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  1. I was struck by the fact that in the painting, she's armed all along her top deck.
  2. We don't know if we're getting the Caledonia.
  3. Probably not as soon as "very soon," though, because I think most of us know by now how long it takes the devs to implement new ships.
  4. Okay, I've updated the lists to include Christian VII and Diana, the apparent winners of the Player Ship Selection poll. I'll update it again when we know the developers' wild card choice.
  5. Who knows. The devs tend to take forever with new ships, though, so my advice would be for all of us to sit back and be patient.
  6. 1.) Alright, fair point, I guess. I'll edit that. 2.) I'm aware of the bloody Kepler, I just haven't gotten around to including her yet. EDIT: Kepler's been included in the list. 3.) If it isn't confirmed, I'm not listing it in the OP. However, let's hope the Ship Selection Poll confirms it soon enough.
  7. Almost forgot to mention that I've updated the thread: Ingermanland and Le Grosse Ventre and now properly listed, since they've been released, and I've added Agamemnon to the ships in development, since Mirones confirmed her to be in development (and we basically knew, already). I haven't added the Kepler to the list yet, because I'm doing this in little bits while I should be writing school essays.
  8. Oh, so you'll be able to choose to raze your two-deckers down to frigates? I'm interested, but... wary. If that option is going to be available for all two-deckers, how many of the resulting razees will be historically accurate? Two-deckers were very common ships. Razees... not so much. You might run out of historical razees to implement, especially when you start dealing with two-deckers from nations that weren't in the habit of razeeing their ships.
  9. I hadn't thought of that. What had occurred to me, though, was that given the size of an 80-gunner, that would be one big frigate once you'd razeed her. It seems to me that that would make for a kinda weird-looking ship.
  10. A razeed Pavel? Is there any historical basis for that?
  11. "Good luck," as in "You're not going to have any luck"?
  12. I got lucky: I actually came across the theme to Captain Horatio Hornblower (with Gregory Peck) on YouTube: I've always enjoyed parts of that movie's soudtrack.
  13. It's too early to tell what ships are going to win the poll right now, IMO. I agree that Diana seems to basically be guaranteed with the way things are going, but 2nd place has been going back and forth for a while, with Admiraal de Ruyter, Venus, and Christian VII all being in 2nd at one time or another. For the past couple of days, Venus and Christian VII have been trading the spot, alternatively leading or being led by just a couple of votes. It seems too early to tell which ship will take 2nd place, then, and we also won't know what the developer wildcard is going to be until the devs tell
  14. Edited the OP to include this bit here: Hopefully that should clarify what I'm trying to do a bit.
  15. This is slightly off-topic, but do I know you? Your "pretentious twat" comment sounded exactly like what a guy I used to know on another forum would say.
  16. Okay, the OP's been edited. The Cutter, Snow, Brig, and Navy Brig now have their historical names listed in parentheses; the rating list has hopefully been cleaned up (I may have over-thought it the first time, as cleaning it up was a lot simpler than I expected: I just had to think "outside the box" a bit), and the proper technicalities of written French have been edited in.
  17. Cutter/Alert, Snow/Ontario: People know those vessels as the Cutter and the Snow. I may edit the post to include their historical names as well, but I'm not just going to call them the Alert and the Ontario. Same with the Brig/Navy Brig/Fair American. That might confuse folks. Hermione's name was found through datamining, as far as I know, and I'm not sure if I want to include that in my list. The way I see it, we don't know if that was just part of some scrapped dev project that someone forgot to delete from the file system. People leave crap lying around in all sorts of places. I don't w
  18. Yeah, having to sail through that definitely looks like it'd restrict how big you wanted your ship to be.
  19. Those Venetians had an odd way of rating their ships, compared to everyone else. Counting the gun ports, that "first rate" looks like a 64. Although, that's probably one of the biggest ships they built, so when you think about it that way...
  20. @Bungee Lemming: The Frigate may be partly based on a Chapman design, but isn't she also based on a Russian design as well (the Cherubim)? Also, I'm not listing player-made ships until they are confirmed by the devs to be on their way to implementation in-game. @Mighty Alex: Unité is French, sure, but don't people generally think of her in-game as HMS Surprise?
  21. Dude, I still don't know what to do about that rating thing. (It would probably help, though, if it wasn't 12:25 in the morning and if I didn't have a cat mewing at me. ) Maybe I'll figure something out tomorrow.
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