to do enough damage. It takes forever to load, it requires substantially more elevation that standard shot, and when you do hit the target... it might not do much of anything. I think there needs to be more to the sails and rigging that the chain shot can destroy. Perhaps an improvement to the damage model of everything above the deck (masts, sails, rigging) would help. 2.) The boarding. The effing boarding. It is both terrible and terribly frustrating. Maybe it's better when used against another person, but against AI it's just infuriating, because the AI will often instantly counter your moves. It's overly complicated, hard to understand, and the effectiveness of certain attacks can seem rather random. I wouldn't be unhappy at all if you scrapped the boarding system in its entirety and redid it. Make it simpler and more straightforward, make the attacks more effective (when you're boarding a ship with a lot of crew, 2 kills per round can be annoying), and for goodness sake make it less about timing when you click a button. What I'd like to see added to combat and why: 1.) Diversity of weather and wave heights in battles. Not only should we have storms, fog, and other types of weather in battles, but those things should vary in intensity, with stronger weather having greater effects. A stronger storm, for instance, would have heavier rain (more reduced visibility) and larger waves than a weaker one. Fog, and different levels of fog (light fog, thick fog), would be good to have. Cloud cover would be nice as well, to reduce visibility at night. You might make it so that weather would change over the course of a battle, with storms changing in intensity or clearing, or fog settling in or clearing, over the course of the battle. 2.) As mentioned above, a fixed boarding system.
  14. I'm rather taken with her. I like how that poop deck gives her a stern reminiscent of a ship of the line, even though she's a frigate with a single gun deck. It makes for an interesting combination of looks that doesn't detract from her appearance.
  15. Well, not only are there no Dutch ships in game, but I'm pretty sure we don't know of any in development, either. Even if they announced today that they were going to start working on one, when you consider how long it takes them to develop a ship from announcement to implementation, plus the backlog of ships already in development, it would be a while. So, not anytime soon, unless the devs surprise us with a ship we didn't know they were working on.
  16. Well, she would look out-of-place next to a number of the ships we have in-game now, just because they're from around 100 (give or take a decade or two) years later than her.
  17. When you're looking for PvP and not having any luck, or when most of your clanmates are inactive and the rest aren't online at the same time as you, it can feel like a singleplayer game already.
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